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Detailing Enthusiasts Monthly – October 2015


AAP Blog Post Of The Month!

Ivan Rajic of LUSTR Auto Detail gives his product review of the CarPro Cquartz Protective Coating. Ivan also includes some helpful photos of the complete application process. If you want to see how a coating looks during application, this article is for you!


Detailing Industry News!

Registered autopia.org user, Marc08EX, shares a great review on the CarPro PERL. Find out how the PERL stacks up against the Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus.

8 - Consistency

Lorenzo Escobal of Inception Auto Detailing gives his how-to guide to maintaining carbon fiber surfaces.


Todd@Rupes, a registered autopia.org user, gives an in depth review of the Menzerna 400 and Meguiar’s M105. Find out how these products stack up against each other!


New Detailed Image Products!

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Detailed Image News!

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Definition of the Month!

All in One (AIO)

  • A product intended to not only clean, but add gloss and protection in one step.

Check out all of our detailing dictionary definitions by clicking here.


Photo of the Month!

Our photo of the month of this awesome Sonax Wheel Cleaner action shot comes from Detailed Image Instagram user scautodetailing!


Automotive Industry News!

Sometimes your car is only a gadget away from greatness (or running). Check out this great article on popularmechanics.com for 4 easy upgraded that will make your old car feel new again.


Lexus and BMW are rumored to be teaming up for a supercar project. Find out more here!


Trucker, Todd McCann, who covered about 125,000 miles a year since 1997 highlights some of the various mistakes people make on the road. What mistakes do you think he sees again and again? Find out by clicking here.


Thanks for reading and if you like this article check out the Detailing Enthusiasts Monthly September Edition!

2 comments on Detailing Enthusiasts Monthly – October 2015

  1. Rick says:

    The truck thing is SO TRUE! DO NOT drive beside us! So as long as you are visible to a driver or you let him know you’re there he will give you room UNLESS you are just riding alongside not paying attention. The other thing I see is people don’t give you time to clear a car with enough distance before they have to pull out there just as you are about switch lanes. Trucks will ALWAYS run the right lane unless signs tell them otherwise or they are passing. Give them 2 seconds to get over after they pass another vehicle. The phone thing is a whole other problem. Truck drivers are prohibited from using them while the truck is moving, period. So while they are not distracted by theirs they can watch the idiots weaving back and forth with a knee on the wheel and both hands holding the phone texting away. All it takes is a bad bounce over a bump to yank the steering wheel and it could be over. At which point 3/4 of people would blame the truck driver. Most truck drivers are PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS. You don’t just show up and get a license, there’s a whole long process to it. Yes, I said most. I still see people that amaze me they were able to get a license let alone keep it.

    • Reece @ DI says:

      Glad you enjoyed that one! It stood out to me, simply because I took a motorcycle class when I was younger. A small diagram on where a truck driver can and can not see you changed the way I was driving and really opens your eyes to some of the mistakes people make on the road. This may not be super detailing related, but hey you cant detail a totaled car!

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