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Chemical Guys TORQ Polishers, Cyclone Dirt Trap & More – SEMA 2015


Each year Chemical Guys seems to introduce at least one great product while we are at the SEMA Show, and this year is no different. Last year the TORQ buffer was big news in the detailing world. This year TORQ Tools took that polisher and made it even better, with 3 new polishers! On top of this tool, the Cyclone Dirt Trap will help you reduce the risk of implementing imperfections in your paint while washing. Think of it like the popular Grit Guard, but with a twist! The Chemical Guys Innovate Premium Paste Wax will add gloss, depth, and protection to the paint. I could give you a description on each, but Chemical Guys has already done a fantastic job breaking down each of these products for us. Take a look below at the description for each product and some great pictures of each!

TORQ Random Orbital Polishers


TORQ Tools set out to develop an auto detailing tool that anyone can use, enjoy, and afford. The TORQX Random Orbital Polisher is the machine for the enthusiast detailer and weekend warrior who wants one machine to do it all. With the TORQX, anyone can polish paint, remove swirls and scratches, spread wax and sealant, scrub carpet, clean and restore clarity to headlights, and more. TORQ engineers designed the TORQX with simple and intuitive controls, rugged components, and durable build materials to last for years of dependable detailing use. The powerful 680 watt motor of the TORQX delivers the power and torque needed and demanded by enthusiasts and professionals alike. The TORQX uses the same gentle dual action motion and 8mm throw that enthusiasts and professional detailers know and trust even on the most sensitive or durable paint finishes. The TORQX is the powerful machine that won’t bog down on any polishing, waxing, or hardcore cleaning job on any vehicle. Easily polish single stage, clear coat, or new ceramic clear coat paint finishes, polished metals, glass, and clear optical plastics with the TORQX. The tight form factor and precision balance of the TORQX fits comfortably in the hand and is perfect for any detailing situation. Use the TORQX to comfortably polish cars, trucks, large RV or trailer sidewalls, boat and airplanes, and any other automotive surface without strain or fatigue. The TORQX is the machine of choice for any beginner, hardcore enthusiast, or professional detailer looking for one simple, lightweight, and powerful machine that can do it all. Tackle any detailing task with the TORQX.

Why Buy This Product?

  • Polishes and removes swirls, scratches, and defects from all painted vehicles
  • Developed for enthusiasts and professionals using heavy-duty construction
  • Applies wax, sealant, and glaze in minutes
  • Easy-to-use features for any detailing enthusiast or professional
  • Designed with streamlined controls for maximum comfort on any automobile surface
  • Balanced internal design for precision paint correction
  • Lightweight construction with vibration reduction technology
  • Powerful 680W electric motor
  • Wide 2800 – 7800 RPM power band range
  • Versatile 8mm dual action orbit for perfect polishing in any area
  • Interchangeable backing plates: accepts 3″, 5″, and 6″ backing plates


This unit takes the TORQ X and builds upon it. Below are some quick points on some upgrades over the X.

  • Digital display and speed control buttons
  • Powerful 700 watt motor and smooth start feature
  • Lightweight construction and vibration control technology
  • 8mm throw and interchangeable backing plates (accepts 3″, 5″ and 6″ plates)


While the TORQ 10 FX is more powerful than the TORQ X, the TORQ 22 D takes the 10 FX and enhances it, making it the most powerful unit of the 3! Take a look at some of the specs below:

  • 21mm long throw orbital polisher
  • Powerful 900 watt motor and smooth start feature
  • Accepts 5″ and 6″ backing plates
  • Digital display and speed control buttons

TORQXRandomOrbitalPolisher (1)

TORQXRandomOrbitalPolisher (2)

TORQXRandomOrbitalPolisher (3)

Cyclone Dirt Trap Bucket Insert

Manufactured by Dirt Trap, the Dirt Trap bucket insert eliminates wash swirls and scratches with Cyclone Dirt-Trap Technology. The round wash screen separates abrasive dirt and silt from clean and soapy wash water with scores of cyclonic dirt funnels. Separating dirt from clean and soapy water keeps abrasive debris off the wash mitt, and therefore off the paintwork for a scratch-free car wash. Traditional wash baffles use large vertical screens or disposable mesh filters in an attempt to separate dirt from water, which always ends up cloudy with loose contamination and abrasive filth. These designs are defeated by the mere act of dunking the mitt into the bucket, which pushes and pulls water and dirt straight through the vertical openings of the poorly-designed screens. The cyclone funnels of the Dirt Trap separate dirt through centripetal force and push it through tiny holes underneath the wash screen. The dirt remains trapped underneath the funnels and cannot easily flow back up through the tips once the mitt is pulled out from the water. The passive filter screen uses no moving parts, no disposable filters, and requires no maintenance or energy to set up, use, or store. Simply place a Dirt Trap at the bottom of the soap bucket and rinse bucket to keep the wash mitt, and water free of the dirt removed off the vehicle. While other wash screens fit loosely and float because of lightweight materials, the Dirt Trap uses a tailored fit and dense plastic to fit snugly at the bottom of any standard bucket, and stay there for maximum filtration. Use the Dirt Trap with the two-bucket wash method and foam gun to dramatically reduce the amount of dirt floating in the water and the abrasive action on sensitive paint that causes swirls and scratches. Choose the Dirt Trap for every wash, and maintain a scratch-free shine on any car, truck, motorcycle, SUV, or RV.

A Must-Have for Every Wash

  • Helps protect vehicle while you wash
  • It belongs in your bucket
  • Traps dirt at the bottom of bucket, filtering fresh water to the top
  • Reduces swirls and scratches caused by improper washing
  • Perfect for 3 gallon, 4 gallon, 5 gallon, 6 gallon, and 7 gallon wash buckets
  • Dirt Trap Cyclones funnel and separate dirt away from wash water
  • Cleans mitts, brushes, towels and other washing utensils
  • Cyclone Scrub Ridge around every funnel agitates dirt from wash mitt and directs it directly through funnel
  • Cleaner wash water reduces chances of scratching sensitive paintwork during a wash
  • Geometric Filtering System strikes the perfect balance of funnel size, placement, and volume to maximize filtering effect
  • Tailored for perfect fit and superior filtration in any car wash bucket
  • No moving parts; No disposable filters; No maintenance
  • Fits any standard 12″ diameter bucket
  • Comes in multiple colors to avoid cross contamination between paint, wheel, and pad cleaning buckets

Cyclone Dirt Trap Technology

Dirt Trap Cyclones funnel and separate dirt away from wash water. The Dirt Trap car wash guard uses nearly 300 cyclone funnels to separate abrasive dirt and debris from car wash water. Keeping the dirt already washed away from the car reduces the chances of installing swirls and scratches caused by scrubbing with abrasive dirt. Traditional car wash strainers use large open screens and vertical fins in an attempt to hold dirt at the bottom of a wash bucket. However, the mere act of dunking the dirty wash mitt in and out of the bucket creates pressure and suction waves that pull any dirt and debris straight up through the screen, and back into the clean water. This traps the dirt already washed off the car in the mitt, and causes abrasive scratching action on the next cleaning pass. The small funnels of the Dirt Trap create cyclonic flow, spinning heavier dirt particles out of the water through intense centripetal force, down through the tiny tip of each funnel. The textured underside and small holes of the screen act as a one-way valve: dirt is pushed through the funnels with cyclonic force, but it gets trapped underneath the guard and cannot easily flow back up into the water when the wash mitt is withdrawn. Use the Dirt Trap in each wash and rinse bucket to minimize the chances of scratching and swirling paintwork during any car wash or full detail.





Chemical Guys Innovate Premium Paste Wax

Innovate Paste Wax is the one product to combine the warm lustrous shine of natural carnauba wax with the durable protection of advanced vehicle coatings. The luxury hybrid carnauba paste wax enhances the warm wet shine that has captivated car enthusiasts and collectors for over a hundred years, and updates it with 21st century Carbon Flex Vehicle Coating Technology for durable protection that lasts for months, not weeks. Chemical Guys master blenders and chemists worked tirelessly to develop the perfect balance of natural carnauba shine with durable protection against harsh elements like UV sunlight, pollution, contamination, and industrial fallout. Normal carnauba waxes create a warm wet shine, but boil off at temperatures felt on a hot summer day. A traditional carnauba paste wax can last up to 3 or 4 months under ideal conditions. Innovate Paste Wax uses vehicle coating technology to lock in the signature carnauba wax shine with extended protection under all conditions. Carbon Flex technology protects vehicle surfaces like paintwork, glass, and plastic with the signature carnauba wax shine for over 12 months. The premium luxury paste wax comes sealed in a custom CNC aluminum case with double gasket seal, ensuring an airtight lock to keep the wax fresh in any detailer’s exquisite paste wax collection. Innovate combines premium natural carnauba wax with natural plant extracts, and Carbon Flex coating technology for the perfect wax coat look that lasts and lasts.

Why Buy This Product?

  • Enhances the lustrous, warm, wet high gloss shine that everyone loves
  • Carbon Flex vehicle coating technology extends durable protection and shine for over 12 months
  • Crafted with premium Brazilian Carnauba Paste Wax
  • Handcrafted in Los Angeles, California
  • Custom CNC aluminum case
  • Produced in limited quantities
  • Enhances a deep wet shine on light and dark colors

ChemicalGuysInnovatePasteWax (1)

ChemicalGuysInnovatePasteWax (2)

ChemicalGuysInnovatePasteWax (3)

2 comments on Chemical Guys TORQ Polishers, Cyclone Dirt Trap & More – SEMA 2015

  1. Allen A says:

    question why did the Torq get rid of the digital display ?

    • George says:

      Likely poor feedback from users. When you would turn the machine on, the polisher would begin at zero, no orbits per minute (OPMs) and you would have to press the + button for the speed (OPM) which you would want. When you turned the polisher off it would revert back to 0 and you would have to push the + to start the polisher again. While using the polisher and gripping the handle your hand would inadvertently push the + or – button constantly changing the OPMs very, very annoying. I have owned the PC7424XL and the Torq10FX. The Torq 10FX was a little smoother but the position of the speed controller and constantly pressing the + or – button was so annoying I generally preferred the PC. My recommendation Griots 6″DA smooth, more powerful and Exceptional warranty.

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