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Clean Shine Protect
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CarPro Cquartz Lite

CarPro Cquartz Lite - 150 ml
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Available Sizes

CarPro Cquartz Lite
150 ml

Product Information

  • Easy to apply coating layer!
  • Sio2 (ceramic) / Tio2 (titanium) Hybrid coating
  • Repels UV rays, water, oils, dirt, and contaminants
  • Durability for 6-12 months
  • Product Code: 10CQL15
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Customer Reviews

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Product Description

The CarPro Cquartz Lite allows you to apply a durable layer of protection that looks amazing. Apply it directly to your paint or over the top of an existing coating layer for a great shine and at a great value! CarPro based Lite on the formula of the popular CarPro UK. It is formulated with a combination of Sio2 and Tio2 particles with over 45% solid materials. This unique makeup allows for easier to clean surfaces, resistance to insect splatter, petrol spills, light solvents, and UV rays, whilst providing a beading contact angle of 110 Degrees. To apply, you can spray on wipe off, or wipe on wipe off. It will take 15ml - 50ml depending on application method and it will last 6-12 months. You can apply it to your paint, plastics, wheels, and glass (except your windshield). Lite will help keep your car cleaner, is very hydrophobic and adds a great deal of gloss. Whether you are looking to apply a stand-alone layer of protection or topping off an existing coating, the CarPro Lite is a fantastic choice!

CarPro Cquartz Lite Kit also avaible!

  • Durability: 6-12 Months
  • Average Thickness: 1 Micron
  • Coverage 15ml-50ml per coat depending on the method of application
  • Water contact angle: 110 Degrees
  • Minor filling
  • Recommended working temperatures: 40F to 100F

CarPro Application Instructions:
  1. Make sure the surface is clean and full decontaminated. Use CarPro Iron X, Tar X, and clay the surface to ensure all contamination is removed.
  2. Use Carpro Eraser (or similar) to remove oils before application. Make sure surface is cool and dry. You may wish to polish the surface with CarPro Essence or Reflect to create higher gloss before using Eraser or to ensure maximum durability.
  3. Apply 10-12 drops on a microfiber applicator; apply the product evenly to one small area of roughly 24x24" / 60cm x 60cm with complete coverage and an even layer.
  4. Use a CarPro 2Face Towel to remove any excess. CQuartz Lite does not need to be left to cure on the surface so it should be removed immediately. Check well with an appropriate light source to ensure you remove any high spots (excess product that was not leveled) or residue. Note: For a short period of time after application, high spots that were not removed immediately can be corrected by applying more CQuartz Lite on that area and wiping off immediately.
  5. After the paint is free of residue, leave to dry for 4 hours prior to getting wet. Any water drops during first 48h should be removed before drying to prevent water spotting. We also recommend the use of CarPro Reload 1 hour after application to protect from water spots during first 48h.

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic product. I don't know how CarPro can offer this at 3x the size of their "pro-grade" coatings, at half the price. The bang for buck is unbelievable with this product. Have installed on 5+ vehicles now and the beading and sheeting is on par with CQ 3.0 and other ceramics. Incredible performance. A definite buy again for me. Easy way to over-deliver and apply ceramic on customers headlights, trims, and other areas when you don't want to or need to break out the more expensive products. Works just as well and application is exactly the same. CarPro Lite is a winner in my business.

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