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Product Review: CarPro Cquartz Lite Longevity Test


CarPro, in my opinion, creates some of the best chemicals on the market. I’ve always had incredible results, no matter which product I grab for from their lineup. I originally heard of CarPro when I was in search for ceramic coatings years ago. I have always gravitated towards CarPro coatings due to quality, reputation, and their realistic approach to the life expectancy of their coatings. When I first came across CQuartz Lite I was skeptical about the need for a coating like this. CQuartz Lite is a 6+ month, easy to use coating with benefits like the longer-lasting and more expensive relatives in the CQuartz lineup but has a far shorter lifespan. I typically view a major benefit of a coating to be longevity, so would a coating that only lasts over 6 months even be useful? Who is this coating for? How does this coating compare to its higher-end relatives in the CarPro lineup?

CQuartz Lite Product

I have to say CQuartz Lite took me by surprise, for the price it’s hard to beat. CQuartz Lite proved to be an easy to use coating with some serious paint protection potential. Typically on a ceramic coating job, I would use a coating topper such as CarPro Gliss or CarPro Reload, but I wanted to see the realistic real-world durability of this “lite” coating. Four months after applying a single coat of CQuartz Lite to freshly polished paint and trim, the coating seems to be performing tremendously. Check out the fantastic, tight, water beads on this VW Tiguan.

CQuartz Lite Hood

CQuartz Lite Taillight

CQuartz Lite Wide

I was surprised to see how well the road grime, water spots, bugs, and dirt cleaned off a decently filthy car. This vehicle has only been rinsed off using a pressure washer in the last four months until a full hand wash today. I would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between something like CQuartz UK 3.0 and CQuartz Lite at this time in the lifespan of the coating. One of my favorite aspects of CQuartz Lite is that it can be used on not only paint, but also glass, trim, wheels, and plastics. CQuartz Lite creates a perfect satin finish on the trim, leaving it protected and easy to rinse off.

CQuartz Lite Trim

Cquartz Lite Grille

Now to answer a few of the questions I had regarding CQuartz Lite:

Would a coating that only lasts over 6 months even be useful?

For me, this is a no brainer. CQuartz Lite, in my opinion, seems to be a fantastic option  to bridge the gap between a wax/sealant and longer-lasting ceramic coatings. Only time will tell, but I strongly suspect CQuartz Lite will last much longer than CarPro claims. So far it’s proven itself on a car that has rarely been washed, occasionally garaged, and daily driven.

Who is this coating for? 

CQuartz Lite is a great ceramic coating for both the DIY detailer and professionals. Many coatings can be hundreds if not thousands of dollars when professionally installed. CQuartz Lite gives a DIY detailer the ability to get their feet wet in the confusing ceramic coating world. With its wipe-on, wipe-off ease of use, many DIY detailers are able to enjoy some benefits of ceramic coatings at a substantially lower cost. For me as a professional, CQuartz Lite has worked its way into my detailing arsenal. Recently, with every long-lasting paint coating job, I am coating all of the trim with CQuartz Lite at no cost to my clients. It’s a small cost to me and a fantastic surprise when my clients collect their vehicles. CQuartz Lite is also a viable option for my customers looking for a cheaper alternative to higher-end coatings after a paint correction, or enhancement detail.

CQuartz Lite has proven itself as a fantastic entry-level coating with its wide variety of applications, ease of use, and performance. I am excited to see how this coating reacts months down the road.

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22 comments on Product Review: CarPro Cquartz Lite Longevity Test

  1. Eric says:

    Glad someone posted a good review of this product, even though I’ll probably never find a fit for it this is a great write up. My theory is that if I’m doing ALL the preparations for a multi year ceramic why would I finish with a 6 month product? Do the math and you’re only saving about $60. Even if you pass that on to the customer why would they chose this over a multi year coating to save $60. If they are scrounging for $60 they probably aren’t buying a coating anyway. Just my opinion, CarPro makes amazing products and this will be great for the DIY weekender

    • Mike says:

      With the professional in mind, not every customer/client wants to pay for a more robust coating. So this is where an entry level coating lite product comes into play. It allows the professional to upsell a more robust coating down the road if the client wants more. For a DIYer, well some are intimidated when it comes to a full blown coating. So a coating lite like Cquartz Lite is a good starting point without the need to worry about high spots and ease of application. Also CarPro claims 1 year durability on this and for me it is still doing just fine approaching 1 year.

  2. Joel Garcia says:

    Your review and thoughts about this product I greatly appreciated!

  3. Mike D says:

    What’s the shelf life once opened?

    • Mike,

      It is good practice with any coating to keep the cap on while applying and only remove the lid while you are dispensing more product. Definetly check out the expiration date on the bottle as well!

    • Mike says:

      CarPro reps stated 1 year once opened. Mine became unusable after a 1 year that I had to toss it.

  4. Steve says:

    For a DIY guy, would you go with this or one of the new Graphene products?
    Speaking of which, I have looked for Glassparency Graphene Coating and have even go to their website, but have been unable to find it for sale. Any help or other recommendations would be appreciated.

    • Coleton Guerin says:

      Hey Steve, I have not played around with any of the Graphene coatings yet. I am skeptical on the need as well as the way in which Graphene coatings have been introduced to the market.

  5. Gerry T. says:

    Was that VW Tiguan garaged? I’m more interested on durability for vehicles that are parked outside (ungaraged).

    • Coleton Guerin says:

      This Tiguan spends about half its life outside due to the owner working nightshift, it is also rarely washed.

  6. William Rinehart says:

    Do you think frequent (every couple of weeks) washings will reduce longevity? Thanks!

    • Coleton Guerin says:

      From experience with coatings, the more often the vehicle is washed the better. The coatings longevity is drastically reduced if chemicals such as road salt and grime stay on the vehicle for an extended period of time.

  7. Peter Biel says:

    Any updates? Year long update?

  8. Brad VanHorn says:

    My question on this is how to reapply. For most coatings, you would drag out the machine and re-polish the surface, then reapply the coating. Would you just put this over older bits of coating like a wax?

    • daniel58 says:

      One can always extend the operating life of even something like the Cquartz Lite ceramic coating by using a brand name topper coating such as the Klasse branded name acrylic polymer sealant coating which in of itself will serve to protect the Cquartz Lite ceramic coating itself typically from the fall season through the entire very rough winter weather season well into next year.

      When one notices that the water is no longer sheeting easily off ones vehicle surface finish any more; then it may be time to break out ones dual action random orbital polisher and go through an entire clay bar cleaning, then the rough cutting compound and fine finish polishing compound vehicle surface refinishing by typically using the reliable brand name Meguire’s M105 and then followed up by using Meguire’s M205 polishing compound, followed up by the IPA alcohol final wipe of any vehicle surface finish organic contamination; one then applies the triple layer application coating of the Cquartz Lite; which is then followed up by the final follow up triple layer application coating of the Klasse acrylic polymer sealant coating; so that is six protective coats altogether which will last probably at least nine to twelve months typically even if ones vehicle is always outside and never garaged.

      • daniel58 says:

        Brad the key fundamental point here is the better one does their actual contact surface work preparation; the better their ultimate payoff outcome when applying not only their Cquartz Lite and Klasse acrylic polymer sealant coating combination surface layer preparation; yes one should reserve one’s weekend to lovingly performing ones meticulous precise intended contact surface preparation as it will reward one’s potential efforts with a very long lasting multi layer protection for one’s vehicle that will ultimately make it more than worthwhile. Do not rush through one’s actual contact surface preparation work process as it will ultimately determine not only the actual quality and longevity of one’s protective coating on the surface of ones vehicle simply because of its highly improved contact adhesion qualities over time; after all you want your efforts to be ultimately rewarded by the longest lasting potential optimal shine that can be both realized and fulfilled. Let us all know Brad how you actually made out with your vehicle with follow up feedback.

    • Reece @ DI says:

      Brad – You will want to remove old coating layers first by polishing, before prepping the surface for a new layer.

  9. ken says:

    Does a primer polish help before coating?

    • daniel58 says:

      yes one can use a brand name primer polish such as Gyeon Q Two Primer as it has quite a bit of Silicone oxide that acts as a great base prime coat preparation prior to use of ones ceramic sealant; think of it like exfoliating one’s cars contact adhesion layer; it is definitely worth the extra time and effort; especially on a newer late model car’s finish.

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