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Carpro Ceriglass: Great For Polishing And Deep Cleaning Glass


Carpro Ceriglass Glass Polish is a product I highly recommend everyone have in their detailing toolbag.  Whether applying by hand or machine, it has provided more efficient and overall better results deep cleaning and removing mild defects from glass surfaces.


This bird dropping had etched this glass.  This is a picture of what remained on the glass after washing and using detailing clay to clean and remove grime.


I used Ceriglass with a 5 inch Carpro Gloss pad on my Rupes Duetto to polish this defect and remaining contamination on the glass.  This combination made quick work of this defect.


I made a circle with the product on a Carpro Gloss pad.  At a speed of 3 on a Rupes Duetto I worked the product with 4 to 6 section passes to achieve my desired results.  I used distilled water and microfiber towel to remove the majority of the polish residue.  With a separate microfiber towel I performed a secondary wipe using Gyeon Prep.


Polishing the entire back window, I divided the area into four parts.


This product has been beneficial to me in removing a variety of chemical stains on glass as well.  I have been able to accomplish this even without a machine (rubbing product in by hand with a foam pad).  For aggressive polishing, where severe water spotting or even some mild scratches are an issue Carpro Rayon Glass pads paired with Ceriglass make a great combination.

Important reminder: If polishing at a speed higher than 3 on any polisher or using Rayon Glass pads expect this product to dust (powder residue) and leave a mess.  Taping certain areas may be of importance before using this product in this case.

Products Used:

Rodney Tatum
Mirror Reflections Auto Spa
Gainesville, Florida
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4 comments on Carpro Ceriglass: Great For Polishing And Deep Cleaning Glass

  1. rlmccarty2000 says:

    Why use a Gloss pad and not something like a microfiber pad that has more “bite” to it? Gloss pads are very soft and pliable.

    • Rodney Tatum says:

      A few reasons:

      1st and foremost for the sake of a good evaluation I wanted an authentic demonstration of what Ceriglass can do.

      The other reason being there is a very aggressive alternative option (rayon pads), more so than microfiber. The rayon are aggressive and made specifically for glass. But the soft gloss pads at a low speed accomplished everything I wanted. That was important because anything even moderately aggressive Ceriglass (speed and/or pad choice) will make quite a mess.

      Also when testing for a review I will often favor using the same company products together. Ettiquite and even though it’ll likely be fine with a thorough pad cleaning my OCD is in play designating pads.

  2. Mark Goldberg says:

    Would this product work on slightly pitted glass?
    Car has 105,000 miles on it with looks like sandblasting from travel on the highways.

  3. William Shephard says:

    Thanks for the article it was a good read and informative.

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