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Underrated Products



With the plethora of detailing products on the market, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the options. Here at DI, we try to help our customers find popular products with customer reviews, “Best Seller” badges, Ask-A-Pro articles, and more. All of these popular products are popular for a reason, however there are always those products that seem to fall through the cracks in popularity, even though they perform exceptionally well. Below you will find a list of some of our Ask-A-Pro Authors, covering some of their favorite underrated products!

Ivan Rajic:

  • 1. Metro Vacuums Blowers (Sidekick and Master Blaster): Really safe compared to towel drying and fairly quick when the car is beading due to good protection, but it seems they are rarely used.
  • 2. Flex XC 3401 VRG: It’s the one machine that you can have without any others and still perform practically any job to the highest level, but it doesn’t get nearly as much recognition as it should, probably due to bad marketing or really good marketing of other companies. Hopefully I can change that with a good article very soon.
  • 3. Wool Pads: Probably for the same reason as #2, foam and microfiber pads have been all the craze last few years without much or any improvement done with wool pads. They are still great at correcting and on the flex 3401 I believe safer than foam or microfiber due to less heat and pressure necessary.

Zach McGovern:

  • 1. Griot’s Garage BOSS Fast Correcting Cream: Don’t see too many people using this product, but it is our absolute favorite compound over the past year. Great cut, great finish, easy on, easy off.
  • 2. 22ple VS1: Again, I don’t see much mention of this product compared to other similar products in the same space, but VS1 is really nice either as a stand alone sealant or as additional protection on top of a coating. Easy to use, great gloss, and awesome hydrophobic properties.

Joe Metlow:

Chad Raskovich:

  • 1. Griot’s Garage BOSS Fast Correcting Cream: It is the real deal though and I just don’t think enough people have been willing to try it out. Those who have though, have nothing but good things to say.
  • 2. Griot’s Garage BOSS Pads: These pads are great, but with so many options out there people tend to gravitate towards Lake Country and Buff & Shine.
  • 3. For my 3rd I’d probably have to say Solution Finish as it did an amazing job on restoring the old Porsche trim on the 911 I just finished.

Kevin George:

Ian Howard

  • 1. I don’t know if it can be considered underrated because it was talked about a lot when it came out, but Rupes UHS Polish & Pads. New car prep? Yes please. So easy to work with and provides a great finish.
  • 2. DI Brushes Pet Hair Removal Brush: I know pet hair is a hit or miss depending on how the hair is in the fibers but I did a car the other day with it and it really changed my mind with how great it worked.
  • 3. Nextzett Atomizer Pump Sprayer: I’ve used this time and time again for every detail and it has never failed me. Good capacity, decent price, good nozzle adjustability, just good.

Greg @ DI

  • 1. 303 Spot Cleaner or the concentrate 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner: Amazing cleaner you can use all over the interior, very gentle, highly effective and a very good value when you use the concentrate. No residue left behind as well.
  • 2. 22ple VS1: I can protect my paint in about 15 minutes and it looks great. When you apply it thin, you barely need to buff anything off and the protection can last a few months. I also use it on my wheels, exhaust tips, etc. for some fast protection.
  • 3. DI Microfiber Waffle Weave Drying Towel: Very soft, very absorbent, very durable. It works even better after it gets a little wet.

1 comment on Underrated Products

  1. Bob says:

    I too love GG fast correcting cream. Works and smells great. And they have the best bottle/cap design of any polish I’ve ever used.

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