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Limescale Removal: One Huge Benefit of Koch Chemie Finish Spray


Limescale Removal One Huge Benefit of Koch Chemie Finish Spray

We do not always need a thorough washing and drying process when we are looking to remove contamination from our paint. For example, quick detailers are fantastic when we are targeting light dirt, dust, grime, etc. Just spray and wipe application and this light contamination is removed quickly and easily. However, there is some common buildup on our vehicles that most quick detailers are not great at removing efficiently, Limescale.

What is Limescale?

Vehicle limescale, also known as water spots or mineral deposits, refers to the unsightly residue left behind on a vehicle’s surface when water evaporates, leaving behind minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and other impurities. These minerals are commonly found in hard water and can accumulate on the exterior surfaces of vehicles, including the paint, glass, and trim.

What does Limescale look like?

Limescale deposits typically appear as white or chalky spots and can be quite stubborn to remove. They are particularly prevalent in regions with hard water or areas where vehicles are frequently exposed to water sources containing high mineral content, such as from sprinkler systems, hose water, or rain.

Is Limescale harmful?

While vehicle limescale itself is not harmful to the vehicle’s structural integrity, it can detract from its appearance and, if left untreated, may lead to etching or damage to the paint and other surfaces over time. It is essential to address limescale buildup through cleaning and maintenance techniques, such as using specialized cleaners or detailing products designed to dissolve and remove mineral deposits safely. Regular washing and drying of the vehicle, particularly after exposure to water, can also help prevent the accumulation of limescale.

Why use Koch Chemie Finish Spray?

While mentioned above, most quick detailers are great at targeting light dirt, dust, grime, etc. but none of them target limescale specifically. Well at least not until Finish Spray! Hard water is common across the globe and the minerals in this water make limescale just as common. It is important to remove these minerals after water evaporates to avoid water marks and Finish Spray makes removing them easy during a quick cleaning wipe down. Justin from Koch Chemie states that:

Finish Spray features a 2.5 pH, so it can safely break down or reduce the calcium carbonate that limescale is made from.

This added feature takes this product to the next level and really allows it to stand out in a sea of quick detailer options. The only tip we have is only using Finish Spray when needed as it is designed to be a cleaner. With frequent uses it can break down protective layers, so only reach for it if you have dirt, grime or limescale that needs to be targeted.

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