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Industry Interview: Jason Cox of Scangrip!


1. Before highlighting the Scangrip brand, can you tell me a little about yourself? Where did you work before Scangrip? What interests do you have outside of detailing?

I was born, raised and still reside in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN. I was a petrolhead from an early age with my parents being heavily involved with a Can-Am Racing Team and owning a restoration business focusing on early Porsche 356’s, Speedsters and Spyders. I was tasked with the final cleaning and preparation of the cars before a sale or a show. I loved being involved and learned maintenance both mechanical and exterior will pay dividends when it comes time to sell and move onto the next project.

After college, I entered corporate America as a multi-line insurance adjustor for the largest privately held insurance company in the US. It was like working for a big family. After two buy-outs and new under the control of fortune 100 company, I knew I had to move on. An opportunity came up through Innovative Tools to start as their first hire. I’ve enjoyed helping build our brand and I’ve been lucky enough to travel the globe in my role here as General Manager.

My interest still includes following Formula One, WorldSBK, UTV’s and the TorRed Demon that scares the living snot out of me. I still enjoy detailing as an enthusiast and I am in no-way a pro. The detailing community has been one of the kindest to me and I will continue to hone my skills.

2. For our readers who do not know much about Scangrip, can you give us an overview of the brand?

Scangrip is a company out of Denmark that specializes in all forms of lighting. They provide light sources for all industries not just automotive. If there is a place where light is needed, they have a solution. They offer general work lights to highly specialized ones that are even explosion proof for the petroleum industry. They are built to very high standards to not only look good but be very durable. Our industry utilizes the color rendering capability of the lights. The use of a color rendering light source in detailing is huge. We find more imperfections when we can control our light source. The big feature of Scangrip is they are a lighting company they are not just dabbling in the light market.

3. What sets Scangrip apart from other detailing lights? Along with this question, can you highlight some specific Scangrip items and why you recommend them?

The durability and the fact they use the full spectrum of colors to come up with the CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 96 is a huge plus. Most handheld led color lights use only 8 shades to get their CRI of 95. Scangrip also offers more options in choosing your light source from the I-Match-2 headlamp to the large MultiMatch. The I-Match-2 headlamp is great for small imperfection detection and will be of great help correcting smaller work areas. The SunMatch is great when you are mobile detailing due to its size. The light output is good as well helping you do larger areas. It is light and easily put in a pocket or on your belt making it great for mobile detail. Then there is the MultiMatch which is my favorite due to the power and the light output. It has 2000 Lumens and with that power can still be used in well-lighted areas to have a dependable light source. The MultiMatch works great on a Tripod and is best suited when you have large areas to detail.

4. When looking at detailing lights, what would you recommend a customer keep their eye on? (i.e. certain lumens, cri, etc.)

I would say make sure it has a CRI rating of at least 95. I would also say get as much light as you can afford. You will never want less light. The reason you can use a 2000 lumen light is because it is a color rendering light source, not just a bright led light that blasts the panel.

5. Anything on the horizon for Scangrip that you could share with us?

The ability to control the MultiMatch with your smartphone is next generation. You will be able to control the power of the light and switch the Kelvin (the color temperature of the light). There is also rumored a removable battery pack that can be switched out on the go!

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