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CarPro Gliss: Initial Impressions


I have been working with ceramic paint coatings for several years since their explosion into the detailing industry. I have found some amazing products along the way and enjoyed their durable self-cleaning hydrophobic effects on my vehicles. I always jump at the chance to test new coating products as they hit the market and was very excited to get my hands on CarPro’s newest addition to the lineup, Gliss.

CarPro Gliss is marketed as a hyper-slick top coat which can be used as a standalone layer of protection as well. Speaking with CarPro, their intention was to fill the market need for a user-friendly versatile coating option that cures very slick to the touch. Let’s see how they did.

Application Directions (Primary Coat):

  1. Wash, decontaminate, and polish paintwork
  2. Wipe down with CarPro Eraser (vehicle must be 100% dry and free of moisture or dew.)
  3. Drag two lines of product across length of suede wrapped applicator
  4. Apply evenly across surface, approximately 2 ft x 2 ft section at a time
  5. Add more product to applicator as needed to keep a wet, even application
  6. Gliss will flash fast and when a white haze forms, immediately wipe off all residues using a microfiber towel. If haze is left on too long then reapply and immediately wipe off
  7. If layering on top of itself, wait 1 hour between coats. If IR cured may repeat immediately. Total cure time: 12 hours

Application Directions (Top Coat):

  1. May be applied 1 hour or longer after CQuartz
  2. Gliss may flash faster when applied over CQuartz

We decided to get some experience with the coating on my business partner Nick Whitaker’s daily driven Acura MDX. We applied Gliss as a standalone coating for this test panel. The test panel was washed and lightly polished to prepare the surface. The conditions in the shop in the winter are a constant 66F. The humidity was very low due to the below zero outdoor temperatures. I would expect that the flashing times we experienced are on the low side. Following the directions from CarPro, we applied the product in 2ft by 2ft sections. As the product flashed a very definite haze formed indicating the product was ready to be wiped away. In our experience in this first application, this happened within 30-45 seconds. As I mentioned before, due to the very low humidity on this day, I expect this is on the low side and will vary application to application.

Below are some photos of a test section after we had a feel for the process. Working in small sections was a must to ensure we had time to apply ensuring even coverage and remove the excess before it sat for too long on the paint.

Immediately after application:


After 20 seconds:


After 30 sec the product was ready to be leveled. For our experience with this test panel, the haze in this 3rd photo is an indication it is ready to be removed. If left for much longer, the residue could not be leveled properly. If this happens, it is easily remedied by going back over the section with your damp applicator and immediately leveling.



Gliss (1 of 1)

After the first wash, we noted the hydrophobic properties to be outstanding. The slickness is great and it is pretty easy to apply. One frustration we had with this application is fully removing the oily residue after leveling to reveal a perfectly clear streak free finish. This is common to many coatings we have used from several manufacturers. From our testing, we have found that the trick is to use multiple clean towels using an edge-less towel with minimal pressure for the final wipe to give the best results.

We will get some more experience with this product as time goes on with the application under different conditions and different paint. I plan to report back regarding the durability we experience as well. What I like about this product is the haze is a very clear indication that the excess product is ready to be removed. It is also very easy to work with if you do let it sit too long, simply re-wetting the surface with the damp applicator and immediately removing solved the issue for us. So far, Gliss looks to be a great addition to the CarPro lineup.

Matt Carter
Detail Peoria
Peoria, IL

7 comments on CarPro Gliss: Initial Impressions

  1. Steve K says:

    Thanks for the review, Matt. I have a bottle to try just have to find the time….

  2. pdqgp says:

    Looking forward to your long term experience. I have it on my car over top of two coats of CQUK and while it’s still slick and smooth, it’s no where near as hydrophobic as Geyon’s Sycro Kit with their Skin Product.

  3. Jeff says:

    I had my detailer re apply Cquartz UK and Gliss as a top coat. Application was on a Cayenne Red Nissan Titan Pick Up that sits outside in the California Desert Sun. Talk about ultimate test of durability of ANY product haha.

    This truck will go through in one summer what most cars will go through UV wise in 5 yrs. I think the “Coatings” themselves are a little over rated. How they are sold, it seems they are the “Wonder” product. They aren’t. I just feel from a cost perspective, to have a sealant, or wax applied frequently vs a ceramic coating annually? The coating is cheaper in the long run. Especially for cars sitting outside.

    I will report back with my findings. I used to do all this stuff myself till I injured my back, so I am out of the game, but I still have a keen eye, and attention to detail.

    Gliss sounds too good to be true, so we will see. The Truck received 2 coats CQuarts UK and 2 coats of Gliss. It is glossy, and it is slick, for how long?? I will let you know.

    • pdqgp says:

      @Jeff, it will be slick for as long as you can keep physical contaminants like tree sap and other stuff from settling into the surface. Keep it clean on a regular basis and you should be good for a while. It’s that contaminant and road film that typically causes them to lose their hydrophobic properties.

    • Matt Carter says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Yes I will be anxious to hear your experience with the product. Coatings certainly have their place in the paint protection industry and I agree that the claims that circulate can go over the line. See the article here describing some of the more common ones: https://www.detailedimage.com/Ask-a-Pro/the-truth-behind-wild-coating-claims/

      I am becoming a fan of the 2 coat system with a durable base topped with a hydrophobic top coat to give you the best of both worlds. At the end of the day though, a coating system is only as good as its maintenance plan. Keep it clean and stay glossy!

  4. James Mendenhall says:

    I have been using Gliss as a top coat over 22ple HPC for quite a while now and on multiple vehicles. It is hard to determine durability as once it wears away the coating underneath still provides beading. That said, it survives a Midwest winter and is still going strong. Cars I have coated for people shed dirt and grime so well that people think I performed some miracle on their vehicle. I coated a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and 2 weeks later it looked like it had not even been wet or driven, at which point the owner told me he had been daily driving it in rain and weather for 2 weeks. So it exceeded my expectations in that situation for sure. I coated a black Porsche with 22ple top coat instead of Gliss and it was not as durable as what I experienced with Gliss. I even had a water spot issue which I’ve never had with Gliss. I am not as big of a CQuartz fan but I can say it seems to work well and be compatible with other coatings. I’ve never tried it as a stand alone coating. I reapply after 6 months, before and after Winter. I see it as a sacrificial layer. I have not had that smearing effect you describe but I have always used multiple removal towels as you describe.

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