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Unlocking the Plant Power of Oberk APS : A Comprehensive Guide Of The Ultimate Organic Soap For Professionals and DIY enthusiasts


Oberk All-Purpose Soap (APS) is an innovative formula in the world of automotive soaps. There are so many soaps on the market, without real understanding of why you would want to use one over another. Oberk APS clarifies exactly why it stands alone, not to mention it can be used as multiple other cleaners within the detail process.  This product has been a bit of a “sleeper” in the Oberk lineup but is easily one of the most useful and beneficial too.  APS is incredibly versatile, making it extremely unique and a product that I suggest for both professional detailers and automotive enthusiasts alike. In this blog, we’ll delve into the remarkable features and applications of Oberk APS, a 100% plant-based soap with no additional fragrance. Discover why it’s become the preferred choice for many, including the prestigious establishments like Beverly Hills Ferrari.

Picture of Oberk APS 16oz

When using as a car wash soap, we recommend using this as a prewash prior to decontamination and paint correction, or when maintaining a ceramic coated vehicle. It is not recommended for use on vehicles with wax or sealant applied unless attempting to remove those forms of protection to polish. When used on ceramic coated vehicles, it aids in removal of build-up on the coated surface.

Image hand washing BMW wagon with Oberk APS soap

When used for washing a ceramic coated vehicle, this offers a perfect decontamination process when used in conjunction with iron decontamination products. Iron or water spot removers are usually slightly acidic and typically applied in the first steps of washing the exterior paint. Once this step is complete, washing with APS will neutralize any residual acid and offer a different surfactant package to continue to break down any dirt or contaminants left on the surface. Neutralizing the surface can prevent staining or other damage caused by acid seeping from any cracks and crevices. It is the perfect two step process for preparing paint or maintaining a ceramic coated vehicle because it exfoliates the surfaces and leaves a bare, clean surface, ready for a ceramic sealant topper or an additional organic layer to reduce water spots and leave the paint glossy and slick.

Image of pressure washing Oberk ASP foam afer decontaminated with foam cannon prewash.

Using a foam cannon with APS can be a great way to deep clean a vehicle and get into all the cracks and cavities, APS is not high foaming, allowing it to creep into areas heavy foam doesn’t reach.  Oberk APS quickly lifts, pulls, and drops from the surface as the foam package breaks down quickly, making it ideal for a foam cannon prewash and rinse prior to hand washing. We recommend foaming the vehicle down, letting APS rest or dwell for 30-60 seconds before pressure washing off, to fully clean the vehicle of debris before ever touching a wash mitt to the paint and potentially scratching.

  • For Bucket Washing : Use .5oz per gallon
  • For Foam Cannon : Mix 1:8 (2oz per 16oz or 4oz per 32oz)

APS is perfect for cleaning engine bays, wheel wells, and as a bug remover.

Image spraying Oberk APS diluted to be used as a bug remover.

Removing pesky bug splatter is a breeze with Oberk APS and isn’t extremely alkaline or risk damaging surfaces.

Dilute APS to a 1:7 – 1:8 (3-4oz in a 32oz bottle) and watch the bugs disappear! If used in extreme conditions like love bugs etc., it can be safely mixed up to 1:4 in a foaming sprayer for a powerful cleaning experience.

Image of cleaning and drying engine bay on BMW with Autofiber Dreadnought towel.

The same dilution can be used for engine bays and wheel wells also. While I personally prefer Oberk Tire, Plastic, and Rubber Cleaner for engine bay, wheel well, and rubber floormat cleaning, APS is a great alternative for high volume shops to reduce chemical consumption or reduce the overall products on hand for procedure and management purposes.

Image scrugging BMW leather seat with AutofiberScrub Ninja

I like using the Autofiber Scrub Ninja in the image above in combination with APS for most of my leather cleaning.

Even one of the largest Ferrari dealers in the United States swears by Oberk APS for reconditioning new cars, cleaning customers vehicles, and preparing new cars for delivery.  Its effectiveness on interiors is second to none. Dilute to 1:15 for a perfect interior cleaner that is safe on interiors plastics as well as leather that leaves a sterile OEM finish. Some leather specific cleaners are formulated using plant-based cleaners, and Oberk APS is the perfect solution for these surfaces without leaving residue.

Image removing tape from BMW seat showing the difference after the leather has been cleaned.

Beverly Hills Ferrari, a symbol of luxury and excellence, has used APS to address a common issue in high end Italian and European sports cars – the “sticky button” problem. Some deteriorated panels can be soaked or cleaned with APS diluted 1:8. If some pieces are early in the deterioration process, and still more intact, they can be soaked in APS at full concentration.  These pieces can dwell in the APS overnight and can be brushed or cleaned off the surface easily, prior to refinishing them. While this is a safe and extremely effective process, we recommend additional research prior to performing this service.  Many times, these panels are removed from the vehicle to perform and complete these services safely.

Image of Oberk APS diluted in a foam cannon, spray bottle, and concentrated formula

Oberk APS mixed for use in a foam cannon and a seperate spray bottle for bug removal.

At Oberk, we believe in “removing the guesswork” from the detailing process. Our main objective is to simplify the job while maintaining the highest product quality. To summarize this, we’ve created a guide of APS dilutions for each task as well as some additional recommendations. Let’s take a closer look:


  • Bucket Wash: .5oz per gallon
  • Foam Cannon: 1:8

Bug Removal:

  • Standard Bug Removal:  1:7-1:8 (3-4oz per 32oz bottle)
  • Can be diluted up to 1:4 for heavy bug removal safely.

Engine Bay Cleaning: 

  • Opt for Oberk Tire/Rubber Cleaner RTU or dilute APS 1:7 for an engine bay that sparkles.

***note – Oberk tire cleaner clings more to vertical surfaces due to thicker viscosity.

50 50 image of leather cleaning in BMW


  • APS can be diluted to the desired strength for heavier cleaning. The recommended interior dilution below is safe for leather cleaning and is very safe and effective. It leaves a stunning OEM, or natural finish, with no streaks or rinse required.
  • Dilute 1:15 (2oz per 32oz spray bottle)
  • Plastic and Rubber Floormats – Oberk Tire/Rubber Cleaner is the choice for refreshing plastic or rubber floormats. It simply cleans well, doesn’t dry as fast as many cleaners, and actually looks clean once they are pressure rinsed and dried.

Microfiber Towel and Buffing Pad Cleaning:

  • Towels:  Use APS concentrate as a laundry soap per instructions on washer.
  • Buffing and Polishing Pads: We recommend a pretreat with Oberk Tire cleaner. This breaks up the dried abrasive and solvents.  If washed in a washing machine, we recommend using APS at the recommended instructions on the washing machine.

Image of wetsanding at Gloss University on Chevy Camaro

Wet Sanding Slip Solution:

  • Add 1-2 drops of APS concentrate per 2 gallons of water to provide a slick surface that doesn’t bind when wet sanding with a block. Additionally, this solution helps flush and clean the residue without reducing the cutting ability of the abrasive paper like a lubricant typically would.  I have never been a fan of adding soaps in the past due to this reason, but the lubricity of the “stay-wet” technology is just enough for a smooth sanding experience.
  • With so many uses, Oberk APS soap is a new category in car care, offering a level of versatility and effectiveness that combines the uses of a car wash soap and an all-purpose cleaner while being safer at the same time. I hope this helps clarify how APS can provide value to your process or shop to improve the washing process, clean almost any type of material, while improving the process and profitability at the same time.

If you want to learn more about APS, check out the video below.

Source: YouTube

Photos by David Heller of Center.scene

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