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The P&S Odor Doc vs Ozone Machines


Many of us may need a tool such as an Ozone machine to perform certain tasks but may not have the budget to purchase one.  The Odor Doc Permanent Odor Elimination Kit is a less expensive option to consider.

Odor Doc

I do want to mention I have not officially tested the Odor Doc.  I own a (consumer level) Ozone machine and had yet to be in a position in the past few months where I needed to address more extreme problems (moderate to severe cigarette odor, mold, mildew, animal decay smells).  But seeing this product available at Detailed Image recently piqued my interest.

I have learned from research that Chlorine Dioxide products have been used as an alternative to what we may use an Ozone machine for.  The Odor Doc is one of those products that contain Chlorine Dioxide.  I reached out to a representative Of P&S about Odor Doc in the interest of mentioning this product being potentially a more practical alternative to investing in a Ozone machine.  He stated, “the Odor Doc is a quick release vapor product.  The canister is designed for a single use application – so you know exactly what it costs you to perform the service.”  He mentioned that it is 8 times the strength of most Chlorine Dioxide products.  It was also mentioned the product “kills bacteria, mold, and mildew and eliminates smoke odor.”  The active Ingredient that is making a significant impact is chlorine dioxide gas.  But what does this do?  Like Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide disinfects via oxidation.

Odor Doc

Odor Doc vs Ozone Generator:  both kill bacteria uniquely through oxidation.

The effectiveness of Ozone machines comes from its ability to change the chemical composition of air, consequentially killing organic matter.  Ozone generators break apart oxygen molecules with electrical charges.  In high doses or prolonged use, it may damage plastics and rubber surfaces.

Chlorine Dioxide oxidizes by transference of oxygen atoms via redox.  Chlorine in high doses is considered carcinogenic.

In conclusion do not take using either of these products lightly.  Whichever of these resources you may decide to use exercise extreme caution and use only when NECESSARY.

Odor Doc and Jenesco Unit

The representative of P&S reminded me, that with Odor Doc there is “no chord, no power needed, no guessing on the right dosage or time.  This makes the process possible for same day return.”

A description of the process for using the P&S Double Black Odor Doc is in the video below:

Once again, both products need to be handled with extreme care!  Neither is a magic cure.  That means either option should be used only after the interior is thoroughly detailed.  That means if you have bad cigarette odor in your car, you really need to perform an exhaustive interior detailing.  That includes changing the cabin air filter.

Jenesco DC-10

The significant distinction between the two is the financial barrier to entry with Odor Doc being a single use product versus investing in an ozone machine.  The ozone machines are more recognized specifically within the automotive detailing industry.  The only problem with that is the price being a barrier to entry for many people.  The ozone machine I own costs $139.99, and this is the least expensive option I would recommend (which I also own).  A newer version of this device I own (above), the Jenesco DC-10 Ozone Generator, is listed here.

The machine I own can remove the many unpleasant odors that linger, I have used this one even to address a dead animal where other methods had failed.  It is not a top-of-the-line Ozone machine; those are better suited to address even more severe issues.

Many of the more popular ozone machines, that have the formal distinction of being professional grade, are priced close to $500 and up (listed below).

These more expensive Ozone machines are recommended for killing mold and mildew.  The P&S Odor Doc Elimination Kit is listed at $26.99, so you have a cheaper barrier to entry and the Odor Doc is a one-time use product which is great if you do not plan to do perform heavy removals frequently.

Rodney Tatum
Mirror Reflections Auto Spa
Gainesville, Florida
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2 comments on The P&S Odor Doc vs Ozone Machines

  1. rlmccarty2000 says:

    Good write up, but I wish you would have personally used the product. The problem with cigarette smoke removal is that the particles are everywhere. The particles get under the headliner and under the door panels. I detailed a truck from a heavy smoker and even after surface cleaning every place I could see the odor remained. I removed the seats and the door panels and I had never seen the amount of cigarette tar behind the panels I found there. It was gross and amazing. I don’t believe any product or ozone machine would have permanently removed that smell. If I’m wrong (I would like to be) I hope someone somewhere could prove it.

    • Jason Jimenez says:

      Buy an ozone machine for $60 on Amazon. Put it to the test for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied return it. I know I was happy with the results.

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