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Lake Country Microfiber Cutting Pad vs HDO Heavy Fiber Cutting Pad


Over the last few years, more and more brands have ventured into the microfiber pad market.  Last spring Lake Country jumped into the market with their Microfiber Cutting Pad and HDO Heavy Cutting Fiber Pad.  We are going to look at a few of the differences between these two pads, beyond the obvious the obvious visual difference.

KMG - LC MF Pads

Lake Country offers both of these pads in several size options making them quite versatile for use with various machines and size backing plates.

KMG - LC MF Pads

At first glance the pads look quite similar beyond the obvious that the HDO has a hole in the center, however, they are actually quite different beyond that.  All sizes of the HDO pads were designed with a 70 degree bevel (shown on the left above) while the Microfiber Cutting pad has a straight cut much like most of the other pads on the market.  Even though the foam appears to be very similar, the foam backing on the HDO is quite a bit denser resulting in a firmer pad.  The HDO pads were designed to hold up of the abuse of being used with large throw polishers such as the Rupes or Griot’s THE BOSS machines.

KMG - LC MF Pads

This is a closer view of the Microfiber Cutting pad, which I actually preferred out of the 2 offerings.  These pads are quite a bit more firm then Meguiar’s microfiber pads and seem to hold up to heavy use with my Rupes 15 and 21 machines.  The foam does not seem to break down or fail under heavy pressure, which is common on some other brands of microfiber pads.

KMG - LC MF Pads

Closer view of the HDO pad and the beveled edge.  The beveled edge along with the hole in the center, designed to reduce heat caused during use with the large throw machines are the two most notifiable differences between the pads.  I was not overly impressed with these pads however after trying them with various different products.

KMG - LC MF Pads

Personally, after having used both style pads on various jobs, I can’t say that I greatly prefer one over the other when it comes to overall performance.

Kevin M. George
KMG Detailing
Lebanon, PA

9 comments on Lake Country Microfiber Cutting Pad vs HDO Heavy Fiber Cutting Pad

  1. rlmccarty2000 says:

    I’m still using the original Meguires MF Cutting Pads. Do you find either of these pads much better than the Meguires offerings? How about the Rupes MF Pads?

    • Kevin George says:

      Price wise the Lake Country pads are a good bang for your buck microfiber pad and seem to hold up very well. I would say these are on par with the Megs pads. I can’t compare them to the Rupes MF pads as I really don’t use them.

  2. I prefer the Griots BOSS microfiber pads over any other brand right now. They stay cooler and finish out better than the Meguiars MF pads.

    How do these lake country MF pads compare to the Griots pads? I have been meaning to toss a couple of the lake country pads on my next order to see what the hype is all about, but any insight would be great!

    • Kevin George says:

      I actually reach for Griots MF pads a majority of the time also. The biggest issue with the Griots pads is the durability of the foam. The Lake Country pads will stand up to much more abuse compared to the Griots pads.

      • Austin Moyer says:

        Your right about the inner foam on the griots pads. I have had 2 of them deteriorate to the point where they were unusable. What I did when that happened was cut the parts of the pad with good foam into 1″ and 2″ pads. Pads are expensive so why trash them? lol

  3. Argenys says:

    Can I use microfiber pads on a forced rotation polisher?

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