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Product Review: Gyeon Interior Detailer, Solid Performer or just Hype?


Last year I was on a mission to consider replacing the interior cleaner I had been using for a few years. It was still working well for me, but I was looking for something that could also be used on Alcantara and today’s common piano black interior without streaks. This is when Gyeon Interior Detailer grabbed my attention. An interior cleaner designed to clean plastic, vinyl, glass, textiles, and Alcantara. To my dismay, the product was sold out everywhere and it made me think, “Is this the new best interior cleaner now or is it sold out due to hype?” After a couple of months, I finally managed to get some and try it. Is Gyeon Interior Detailer worthy of all of its hype and quite possibly one of the best? Here’s my review and thoughts on Gyeon Interior Detaliler.

Just my personal preference, the first thing I tend to do with new interior products is to smell them. I’m usually not a huge fan of products that smell like a fruity air freshener for interior surfaces. Although, I do find the clean scent of Sonax Dashboard Cleaner amazing! The Gyeon Interior Detailer has a clean scent but it’s nothing that would fall into that air freshener variety. The second thing I do is to try it on various surfaces on my personal vehicle. I do this to put it through its paces and give me the assurance that it’s not going to do something weird before using it on a client’s vehicle. Once I felt that Gyeon Interior Detailer was a safe bet, I decided to use it on some special projects for its final test.

The Gyeon Interior Detailer had done a solid job on the “normal” vehicles I had come through my detail studio. Whether it was a piano black trim, navigation screens or stubborn dirt, the Gyeon Interior Detailer did very well. Having the assurance that it could safely clean surfaces, I decided to use it on a McLaren 720S project and a very special Porsche Carrera GT that needed to be ready for an upcoming photo session.

Using the Gyeon Interior Detailer is pretty easy and straightforward. You simply spray it onto a clean microfiber towel and wipe the surface you are trying to clean. I always spray interior cleaners into a towel instead of spraying them directly on a surface to avoid overspray into other areas.

Gyeon Interior Detailer safely cleans Nav screens

Gyeon Interior Deailer does give a nice streak free and smudge free performance with a matte factory look. Personally, I am not a huge fan of interior cleaners that give a shiny look. An easy test using this product was how it worked on navigation screens and piano black interior trim. These tend to be where some cleaners streak and smudge. The Gyeon Interior Detailer did not streak or smudge and left a clean matte look.

Using Gyeon Interior Detailer on the dashboard of a Mclaren 720S

Dashboard after being cleaned with Gyeon Interior Detailer

I was able to use Gyeon Interior Detailer on every surface of both vehicles. On the Mclaren 720S, I was really interested in how well it worked on the Alcantara surfaces, and I found it to work well. I challenged myself to only use Gyeon Interior Detailer on every surface of the interior except of the glass where I used Sonax Glass Cleaner.

On the Carrera GT, I did the same as I did with the Mclaren and wiped the entire interior with Gyeon Interior Detailer. The aluminum plastic interior trim, gauges, down to the iconic wooden shift know were wiped down. It was highly important to not have any visible streaks or smudges as the vehicle was going to have extremely close up shots during its upcoming photoshoot. Again, the Gyeon Interior Detailer did its job with a streak free and matte finish.

Close up shot after using Gyeon Interior Detailer on the Carrera GT.

Every surface cleaned using Gyeon Interior Detailer

Closing Thoughts

So does the Gyeon Interior Detailer live up to the hype? I’ve been using Meguiars Quik Interior Cleaner for about 7 years as my go-to for cleaning interiors. It’s been a great value working product for the type of interiors I work with. In my opinion, the Gyeon Interior Detailer doesn’t do anything extraordinary but what it does do is clean various types of surfaces very well. It’s designed to clean mild to light dirt and certainly not designed to work on extremely dirty interiors where an All-Purpose Cleaner (APC) might be better suited.

This product is a great option for those who are looking for a mild, gentle interior cleaner capable of cleaning today’s new materials found in newer vehicles. The ability to clean those surfaces safely without feeling like you are going to mess something up in the process. For me, the Gyeon Interior Detailer is one that I will keep for special project vehicles. No hype, just a really solid and safe performing product.

Mike Cardenas
Forza Detailing
Northeast Indiana
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10 comments on Product Review: Gyeon Interior Detailer, Solid Performer or just Hype?

  1. Peter says:

    Do you see any benefits to using this for interior wipe downs vs products such as ONR, Carpro Eraser, or Opti-Clean? Appreciate the thorough review!

    • I personally would not use the products mentioned for interior use. Those products are designed for paintwork, so to answer your question, there is a huge benefit of using Gyeon Interior Cleaner vs something designed to clean paint. Always safe practice to use the appropriate product for the proper surface. 

      • Peter says:

        It mentions interiors right on Opti-Clean’s bottle. It actually works surprisingly well for that purpose. I guess what I was really asking was, does Gyeon’s Interior Detailer cut down on dust accumulation? Does it leave any protection behind?

        • Reece @ DI says:

          Peter – The Gyeon Interior Detailer does not leave protection behind to help cut down on dust accumulation. It is designed to be safe to use on various interior surfaces, while leaving behind a clean, matte finish.

  2. Dan Tran says:

    I recently made the switch from Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer to GYEON Interior Detailer. I must say that your product review is in point. A lot of my own findings matched yours.

  3. Jason Johnson says:

    Do you have to prep any of the surfaces before hand or was it just a spray and wipe?

  4. Mac Bergson says:

    Thank you for your review. I have this product and love it as I have loved many of the Gyeon products. As a professional detailer, do you have any product recommendations for my Dad who is “Old School” and does not think an interior is clean unless it shines or is glossy? Please delete if this question is not allowed.

    • Mac, thanks for the feedback. Some people really prefer a glossy interior and it can be difficult to convince them otherwise. For me, my clients get a factory-look finish on their interiors. This is what is preferred by most professional detailers. It’s easier to maintain, isn’t greasy feeling and looks the best overall. If your Dad likes the shiny interior look, I recommend CarPro Pearl a satin shine look that isn’t greasy feeling.

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