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Why Degreasing Is So Important


Why degreasing is important

There will be times when your vehicle has heavy contamination on it like tree sap or bug splatter or bird droppings. To help break up and loosen these contaminants, you would want to utilize something stronger than your shampoo such as a degreaser. It’s usually best to degrease prior to shampooing your vehicle so that as you shampoo your vehicle, it ensures there is no degreaser remaining on your vehicle.

One thing to always keep in mind while degreasing your vehicle is that this process tends to remove protective layers of sealant or wax so these protective layers will have to be reapplied.

To check out our Auto Detailing Guide for more degreasing tips, click here!

Great Degreasing Articles

How Do I Remove Tree Sap From My Car?

Recently I have had several tree sap removal jobs come into the shop, so a “how to” article on this topic seemed fitting. Much like compounding and polishing, you need to test out various products to see which will work best for the job. Several options are available such as Stoner Tarminator, Carpro Tar-x or isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and one may work better then the others in certain situations.

– Kevin M. George

Heavy Contamination (Tree Sap) On Vehicle

Product Review: Gyeon Iron

I tested the Gyeon Iron product on a few different wheels as well as paint and it performed really well. It was definitely a product that impressed right away and worked really well.

-Ivan Rajic

Gyeon Iron

Product Review: Nextzett Anti Insekt Bug & Sap Remover

One common and unavoidable issue, no matter what area you live in, are bugs and insects. Whether you live in the South East and have to battle love bug season or an evening commute home in the mountains, bug’s and insects striking the front of your vehicle is nearly impossible to avoid. It is very important that bugs are removed as quickly as possible due to the acid breakdown on the surface of your vehicle. Within a day, bug guts can quickly begin to etch into the surface of your clear coat causing a much more costly repair.

-Zach & Leanne Silvernail

Nextzett Anti Insekt Bug & Sap Remover

Stoner’s Tarminator… Not Just for Removing Tar!

whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional detailer, having Stoner’s Tarminator in your arsenal is a must. I know I use it on almost all of my details somewhere on the car given how versatile and safe this product is.

-DJ Mayo

Recommended Degreasers

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1 comment on Why Degreasing Is So Important

  1. Pedro Gonzalez says:

    How about purple power or chemical guys orange degreaser?

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