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Product Review: Todd Cooperider’s Esoteric Signature Series Wax


Todd Cooperider of Esoteric Auto Detail has paired up with POLISHANGEL of Germany to design, develop, and manufacture this amazing liquid wax. Esoteric Signature Series Wax was designed around four key attributes: brilliance, durability, ease of use, and value. A key feature of this wax is just how easy it is to apply. There is virtually no learning curve while applying this wax and the unique development process has helped ensure that regardless of conditions (i.e. weather, humidity, etc.), there will be a minimal chance that the wax will ever streak or haze. Simply apply 2 or 3 small drops to your favorite applicator pad and apply a thin layer to the surface of your car. You can even apply it via a dual action buffer (no rotary), just use a blue pad on a slow speed (1-2). In general, on most daily drivers carnauba waxes will only offer a few weeks of protection, with Signature Series you will receive 4-6 months of sealant like protection! There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a high end carnauba wax when Esoteric Signature Series Wax will offer you brilliance, durability, and ease of use at a greater value. Another added bonus is that this wax was designed so that it will bond to the 22ple Glass Coatings! So if you are looking for professional results pick up the wax that was designed by a professional detailer who aspires for perfection in everything he does.

Here’s another product where I feel my review is slightly redundant, as the description above perfectly explains the wax in question.  Knowing Todd since his early days in detailing, it was always obvious that he was one of the very few detailers out there with an extremely meticulous eye and drive for perfection.  When I heard that he was working on manufacturing a wax that will bear his name, I immediately knew this was going to be something to beat whatever is on the market in terms of value.  I was right.  To repeat the text above, the Esoteric Signature Series Wax (ESS Wax) is extremely easy to apply, looks amazing on any color paint, lasts at least 2-4 months under moderate conditions and is the best bang for the buck of the higher end waxes out there.   Just off the top of my head, comparing it to Pinnacle Souveran, which I use on a regular basis, the Esoteric wax provides the same or better great looks and way better durability for only $30 more.  Not to put down Souveran, or paint sealants like Blackfire Wet Diamond, which I also use on a regular basis for its great looks and durability and ones I will keep using, but the Esoteric wax has an overall value that’s hard to beat in this price range, providing both great looks and amazing durability.  I obviously did quite a bit of experimenting before coming to these conclusions (yes Todd I did trust you when you told me all this, but I had to try it out myself 🙂 ), so as with all my other reviews on paint protection products, I was focused on testing the ease of use, durability and looks of the Esoteric Signature Series Wax.

Application & Removal:

Unlike other waxes and sealants, the ESS wax is a bit odd in terms of it’s consistency and application.  It feels like a melted paste wax when coming out of the bottle and it spreads like it as well.  This is surely not a bad thing, just something I noticed right off the bat.  Working with it while applying also gives the feel of working with a carnauba wax because you have to slowly apply it to a small section until the applicator pad is saturated.  When the pad is saturated enough, which happens after roughly half a hood, you can make longer strokes and apply it to the paint much quicker.  In other words, it feels like a carnauba wax in terms of initial application.  However, curing, removing and protecting is very similar to any quality sealant out there.  It takes about 20 minutes to cure, after which removal is a breeze.  In the photos below, I’ve shown that after just one wipe back and forth, the residue is usually all gone and you’re left with a shiny protected surface.  There is no need for any “buffing” with pressure or worrying about leaving an oily surface.  Little definitely goes a long way with this one, so if it’s properly applied it’ll be extremely easy to remove.


Durability is great for something that gives off the look of a carnauba wax.  I’ve seen it last about 3-3.5 months in a harsh Chicago winter with a single application and expect it to surely go the expected 4-6 months and more in nicer weather.  One of my favorite things about this wax is the fact that it requires no additional wax afterward for “looks”.  For those who like the durability of a sealant this product requires no sealant application before hand.  It’s simply the best of both worlds in one little package.


The ESS Wax is definitely one of my favorite in terms of looks.  It gives a brilliant shine and deep, wet look on any color of paint.  Having used it on some paints in desperate need of a proper polishing, I was pretty happy with the difference in depth and clarity provided by only using the wax.  Another great thing I noticed is the rich look it provides on metallic paints, making the flake really pop.

Final Thoughts:

Definitely something I’d recommend as a high end wax for special occasions or certain detail jobs.  I use it regularly and also like to use it as a topper to 22PLE coatings on some vehicles that get some more involved detailing work.  As I said above, the ease of use and durability make this a real winner, but combined with its great looks it becomes on of the best products out there for paint protection.

Quick How-To:

I normally use a yellow foam applicator pad, but the red appplicator also works great, especially on soft or sensitive paint.


I start with only 2-3 small drops and decrease to 1-2 drops as I go around the car and the pad gets saturated.



Before applying the wax, I like to dab it over the panel so as to spread it out better, as seen in the upper right side of the photo below.


Then just spread out in slightly overlapped strokes and make sure it goes on even and thin.


You’ll notice the residue slightly change from when first applied…


To when it starts curing and becomes ready for removal…


As mentioned above, just a stroke or two with a microfiber towel removes all or most of the residue…



So only a few towels are required to remove the residue from the entire vehicle.


Some after shots of the wax on a black Mercedes I corrected…






This was done on a COLD winter day, so I was able to snap about 10 photos before my fingers froze and I had to go back inside!  Gotta love Chicago :).

Hope you enjoyed the write up and photos.

Ivan Rajic LUSTR Deatil
Ivan Rajic
LUSTR Detail
257 N Woodwork Lane
Palatine IL 60067
Facebook | YouTube

11 comments on Product Review: Todd Cooperider’s Esoteric Signature Series Wax

  1. Robert Domlewski says:

    The car looks amazing, the wax really brings out the color and the metallic flakes. Awesome work!

  2. Joe Van Seeters says:

    Thank you for the write up on ESS wax. I will say, from the photo’s you posted, it does look like it produces AMAZING clarity on the paint finish. It almost looks like a polished glass shell on that metallic paint. If your photo’s are any indication of how the wax will look after proper paint restoration, it really does look like an incredible product. I’m an Optimum fan myself, but I might just have to break down and buy a bottle of this product to use as a final finish product. Thanks again.

  3. Thanks for the great review, Ivan! Your sentiments mirror the feedback I have received from both professional detailers and enthusiasts worldwide.

    The design and development process was quite extensive, but in the end we produced exactly what we were aiming for!

    Best regards,
    Todd Cooperider
    Esoteric Auto Detail

  4. Joe W says:

    I left a review very similar on the product page. It was very easy to use and held up awesome against Ohio winter, surprisingly so…my wife noticed how well it performed and said “wow, it still holding up after almost all winter”…my wife doesn’t usually notice this, she just notices nice little water beads usually. I’ve put it on a couple other cars, and has done wonderfully. It makes black look awesome, especially metallic, it made silver actually pop, and white look like nothing else has for me. I love how it combines what I like best from some other individual products all in one…durability, looks, ease of use, it’s worth the money. It will always be on my shelf.

  5. Definitely one of the mainstays in my arsenal of detailing products. It’s easy to use and the results are truly impressive. The cherry on top for anyone using 22ple glass coating on their paint corrected finish.

  6. Steven Duker says:

    How long do you have to let 22ple cure before you can apply the wax on top?

  7. Steve says:

    Could this be layered on top of cosmic glass coat ??

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