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The Importance Of A Quick Detailer


The Importance Of A Quick Detailer

Quick detailers have proven to be very important and versatile in anyone’s detailing endeavor. Products like the Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine (ONR) and the Gtechniq Quick Detailer are great examples of how versatile quick detailers could be. Both of these products can be used to remove light contaminations, can be used for a quick spray on protection, and can be used as a lubricant for clay barring your vehicle. Say if you have a small spot of mud or bird droppings on your vehicle, a quick detailer would work great for specifically targeting the soiled area and easily removing the contaminates with a microfiber cloth. Since Quick detailers do also add lubrication, your paint is less likely to get scratched or marred during this process.

On top of being so helpful in the more intricate steps of detailing, quick detailers can also help your vehicles shine.

Great Quick Detailer Articles

How To: Optimum No Rinse (ONR) Detail Spray

The need for a detail spray is significant in any detailer’s arsenal, no matter if you are a pro or enthusiast. ONR detail spray is one of the most used items in my shop and it gets the job done while being extremely cost effective for the following uses above

– Joe Metlow

Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine (ONR)

Product Review: Meguiar’s Last Touch D155

Imagine spending a day cleaning up your ride… you’ve carefully washed it, clayed it, polished it, and applied a new layer of your favorite protection. The car looks great… the entire neighborhood will surely notice how perfect your car looks when you take it for a spin later, but for now it’s time to pull it in the garage for safekeeping. After resting for an hour on the couch, you want to go take another look at your glossy paint. As you walk into the garage to inspect your hard work, you find the car has already accumulated a thin layer of dust in the short time it has been parked. Sound familiar?

– Zach McGovern

Meguiar’s Last Touch D155

Product Review & How-To Guide: Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash

Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash is one of my favorite detailing products that have recently come out. I never thought a rinseless wash would surprise me as much as it does and when Detailed Image started to offer it, I was very happy.

– Joe Metlow

Product Review & How-To Guide: Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash

Product Review: Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer

As with most quick detail sprays, Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer can be used to remove light dust and contaminates in between regular maintenance washes, however, I typically only use quick detail spray immediately after a proper wash to help clean up any remaining water spots/streaks and to help boost the protection on the paint.

– Zach McGovern

Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer

Recommended Quick Detailers

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5 comments on The Importance Of A Quick Detailer

  1. Pedro Gonzalez says:

    Wouldn’t use detailer spray between washes no matter what the sellers say, it will scratches your car, it will bring swirls and scratches eventually, not noticeable right away until you get the car to sun light

    • Reece @ DI says:

      Pedro – Instant or Quick Detail sprays do not scratch the surface in any way. Scratches come from many different issues like contamination on the paint, poor quality towels, incorrect product use, etc. but instant detailers in and of themselves are completely safe for sure on various vehicle surfaces. As long as you have very light contamination and a clean towel, you will not have any issues during use. However, if you have heavier contamination it is highly recommended to perform a full wash or a rinseless wash. These type of cleaning techniques are designed for safer removal of heavier contamination, dirt and grime.

      • Pedro Gonzalez says:

        I respect everyone’s opinions but I don’t take any chances anyways, I know Lot of people don’t believe in touchless washes but I do, I tried to put the minimum friction in my paint, I even use a blower for drying my car , if I opted out to do any of these methods, I chose rinsless washes other than detailer spray, everyone is different have a great day

  2. Gil Brown says:

    after was and getting all the old sealer and wax off . Ready for a sealing .Now guess this is a loaded question what it the best wax to apply or maybe more than one great waxes I used Collintate Sorry spelling 845 it did a great job.e advise I know there or other waxes than the 845

  3. David Lewis says:

    Just so everyone knows Meguiar’s D-155 can be diluted 1:1 to be used as a clay lube w/ pina colada scent.

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