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Removing Ferrari 488 Pista Factory Paint Defects with Gyeon quartz Polishes and Pads


This article is written by Jeff McEachran, National Brand Manager for GYEON quartz USA and Owner of Denver Auto Shield in Denver, CO.

The release of the GYEON quartz Compounds, Polishes, and accompanying Pads was a huge success. A ton of time went in to development of the pastes with four variants: Q²M Compound+, Q²M Compound, Q²M Polish, and Q²M Primer. They are all water based with no silicone or fillers and use high quality abrasives.

The pads followed the next year after intense testing and design from Yves Heylen. The pads also have four variants: Q²M HeavyCut, Q²M Cut, Q²M Polish, and Q²M Finish. They are all foam pads with specific and unique designs for both rotary polishers as well as DA (called Eccentric in the GYEON line).

Polishes and Pads are a very personal thing. Once you find the system that works, we tend to stick to it forever. But I’d say this offering from GYEON is definitely worth exploring and will fit effectively in your bag of polishing tricks.

Lets walk through a quick correction of one of the many paint defects we found in this 488 Pista. The car was riddled in the usual hand sanding, machine sanding, and rotary induced defects.

To tackle the heavy lifting I went with the Q²M HeavyCut Pad, with Q²M Compound+ (the most aggressive cut in the offering), on the Rupes 21. Four pea size dots of  Q²M Compound+ to make sure I had plenty of product to work with.

After 3-4 working passes with light to medium pressure the Q²M Compound+ breaks down very nicely. It does use diminishing abrasives for a very nice finish in terms of a heavy compound, that should only require a light and easy cleanup with a polish.

Being water based without heavy oils as a lubricant, the wipe off is very easy. This is something I don’t think we speak about enough specifically when preparing paint for coatings. The benefit of a “light” water-based polish and not something heavy and oily is that you can evacuate the polishing oils and lubricants effectively with something like Q²M Prep before applying the coatings. There are some polishes that work fantastically but are difficult to remove all the material prior to coating.

Now that the sanding mark is removed, I went with Q²M Polish and the Q²M Eccentric Polish Pad. Two dots this time for a light clean up of the haze leftover from the cut stage.

This combo made quick work of the defects, which were extensive on this Pista. Check out the quick Before & After shots and I’d love to hear the feedback from anyone using the system!



Jeff McEachran
Jeff McEachran
Englewood, CO

7 comments on Removing Ferrari 488 Pista Factory Paint Defects with Gyeon quartz Polishes and Pads

  1. Good read – for DI, when do you anticipate having the Gyeon pads on offer?

  2. Richard Dombrowski says:

    Great post! It’s great to see the products as the correction is performed! We received a 488 Pista Piloti and the defects were far more extensive. I would love to get my hands on this setup!

    • Jeff McEachran says:

      Thank you! This Pista was in pretty poor shape as well but incredible once properly presented.

  3. Mike says:

    When will detailed image carry the polishing pads?

  4. Ron Ayotte says:

    This product line is intriguing…

    I recently detailed a black 2015 Chevy Silverado that was hammered with marring and scuffs in the paint… from the pictures posted in the article… it would have made it a lot easier to correct!

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