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CR Spotless Rolling Water De-ionizer Systems - 300 Gallons

CR Spotless Rolling Water De-ionizer Systems - 300 Gallons
CR Spotless Rolling Water De-ionizer Systems - 300 Gallons Alternative View CR Spotless Rolling Water De-ionizer Systems - 300 Gallons Alternative View #2
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Available Sizes

CR Spotless Rolling Water De-ionizer Systems
100 Gallons
CR Spotless Rolling Water De-ionizer Systems
300 Gallons

Product Information

  • Eliminate hard water spots on your paint and wash with pure de-ionized water
  • Removes minerals from even the hardest water for a spot free finish every single wash
  • The portable CRSpotless unit makes this perfect for mobile detailers and enthusiasts
  • Electronic notification when the resin needs to be replaced
  • Refill your De-ionizer with convenient cartridges or DIY resin replacement
  • Product Codes: DIC-10, DIC-20
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Customer Reviews

100% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 8 ratings

Product Description

Are you tired of washing and drying your vehicle with the fear of water marks? Water marks are caused by mineral deposits in water that eat through your vehicle's finish and leave a nasty haze on the clear coat, glass, metals and more. Sun light expedites this process and can make washing and drying very difficult. You can completely eliminate water marks with the CR Spotless water filtration systems that removes hazardous particles with its amazing filtration process. All natural water has some level of dissolved mineral salt in it. The deionization process uses special resin based filters to collect foreign particles so you have purified water that is safe for washing. To use this machine all you have to do is connect it directly to a water supply and connect a hose to the other end and you are ready to go. You can pre-rinse your vehicle in direct sun and even let your vehicle air dry, without the constant fear of water marks. You can also use it to clean your home's exterior windows, RV, boat, car and much more.
CR Spotless has two different models that do the same thing and just vary in the amount of water they filter. The DIW-20 can filter approximately 300 gallons of mineral free water and the DIW-10 can filter approximately 100 gallons. Each system comes with two filters and replacing them is as easy as sliding one out and sliding the other one in. Both systems come with an electronic monitoring device that will notify you when the filter needs to be changed. Just plug in the device to see if the filter needs to be changed. These mobile units come built on to a handy wheel cart, perfect for any mobile detailer. CR Spotless water filtration systems come pre-assembled, so all you have to do is connect it your water supply and start washing!

Professional Detailer Reviews

My opinion after 5 years of use: I just love my system! When I get a chance to wash my cars its usually in full sun in less than ideal conditions. CR Spotless allows me to wash in these conditions and I don't get spots.
Product Review: CR Spotless Water De-ionizer System (Long Term Review)

Customer Reviews

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I'm a mobile detailer and with 125ppm my water definitely needed to be deionized. Now that I just got to use to for the first time I came already tell the difference in my foam canon my wash bucket and walk away is really all u do after the rinse if needed lol. My overall to you all GET IT not sponsored by them nor detailed image. But yes it works I went from 125ppm to 0ppm I love it.... I also did the conversion on my unit to prolong resin
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I live out in CA for the time being where the sun is always intense and the water is harsh. All of my cars are ceramic coated and the time it takes to clean my cars is time consuming. Harsh water and intense sunlight creates water spots that etch quick. Every wash I had to address them before they could become more stubborn so I decided to pull the trigger on the CR Spotless. The difference it makes is night and day.

The CR Spotless system took my 400pm water and brought it to zero. My car washes are now much quicker and I no longer have to worry about water spots. How long the resin in the CR Spotless lasts depends on the size you purchase, how you use it and your ppm. Even outside of car detailing this thing is useful. Use it to power wash your dirty windows or any glass outdoor furniture for a spotless finish. Yes, the CR spotless is expensive but it is worth it for the time it has saved me.
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
This product (filter?) works extremely well. I have very hard water that made washing two of my (black) vehicles honestly a PITA. Seriously. I literally had to use spray wax (Meguiar's Synthetic X-Press Spray Wax) every single wash just to get the hard water spots out (credit to Meguiar's, as though that's not what it's intended to do, it works very well if you do it b/f you get out in the sun). That made simply cleaning up a late model Titan with a shell a six hour endeavor. I am not exaggerating. This de-ionizer changes everything. Pre-wash, wash, and dry. Period. Obviously I keep everything slick, but for the "dang it rained again" clean-up, this thing just rocks. Couple nits to pick: I've followed the directions to a "t", and still find getting the seal just right a chore. Also, the water (I bought a brand new hose to use on terminal end) initially seemed oddly aerated, to the point it seemed to have an oily sheen. I just ran the water thru for probably 20 gallons or so and everything cleared up nicely. Might have been nothing to worry over, but I don't dig surprises. Great product, highly recommend...the more so for black vehicles!

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