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Menzerna Super Finish 3500 - 32 oz

Menzerna Super Finish 3500 - 32 oz
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Available Sizes

Menzerna Super Finish 3500
8 oz
($3.12 / oz)
Menzerna Super Finish 3500
32 oz
($1.81 / oz)
Menzerna Super Finish 3500
128 oz
($1.41 / oz)

Product Information

  • One of our favorite polishes that removes, oxidation, swirls and light imperfections
  • Easy to use with long work times and easy removal
  • Most commonly applied with a White or Tangerine Lake Country Pad for a great combination of polishing power and gloss
  • Super Finish 3500 helps create the shine which you can enhance with any sealant or wax afterward
  • Product Codes: M-3500-8, M-3500Q, M-3500G
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Customer Reviews

97% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 34 ratings

Product Description

The Super Finish 3500 (Formerly Super Finish Polish SF 4000 & PO106FA Nano Polish), is a nano polish that uses some of the smoothest and finest micro-abrasive particles ever put in a polish. There is a unique blend of liquid polishing agents in this bottle that help safely remove surface imperfections and add a distinct shine to any color paint. It has a longer work time and it's easy to remove so professional detailers and weekend detailers love the ease of use. It is perfect for removing swirls, ultra fine scratches, oxidation, etc. It works especially well at removing the normal haze and holograms that can be left behind from more aggressive polishing. So if you use the Menzerna Super Intensive Polish (PO83) with a Lake Country Orange Light Cutting Pad before hand you'll like want to follow up with the Super Finish 3500 and a Lake Country White Polishing Pad. It leaves the paint extremely clear and ultra smooth to the touch. A smooth and clear surface is essential for allowing the light to pass directly through the clear coat and providing maximum reflection. When you are done you can layer your favorite wax or sealant on the surface for added depth and gloss. This outstanding polish is a premium polish imported right from Germany that we are confident you will love. Try the Menzerna Super Finish 3500 today and get more out of your polishing results in less time!

This product has evolved through the years with several name changes which we'll outline below. Menzerna further refined the outstanding PO106FF formula to create the PO106FA Nano Polish, which is also known as Super Finish. It became even easier to use with better results. The Menzerna PO106FA then became known only as the Menzerna Super Finish with no changes to the formula. Most recently it's been changed from the Menzerna Super Finish Polish SF 4000 to the Super Finish 3500, with no changes to the formula just a new label.

To learn more about Menzerna Polishes and the 2015 label name change please see the Menzerna Polishing Chart.

From The Label

Product Description

Superior Performance Polish
  • Eliminates fine scratches, haze and holograms
  • Suitable for scratch-resistant clearcoats

Customer Reviews

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My go-to finishing polish. Work this stuff until it starts to dust and you are golden. Don't use too much, just 3-4 dime sized drops as more is not better. This is a DAT polish and needs to be worked to reach its full potential. I pair this with FG 400 for the cutting stage and finish with 3500. This system works exceptionally well on hard German paint systems and most GM paint systems like on Vettes. It never fails for me.
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3500 polishes to a nice even glow. Easy to use and its also easy on the paint. Cleanup is a breeze as long as you dont use to much. I found that polishing twice with a little is better than once with too much. Everyone comments on the shine...even competition at car shows ask me how I got it so shiny... wash and wax alone looks dull compared.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
In 2015 I bought the classic Menzerna trio:
FG400 for heavy cutting
PF2500 for medium / one step polishing
SF4000 for finish polishing.

Since then they've undergone an unfortunate name and label change, but the product remains of the highest quality.

I use 400 and 2500 proportionally more often, and they always get the jobs done. However, there are those jobs that the customer pays for that needs the maximum available gloss, and the SF is the one that does it. Consistently, and predictably. It is my "secret weapon", and reserved for the most critical situations.

I find that as with the other Menzerna polishes I use a little goes a very long way. For me full face pad priming works against these products as their lubricating system isn't designed for that. It causes dusting, and makes wipe off difficult.

With 4000/3500 I start with 4 small drops, and reload with 2. Spread out, and work four section passes, and wipe off.

What's left behind is a wet lipstick gloss, ready for sealant, or paint prep/coating.

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