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IGL Jen K.O. – The Quick Detailer You Need


IGL Jen K.O. - The Quick Detailer You Need

I really did not think I would like this product, but the bottle I picked up is almost gone! IGL Jen K.O. is a product which I found may be underrated.  I admit I initially had thoughts of, “oh another one of those quick detailers”, but this product kept impressing me in so many ways.  What stood out the most was the practicality of this product for the average consumer and professional detailer.

A unique look (pictured below) of the water behavior.  I am not totally against tiny beads and the picture is with no real form of protection on the surface other than the Jen K.O.

Something to keep in mind here.  A level (micro scratch free) and even more importantly, a clean surface, is generally the catalyst for water beading.  Removing mineral deposits or other foreign substances is aiding in creating a more surgically clean surface.

JenKO beading

Jen K.O. is very easy to use whether sprayed on the surface or on a microfiber towel.  I found evidence that this packed slightly more of a punch than your typical quick detailer.  I quickly went through a bottle of this product, but I rarely used it on the exterior painted surfaces.  I have enjoyed using this for lubrication to touch up wheels and also to dry door jambs.  Although I am not the biggest fan of waterless wash products for general car paint cleaning, it has comparable use qualities.

My first impression came from its impressive glass cleaning, as a sprinkler sprayed the side of my car and water just slipped off the glass surfaces.  I later caught myself frequently using this product on my wheels.  This became my favorite means to use Jen K.O.  I would perform my general tire and wheel cleaning.  After washing and drying the car, I would address drying and finding missed spots on the wheels with a Jen K.O. wipe down.  Sometimes I would do a waterless wash with the wheels if they are mildly soiled.

Tire Cleaning

This strong but easy to use quick detailer is essentially a mildly acidic waterless wash formulation.  I have occasionally used it as a drying aid for exterior paint, which is the classic use of a quick detailer.  But I have primarily used it for touch ups on engine bays, wheels, underside of hoods, and door jambs.

I would potentially give this to a client or recommend this to someone who is obviously challenged in the arena of maintenance, when I want to keep detailing as simple as possible.  Using this product as a quick detailer (post car wash) for someone who struggles with washing safely without water spot issues is a major benefit.

For those with coated cars you may be using a silica sealant or quick detailer that you either prefer or is strongly recommended.  This product may change the hydrophobic behavior a certain spray sealant provides.  In that case, this might not be ideal for you.  You may also have a dedicated water spot remover you prefer using already and this dedicated product will ultimately be more potent in removing topical water spots.

These are the reasons I do not extensively use this product.  When in doubt if your professional detailer or a trusted knowledgeable professional strongly recommends a maintenance spray, I would suggest you (defer) stick with that system.  There are valid reasons to stay within a system, but if you protect your car with IGL Premiere silica sealant or have an IGL coating on your car and particularly feel challenged dealing with waterspots, I would highly recommend this product.  There are going to be better options to deal with topical water spots (i.e. dedicated water spot remover), but this may be more practical!  This further simplifies the car maintenance experience.  Also, weaker sealants or wax may be affected by this mildly acidic detailer.

Jennifer Turcotte, the brainchild behind Jen K.O., was kind and gracious enough to talk to me about this product.  Jennifer Turcotte is the owner of Carsmotology.  A talented detailer, business owner, and mentor, Jennifer has become an inspiration for many professionals in the industry.  Jennifer operates in a state (Minnesota) with bad hard water.  She noticed the problem shared by many detailers of built-up mineral deposits in door jambs and she noted the original plan for this problem typically would involve a water spot remover, followed by a neutralizing soap, and then a quick detailer.  She asked herself ‘why not’ work on a product that is a combination of all three of these products for door jambs and other areas around the vehicle.  After some experimentation, Jen K.O. was created.

I can confidently state, I hope this product becomes available in a gallon or larger container.  I am a big believer in Jen K.O.!

Rodney Tatum
Mirror Reflections Auto Spa
Gainesville, Florida
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