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Product Review: Nextzett Anti Insekt Bug & Sap Remover


Nextzett Anti Insekt Bug & Sap Remover

One common and unavoidable issue, no matter what area you live in, are bugs and insects. Whether you live in the South East and have to battle love bug season or an evening commute home in the mountains, bug’s and insects striking the front of your vehicle is nearly impossible to avoid. It is very important that bugs are removed as quickly as possible due to the acid breakdown on the surface of your vehicle. Within a day, bug guts can quickly begin to etch into the surface of your clear coat causing a much more costly repair. Nextzett Anti Insekt Bug & Sap Remover is a versatile product that can also be used to remove tar, sap, and other bonded contaminants on high traffic areas. Tree sap can also be very damaging to the clear coat if left unattended for an extended period of time. The first step before using Nextzett is to perform a thorough rinse on the affected areas.

bug guts

bug guts

Exterior Rinse

The pre-rinse process can be achieved with either a garden hose or electric pressure washer of your choice. Here we are using our Comet Static 1700 PSI electric pressure washer. The goal is to remove as many loose contaminants as possible before applying the bug remover. Once the pre-rinse is complete you can now begin applying Nextzett Anti Insekt Bug & Sap. One huge benefit of this product is the ability to apply it to all areas of your vehicle. Nextzett is safe on glass, plastic, paint, and headlights. For best results, and longer dwell time, it is important to apply the product out of direct sunlight and on cool surfaces.

Nextzett Anti Insekt spayed onto grill

Nextzett Anti Insekt on mirrors

Nextzett Anti Insekt on grill

Next we allowed the product to dwell for a few minutes. Our wash area is out of direct sunlight allowing us to let the product work on the affected areas longer. It is important to not let Nextzett dry on the areas you’ve applied it too. If you begin to notice it drying, simply mist the area and begin agitating the product. By allowing the product to dwell for the appropriate amount of time, you are able to remove the bugs without using force. Minimizing the chance of introducing swirls or marring. We used our The Rag Company Cyclon Wash Pad to help safely lift the remaining bugs off the surface. On smaller, or intricate surfaces we utilized our DI Brushes Detail Factory Ultra Soft brush to help break up the bug guts.

wiping with wash mitt

(It is important to note that we use nitrile gloves throughout our workday simply to limit our exposure to chemicals. Nextzett Anti Insekt, on the other hand, has no irritants in it and is safe for you and the environment.) During this process we are applying very little pressure while allowing our wash pad to do the work for us. The photo below is after one quick pass.

wiping with wash mitt 2

Nextzett Anti Insekt soft brush

wiping down the grill

Now that the bugs have all been agitated and removed, the final rinse can begin. Nextzett Anti Insekt is bio-degradable and formalin free so it is environmentally safe. Once the product has been thoroughly rinsed off, the vehicle was then ready for its full exterior wash.

clean grill

clean mirror

clean headlight

Nextzett Anti Insekt Bug & Sap remover is now used by us, and our customers as their go-to product for bug removal. The price point compared to other top brand bug removers is very competitive. Our only drawback as a company would be the ability to purchase the product in Nextzett’s 10L containers.

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1 comment on Product Review: Nextzett Anti Insekt Bug & Sap Remover

  1. rlmccarty2000 says:

    I love Nexzett products! They are under appreciated by the detailing crowd, but once you try one of their products you will be a customer for life. The window cleaner is a favorite of mine, the best window cleaner on the market!

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