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Mytee HP60 Spyder Automotive Detail Extractor: Product Review


Well it’s been a few months now since the unboxing of my new extractor, okay it’s been forever…9 months I believe!  I’m coming at this review from lots of years using my Mytee Lite II (8070). I’m am not one to sing praises for products after only a few uses, and felt I needed ample time of use, so I could really let the readership know what I thought, so here it goes.


I really, really like how fast it can heat up water.  I still recirculate the water in the solution tank, by placing the turned on spray nozzle into the tank for a period of time, to get the water a bit warmer than relying solely on the heater, as even the best heaters out there fall off temp quick. Yes, I could use warmed up tap water, however I have pretty hard water and don’t like minerals in my extractor at all!  I have RO water I like to use, as chemicals used for cleaning work better without hard water too!


The amount of Lift is much greater than the Mytee Lite II, and this was one of the major factors in moving up to the larger unit.  The HP60 has 130″ of lift compared to 80″ for the Mytee Lite II, with that much lift I’m extracting MUCH more of the water I put down, so my turn around time for drying carpets is greatly increased. The ML II has recently started using a much more powerful vac, and the now rivals the HP60. That said it also comes at the price that you ideally need a 20amp circuit for either machine.

It has a slightly larger tank system, so I don’t have to add more solution or dump the recover tank as much.


The access door to the solution chamber is a horrid design that makes it hard to open.  I can’t get my fingers under the door to lift it easily.  I might have to rig up something, but feel Mytee really messed up the design of that.

With the new modifications of the new Mytee Lite II with a stronger pump (more inches of lift) it almost makes the HP60 a product that is in need of some more separation between the ML II. Increase the watts on the heater and find a way to increase the inches of lift and bingo.


Still Figuring Out:

  • If the black socks that fit between the hose and the recovery tank really cut down the amount of sandy type debris from getting into the recovery tank.  Can I use any old dress sock or will I have to purchase ones directly from Mytee?
  • Do I like the Neoprene cuffs that attach the solution hose to the vac hose or do I like the old web straps?

I hope to find answers to these soon!

Final Thoughts:

This is a great machine; lots of power (lift), really nice heating element, easy to dump recovery tank.  If you are cleaning interiors you need an extractor, and this one will do a great job and not break the bank!

Greg Nichols Reflections Detailing
Greg Nichols
Reflections Detailing
Logan, Utah

3 comments on Mytee HP60 Spyder Automotive Detail Extractor: Product Review

  1. Great Practical Article to know Greg. Thankyou.

  2. Benny says:

    Greg. I do auto detailing on the side. I can’t decide if I should fork out $400 more for the HP60 or just get the ML II. Is that HP 60 a lot more better to make spending more money on it worth it. Thanks

    • greg nichols says:


      If you do only one car a day, you might like the ML2, the main diff right NOW between the two machines is capacity. They both have the same PSI and inches of lift. I use to have to refill the ML2 on larger dirty mini vans, I would just do other things while I recirculated the water to get it warm.


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