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Gtechniq G Wash

Best Seller Gtechniq G Wash - 250 ml
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Available Sizes

Gtechniq G Wash
250 ml
($0.04 / ml)
Gtechniq G Wash
1000 ml
($0.02 / ml)
Gtechniq G Wash
5 L
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Gtechniq G Wash
500 ml
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Product Information

  • High foaming maintenance shampoo great for any car
  • Enhances gloss off any existing protection
  • Lubricates contamination for safe and easy removal
  • Product Codes: W1 0.25, W1 1, W1 5, W1 0.5
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Customer Reviews

100% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 6 ratings

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Product Description

Gtechniq G Wash is a specially formulated shampoo designed to clean your vehicle, without damaging or stripping away your Gtechniq Coatings (i.e. C1, EXOv2). G Wash will break the bond of dirt and other contamination from the surface, while lubricating these dirt particles. This minimizes surface abrasion, allowing you to glide your wash mitt over your car without the fear of implementing new imperfections during the wash process. All it takes is 2 caps per bucket for light cleanings and 4 caps for cars that are more heavily soiled. This high foaming shampoo is the perfect maintenance cleaning solution, as it will not remove any sealant, coating, or wax, and it will also help enhance the gloss of any protection that is already on the surface. Once you are finished, dry off your car with a high quality microfiber drying towel (i.e. Waffle Weave Drying Towel) and you will be amazed at how clean and sparkly your car is. Retain the highest level of gloss and clean your car with ease with the Gtechniq G Wash!

Professional Detailer Reviews

G Wash creates a rather large amount of foam once you give a quick burst in your wash bucket with your hose or power washer. The suds are nice slick minimizing the chances of causing any damage or abrasion during the wash process.

- Product Review: Gtechniq G Wash by Kevin George

From The Label

Product Description

GWash has been specifically formulated to work in harmony with the Gtechniq range of coatings.

One hundred percent biodegradable, GWash produces a high foam content which breaks the bond between the dirt film and your vehicles paintwork. The shampoo lubricates dirt particles, minimizing surface abrasion, maximizing gloss retention.

  • Supreme dirt removal
  • Cherry frangrance
  • pH neutral


Directions For Use:
  • Shake well before use
  • Add two caps (20ml) for light dirt, or four caps (40ml) for heavy dirt, into an empty bucket
  • Fill bucket with water, for best results use warm water
  • Always begin washing the upper surfaces of your car and work downwards
  • After use, rinse your car thoroughly with clean water to remove all shampoo residue
  • Store in a cool, dry place

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Just used Gtechniq wash threw my foam canon and WOW! Very pleased with its lifting encapsulated dirt. Would recommend this product!
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Definitely has some of the best lubricity that I've seen from a concentrated car wash shampoo. Decent value too in the larger size. I've tried nearly everything on the market and this is up there.

Cleaning ability is solid, but it's the lubricity that really helps avoid marring and puts this product ahead of the rest. Other soaps out there will get the surface squeaky clean, but the lubricity just isn't there and you run a greater risk of grinding contaminants into the paint.

I've always been impressed with most of the Gtechniq line and this is no exception.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
I've tried many shampoos over the years, and G Wash is hands down the best I've ever used. It's highly concentrated, so it lasts FOREVER! And the lubricity it provides is insane. When coupled with a wool mitt it may be a little too slick... I threw my mitt on the roof one time and slid right off. Whoops.

But seriously. This is the best shampoo. It's super slick so you know you're not inducing scratches, but it also properly cleans the paint. I would find it hard to believe someone makes a better shampoo than G Wash. I definitely recommend picking up a 5-litre container and using it every time you wash your car, or anyone's for that matter. A good pH neutral shampoo with high lubricity is the best thing you could have in your stock.

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