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Gyeon Vinyl Cleaner: How Does it Compare to Other Interior Cleaners?


Vinyl Cleaner bottle

Gyeon Vinyl Cleaner is a product designed for plastics, with respect to interior detailing.  Although it is mentioned as an interior and exterior plastic cleaner, I have only used it for interiors. Check out the product use video from the Gyeon YouTube page below:

Source: YouTube

Like similar products, including the previously reviewed Nextzett cleaner (a very good product), Gyeon Vinyl Cleaner is rarely discussed.  Nextzett Plastik Reiniger Plastic Deep Cleaner and Gyeon Vinyl Cleaner are both products formulated to clean interior plastics.

Nextzett Plastik Reiniger Plastic Cleaner

Cost effectiveness is a relevant term in business.  I understand the lack of popularity of the previously mentioned products, from a professional standpoint due to the motivation to find products that fall under the category of convenience and cost effectiveness.  At the same time, I find value in products that are going to be safer on delicate surfaces, and more effective at specific tasks.

The back of this seat (pictured below) would make a splendid example of the cleaning ability of Gyeon Vinyl Cleaner.  It had no problem with these scuff marks and stains that the owner struggled to remove here.  The first surface picture shows staining on perforated leather.




What I have been pleasantly surprised by is its effectiveness with respect to stain removal.  I have seen it work against a variety of stains seen on the back seats and other door areas of family friendly vehicles.  I often have this product around for this reason even if it is not necessarily stronger than Nextzett just for this reason.  I have used it to pull gunk out of cracks and crevices of rubber floor mats with the help of foam swabs.

The only material I have not used this on was dashboards.  Another product, Nextzett Cockpit Premium, is formulated for and works very well on dashboards.  I wrote a review on this product as well.


I like it, but I cannot put Gyeon Vinyl Cleaner in the preferred category of products.  It is worth purchasing from a performance standpoint.  But I like Nextzettt for its cleaning power and Gtechniq Tri Clean for its versatility a slightly more.  I often use Gtechniq Tri Clean on carpets and fabric seats for light cleaning and/or deodorizing.  I do not mind spending more money on a dedicated product that checks all the proverbial boxes for me.  But I often regard those products as moderately (or more) superior to many other options in cleaning ability and safety.  I cannot say that about Gyeon Vinyl Cleaner.  To the credit of this product, it noticeably excels at breaking down ‘sticky food’ substances from plastic and vinyl surfaces.  If you need a safe and reliable option, I do believe this is a very solid choice.  For someone with a brick and mortar shop I do understand the price concerns when there is no gallon plus size product option available.

Rodney Tatum
Mirror Reflections Auto Spa
Gainesville, Florida
YouTube | Facebook

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