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Product Review: Einszett Plastik Reiniger Plastic Deep Cleaner


KMG - 1z Plastik

Cars these days contain a lot of plastic pieces both on the interior and the exterior.  Both of these areas these are exposed to exposed to a lot of elements that will build up on the surfaces.  While most standard All Purposed Cleaners can work for cleaning these areas, they are not always the safest option.  Einszett Plastik Reiniger Plastic Deep Cleaner is made specifically for use on plastics on both the interior and exterior of your vehicle.  This is great to use on exterior trim before applying a coating such as CarPro DLUX or 22ple VR1 as it provides a nice clean surface for the coating to bond to.  It is also great for areas on your interior that are handled quite frequently where oils from your skin will build up such as the steering wheel, turn signal switch and shift knobs.

Here is the product description and directions as provided on the product.

From The Label

Product Description

Removes stubborn grime, scuff marks and haze from all plastic surfaces.

  • Deep cleaning action removes stubborn grime, scuff marks and haze from all clear and colored plastics surfaces including armrests, dashboard, door sills, plastic windows and exterior plastic trim.
  • Doesn’t contain caustic cleaners
  • Will not attract dust or dirt
  • Water-based, formalin-free


Directions: Test for compatibility before use by applying to hidden area to ensure that it is suitable for use. DO NOT apply in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces or discoloration may occur. DO NOT allow product to dry or allow to work for more than 3 minutes. Spray in moderation over the area to be cleaned. Remove dirt immediately by rubbing with a cloth or applicator sponge. Wipe excess cleaner with a clean, damp cloth. After use, turn spray seal to close. Use only as directed. Please recycle empty container if possible.

KMG - 1z Plastik

This is an example on a vehicle I worked on recently that was being cleaned up to sell.  All of the black trim on the exterior of the vehicle looked weathered and aged due to being exposed to the elements and not being maintained very well.  This was after the vehicle was thoroughly washed and dried.  The wash process was not very successful at cleaning up the trim.  It was obvious a stronger more specialized product would be required as is often the case.

KMG - 1z Plastik

When using  Plastic Deep Cleaner, I like to spray it on an All Purpose Microfiber Towel rather than directly onto the surface.  I like doing it this way as you do not get over spray all over the surfaces around the area that you are cleaning, however it is perfectly fine to simply spray it on the panel and wipe it that way also.  A few sprays on to the towel and you are set to begin cleaning.  Very little explanation is needed for this process as you simply begin to scrub/wipe the area that needs cleaned.

KMG - 1z Plastik

As you can see this leaves you with deep and dark looking trim as it would have looked when new.   At this point you could apply a trim dressing or coating to further enhance the looks of the trim on the exterior or interior of your vehicle and keep it protected.

Note: Einszett has closed and reopened as Nextzett. For more information, click here to read the blog post on the change.

Kevin M. George
KMG Detailing
Lebanon, PA

8 comments on Product Review: Einszett Plastik Reiniger Plastic Deep Cleaner

  1. Ken says:

    Wow, that came out nice! Thanks for writing these articles

  2. Bob says:


    These real world reviews and product demonstration are very helpful. Small details like faded plastic on trim, mirrors, and bumpers don’t seem that significant until you look at the car as a whole.

    I read an old DI blog by Todd Cooperider talking about contrast being so crucial to a successful detail. This Einszett plastic cleaner really does make the trim contrast with the white vehicle. Thanks for review and nice work as usual.

    • Kevin George says:

      Bob, thanks for taking the time to comment. Trim is always an important step that needs attention, and it is also important to properly clean the trim before applying a dressing which is why a product such as this is important. It makes actually cleaning the trim quite simple and quick, and in the end once dressed the trim will certainly look much better then if it was not. Thanks again!

  3. Kevin says:

    Does this work well on plastic/rubber roof gutter seals and window seals- especially if they have some wax/sealant marks?

  4. Dan Franco says:

    Yes, Einszett Deep Plastic Cleaner works great on plastic/rubber roof gutter seals and window seals..
    It will probably turn the cloth black so its good to use something that is not expensive like an old cotton towel or microfiber towel that you dont mind getting black on..
    I have been using this product for over 10 years and it’s my go-to choice every time..
    It leaves a very nice clean scent behind that goes away, as well..

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