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Why You Should Attend Detailing Events


Hey Guys! Here is a quick article about detailing related events and why I believe everyone should be attending them. Below are two events that were most recently put on:

  • January 2014 we had the “MTE “Mobile Tech Expo here in Orlando FL! It was a great event! Check out the article in the link if you have not seen it yet.
  • March 2014 we just recently had Detail Fest in Stuart FL, put on by Autogeek / PBMG (I did not get any pictures at the event… sorry).

Why should I attend such events when day-in, day-out I’m detailing? I know my products and what I like. After all, I spend all day around them. Oh and how could I forget about wasting more time at the seminars they offer teaching me stuff I already know? Right? Wrong!

I’ll start off by saying, you really miss out by NOT going. Whether you’re a professional detailer or just an enthusiast, there is something for everybody. No matter how bad or good your skills are, you will walk away with more than you had before. The knowledge you gain just by speaking to others is simply priceless.

I’m a professional detailer, I detail cars everyday and have done so for years now. I have a vast amount of knowledge when it comes down to analyzing a process of attack, given the situation. I know and understand the uses of the products I use, but this does not make me superior to the career that I love so much. I would be wrong to say that I know it all. After all the years I’ve been doing this, I still learn something new with every job that comes through. This is one of the greatest benefits about attending detailing events, learning and being able to share and discuss knowledge from one guy to the next puts you ahead of your potential! That face to face value is like I said, priceless!

Getting that hands-on time with the reps and vendors that attend these events will help you better your product knowledge, along with staying up to date with what is new and what is to come. This not only fills me with excitement, but the time spent with the reps/vendors who have passion for their products allows them to explain their products directly to you and not the marketing material that comes from an internet search. They will help you understand the products you favor, which allows you to take your detailing to the next level.

Networking at these events could potentially evolve into some amazing opportunities for future details or who knows what else. Meeting detailers that are like minded will certainly be the best reason to show up at these events. Relationships are formed and friends are made by involving yourself, nothing can really beat that! Sharing your knowledge, along with learning from others will carry on for the time to come in your detailing path.

Of course we can’t make it to all of the events that happen across the globe, but I personally will be looking forward to the ones that I can make!

This is just a quick little article that I hope you enjoy. I hope to meet and see many of my detailing friends again very soon!


Photo from the Chemical Guys Booth at SEMA Show 2014!

Brian Guy
Brian Guy

7 comments on Why You Should Attend Detailing Events

  1. Gabriel says:

    How can someone find out detailing classes in the area? Website, blogs etc. I’m in the northern ohio area and would love to attend a class for tricks of the trade and hands on training with different products.

    • Brian Guy says:

      Facebook is probably leading the pack right now with quickest means to up-to-date information. A Google Search could help find manufacturers & industry leaders that help make these things happen. Setting the dates and traveling is most likely the case.


  2. Bruce Devilbiss says:

    It sure would be nice if someone would have a class near Maryland.

  3. Donald Bailey says:

    I always enjoy going to Detail Shows, and catching up with all the new products that come out from time to time.

  4. Please don’t anyone get mad at me, like is so prone on forums, this is just my personal opinion from my personal experiences and: Commenting Rules……………Feel free to express your opinion, but do so in an eloquent way (all I’m trying to do)

    I hate to disagree but all product information is online.
    Just like I hate shopping at stores, online shopping allows me to compare and read reviews about products so I’ll have much clearer picture of a product.
    I’ve been to SEMA for years and I learn more after I get home and go online to read in depth about a certain product. This year I decided to stop wasting my money on these shows.
    I care about one person and that’s my customer, not another detailer who’s more then willing to give their opinion on how I run my business. I can get the most information from going online to forums, reading reviews and not face to face with the guy who made it.
    These shows are fun at first then the novelty wares off.

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