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The Best Microfiber Towels for Cleaning Your Exterior


Detailed Image has an awesome selection of microfiber that will surely fit all of your detailing needs.  This article will give you a brief overview of some of my personal favorite microfiber products for cleaning up the exterior of my vehicle.

Rinseless Washing

Exterior Towels in wash bucket

Rinseless Washing is a great way to clean your car in a quick and environmentally friendly fashion.  I find that a good medium nap or plush towel works great for washing your vehicle with a rinseless solution like Optimum No Rinse.  My personal favorite towel to use for this process is the Double Thick Edgeless Towel.  I find this towel to be very safe and effective due to the soft, plush fibers.  It is also nicely absorbent so it carries plenty of wash solution as you are gently wiping down your vehicle.

Traditional Washing

zero cuff chenille wash mitt on wash and rinse buckets

When we aren’t using a Sheepskin Wash Mitt, I really enjoy a quality mitt like the Zero Cuff Chenille Wash Mitt.  This mitt is covered with strands of plush microfiber that gently lift dirt from the surface.  It is plenty absorbent so it holds ample water and shampoo for lubrication and cleaning power.  The zero cuff design means that you don’t need to worry about a rough material touching your vehicle, only quality microfiber is used here.


waffle weave drying towel on exterior of car

A common complaint I hear is that microfiber towels just aren’t good for drying.  Well, they are if you get the right ones!  The majority of microfiber towels won’t absorb enough liquid to effectively dry a wet car, but proper drying towels solve that problem.  The Waffle Weave Drying Towel is a fantastic way to dry your vehicle as it is large and very absorbent.  In fact, I find that it works better when it is a little damp, so I will typically make a quick pass on my windows to dampen the towel before continuing to dry the paint.

Quick Detailer

A high quality plush towel is my choice when working with quick detailers.  I really enjoy the Double Thick Edgeless Towel for this task as well as I find the ultra soft fibers to be very safe and effective for light cleaning/dusting.  Another great option would be the incredibly thick Deep Blue Towel.

Polish, Sealant, or Wax

When it comes to removing residue from polishes, sealants, or waxes, I find that I like a short to medium nap as it seems to pick up the residue much more efficiently than a plush towel would.  We really like the Black & Yellow Towel for this task.  You can find more info on this towel and why I really enjoy it in my product review article.


If there is one part of the wash process that I dislike most, it is glass cleaning… but when I have to do it, I prefer a very short nap towel such as the Glass Polishing Towel.  This towel is not plush or fluffy, but instead very flat without any distinguishable nap or texture which helps to produce a streak free finish when paired with a quality glass cleaner.

Wheels & Exhaust Tips

black all purpose towel used on exhaust tips

The dirty work, such as cleaning up road grime and exhaust build up, requires a towel that is still safe, but won’t look ruined after the first use.  I love the Black All Purpose Towels and Microfiber Car Wash Mitt for these tasks.  These products are soft enough that they will not damage your wheels, and the dark color means that the stains you will surely get will not show up.  These are also great for in the engine bay, door jams, or any other area where you may want to use a lower priced towel in order to avoid sacrificing your premium microfiber.

To keep your towels in great shape, it is always best to use a dedicated microfiber detergent like Micro-Restore.  When possible, separate your towels to keep exceptionally dirty towels (such as those used on wheels, exhaust, engine, etc) away from towels that are used on painted surfaces.  Store them in a clean, sealed space to avoid contamination. You can even use the DI Accessories Reclosable Storage Bag to help store and separate your favorite towels!

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Zach McGovern
Attention To Detailing Peoria
Peoria, IL

2 comments on The Best Microfiber Towels for Cleaning Your Exterior

  1. Show Finish says:

    The waffle weave microfiber detailing towel can also be used on glass. It’s great at absorbing water, but it’s also streak-free.

  2. hui says:

    The Microfiber towel use the 80% polyster 20% polyamide suede material make the towel super absorbnet and quick dry.It just take about 5 minutes to re-use compared with 8 hours for normal towel. It is really amazing!

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