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Envious Detailing: Menzerna Fast Gloss Review


Every now and then, companies come out with products that are even better than their last.  After all, that’s the evolution of technology isn’t it? My previous new product try out (after I used up my old supply) was Meguiars D300 and a MF pad = killer combo on just about every paint!

My latest product tested and added to my arsenal of products (over 20 polishes) is Menzerna Fast Gloss.  This is a compound designed to remove deeper defects from the paint quickly, efficiently, and still be able to leave the finish near LSP ready, but more in a condition needing only a final polishing to finish off!

While I was working on this Brand new Ferrari 458 Italia, there was the notorious sanding/pigtail scratches in the paint!  I tried on a different section to remove with D300, but that was leaving too much behind requiring 2-3 more passes to remove completely.  So I reached for the Fast Gloss for the first time and put it to work on the meguiars MF pad.  Not only did this product remove all the sanding scratches in about 30 seconds, it was near LSP ready!  Of course I would never finish off with a compound no matter how good it is, but here is an example of what I am talking about:

Before with the sanding scratches from a DA sander and the Brinkmann dual LED:

And here is the after of the same section after just the Fast Gloss…incredible results!

This will be my go to compound from now on as it works fast, is smooth to work, and dusts next to none!  The car wont need a washing after the compounding unlike some other compounds on the market, so its a time saver as well!  For anyone looking for turning their 3 step process into a 2 step process, this is a product you need to try out and fit into your arsenal of products!

Eric Schuster Envious Detailing
Eric Schuster
Envious Detailing
Orange County, CA

8 comments on Envious Detailing: Menzerna Fast Gloss Review

  1. Ben says:

    Do you prefer to use a Flex or a non-forced rotation DA when using this with the MF pads? Do you find you use less product and D300?

  2. Zach says:

    I’m sold – I’ve seen/heard nothing but great things from FG400. This will definitely be included in my next order. Thanks!

  3. Shawn Sullivan says:

    Just ordered some – what would you follow this with on a black 2009 Mercedes?

    • Zach says:

      SF4000 or 4500 would probably be nice

      • Shawn Sullivan says:

        OMG! Just got mine from DI today. 20 minutes to polish the hood of my C63 with an orange pad and another 10 using M205 on a black bad. Topped it with BFWD and BWMS. Effortless defect removal, long work time and easy off. You sold me – thx.

  4. stuff is really good!!!!

    sonax perfect finish is another great follow up polish to use as well! menzerna sf4000 would be my final polish as I think that 85 rd should be reserved for just jeweling since it hardly has any cut!

  5. david poto says:

    got a fg 500 in trade. whats the difference between fg 400 and 500?

  6. Edword andi says:

    Nice review of the product. I have already ordered it.

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