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Product Review: CR Spotless Water System


I have finally taken some time to do a review of the virtues of owning a CR Spotless water system. I did another quick article on this system that might answer some of your questions.

I have owned one since last year, and really like all the benefits. These include: increased cleaning ability of soaps, no phantom water runs on paint (you know the kind that come out of unknown crevices), ability to wash in full sun, and true ability to do a home touch-less wash and dry. I mix most of my chemicals with DI water to increase effectiveness. ONR and DI work great.

CR Spotless Water De-ionizer System

What I’m trying to show in these photos is the difference in foaming ability with and without the CR Spotless.

With the CR spotless in use, nice thick long lasting foam, excellent dwell time
CR Spotless results in thick long lasting foam

Without the DI System, thin short lived foam
Foam without CR Spotless Deionizer System

These water drops will not leave ANY spotting behind, it would be cool to show a time elapsed video of the drops drying! You can also see this paint has not a spot on it after drying in full sun.
Water drops that will not leave spots

Water drops dried without water spots

CR Spotless results

I’m extremely happy with my CR Spotless set up, as we have pretty hard water here. If you have a DI system, please post your results.If you don’t have one, you should strongly consider one so you too can achieve a true spotless wash.

Greg Nichols Reflections Detailing
Greg Nichols
Reflections Detailing
Logan, Utah

15 comments on Product Review: CR Spotless Water System

  1. Brad says:

    My CR Spotless works great too. You should be aware that even though the water itself won’t leave any spots when drying, if the air has pollen or other particles in it and these land in the water drops on the car they will leave behind spots of those particles. They’re not mineral spots, but they are spots nonetheless. I live near Seattle, WA and we have lots of tree pollen here, so I try to dry the car lightly with a large MF towel before the pollen lands in the water drops.

  2. Greg Nichols says:


    Where in Seattle are you from? I lived for some years just North of the UW. How hard is the water?

    You are true once the water beads get ahold of fall out in the air it will spot. If you want to continue to reduce the amount of marring from touching the car during the drying process, use a blower. I have one on my shop vac.


  3. Marc Harris says:

    Looks great Greg! I hope to pick one of these babies up myself. The benefits are huge, and if only used on the owner’s own car(s), the resin bags should last quite awhile.

  4. Mo says:

    These seem so expensive, but definitely worth the cost if you have a dark car. i dont have that problem (i have a white car!) but i may still consider this as i would love knowing the water will not leave hard water spots. Thanks for the wrte-ups!

  5. noam adani says:

    will this sistem withstand high volume of usege ?
    im planing to use it for my auto dealership or maybe you have other good solution for it
    thank you

    • greg says:


      If you are using more than 50 gallons a day you need to go commercial. This system will filter between 150-600 gallons depending upon the hardness of the water coming into the system.


  6. Ebbe Jørgensen says:


    I live in a area with extremely hard water, and I’m currently using an 11l. DI Vessel. Works okay, flow rate is good, but when the output PPM starts to raise, it’s quite an costly affair to replace the resin, as you’ll have to replace the 11ltrs.

    My tap water is 300-400 ppm, and I’ll guess that I can get around 500 ltrs. out of the vessel, with the PPM being under 100. So now I’m only using it for contact free washing and final rinsing.

    I thought of building a system like the CR Spotless, also using the Pentek Big Blue housings, as I would probably get more effecient use of the resin then.

    Kind regards,


  7. bill webb says:

    I have had my CR system for several years and have lost the info sheet. Please help me with the meter reading. is 20 good or bad. My meter now reads 2. do I need a refill?


    • Greg says:

      Hello Bill,

      If your meter reads OVER 10ppm its highly likely it will leave some spots. I change mine out when its over 8ppm because I like no chance of spots. I have pretty hard water 250ppm. I have heard that some people can go to 15ppm without issues. Give it a try on an exterior glass of your house and see.


  8. Roy says:

    The replacement resin is kind of pricey. Can you use other brands like ?

    • Greg nichols says:

      Hello Roy,

      Buy some and let me know how many gallons you get out of a refill. I have found it cheaper, but it doesn’t filter as many gallons.


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