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2014 Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando Florida


The 13th annual Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando FL takes place January of every year. This years largest Recon Show took place the 9th and 10th at the Caribe Royale Hotel and Convention Center.

The event is put on by the IDA (International Detail Association)  and they bring in some really great companies to show off some of the latest and greatest tools and products. Everything from PDR, Glass Repair, Wheel Repair, Leather Repair, Trailer and Mobile Equipment, Detailing Products, Business Improvement Courses and so much more. It’s all in good intentions to improve efficiency within your automotive company.

For me it was all about introducing myself and creating relationships. I was truly overwhelmed with what I got out of this event! Being able to meet with so many great names in our detailing industry was certainly the highlight for me. This was my first year attending this event, but wont be the last! I’m really looking forward to the next one and carrying on with the relationships I made.

I did not take my camera to the event 🙁 and most certainly did not grab enough pictures. I’m sorry for that, but the pics I do have here were taken with my phone. I spent more time listening and talking than grabbing pictures, although it tended to be more valuable with the personal value I gained 🙂

Okay! So of course we all love the Rupes System and how it has been taking detailing to the next level! The always awesome Todd Helme and Marco from Rupes put on a great demonstration in an hour long course. The course started at 8:45am and gave some wonderful insight into the innovation of the Rupes system. On top of the additional bonus course, Rupes and other great dealer companies held the Rupes in high value all weekend long! As it should be!!!

Here I am shaking hands with Marco D’Inca, after playing with some of the newer Rupes tools!

aowheels | 2014 Mobile Tech Expo

Todd Helme did an absolutely amazing job at breaking the Rupes System down to us! Going over the motor and the pure dynamics of the machines, pads and polishes with ease!

aowheels | 2014 Mobile Tech Expo


No Introduction needed as we know these guys!

Jason Rose, did demonstrations using the DA Microfiber System and some other NEW products!  On hand for demonstration was the Meguiar’s DA Xtra Cut Disc’s! These are currently available here at Detailed Image.

aowheels | 2014 Mobile Tech Expo

Always nice to see some familiar goodies! If your looking to speed up your decontamination process try NanoSkin, all of their products are fantastic!

Detailed Image offers all these great products! The wash mitts and towels I use all the time and I stand behind this product line one hundred and ten percent!

aowheels | 2014 Mobile Tech Expo

Josh, with Glass Mechanix was there! I will be calling and picking his brain about this! I’ve been dealing with a few track cars over the last few years and I can see this fitting into my arsenal.

aowheels | 2014 Mobile Tech Expo

Us guys here getting our pics taken with Renny Doyle, of

A leader in the industry and well known for his success with aircraft’s (private and commercial). Check him out to further your training & success in the detailing industry.

aowheels | 2014 Mobile Tech Expo

Richard Lin and his Beautiful wife Gillian May of Show Car Detailing and Black Wow were great to meet!

I’m looking forward to trying out the NEW Black Wow Pro. As I’ve been and avid user of this product for years! Truly a Great Team Here!

aowheels | 2014 Mobile Tech Expo

The IDA award presentations for a great year!

From the left to the right:

Greg Swett, Keith Duplessie, Scott Perkin, Jim Lafeber and Bob Phillips. Not to mention Lou Spellos who was unable to attend.

aowheels | 2014 Mobile Tech Expo

Larry Kosilla, of AMMO NYC doing a PodCast, covering a wide range of detailing topics.

Check it out! These guys are all top notch and worth the listen!

aowheels | 2014 Mobile Tech Expo

A great moment for Alex and I, getting a picture with Mike Phillips!

aowheels | 2014 Mobile Tech Expo

This event for me was more about the quality time spent with fellow detailers. Hearing their stories and sharing time well spent. It is much nicer to communicate with guys face to face and I hope to see you out there next year! I do look forward to the next event!

aowheels | 2014 Mobile Tech Expo

Thank you for viewing and I hope you enjoyed!

Brian Guy
Brian Guy

4 comments on 2014 Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando Florida

  1. Thanks for taking the time to share the pictures Brian. I wish I could have gone myself!

    • Brian Guy says:

      Jean-Claude, Thank You Sir! It was an amazing time!

      We always have next year!!! I’ll start bugging you when the dates get near!

  2. Hi Brian,

    Sorry, as I had meant to send you a message after the Orlando MTE.
    As I’m sure you know we have been promoting the Int’l Mobile Tech
    Expo for over fourteen years, right after the Expo we were finishing up
    contracts and starting to plan for the 2015 event. Sorry, if that’s a lame
    excuse, but it was a Very hectic time.

    Another issue was we were extremely busy with the first Euro MTE
    that was held in Manchester, England, March 22 & 23, 2014. Which
    was very well received by the Detailing/Valeting industry… We have
    just entered negotiations for a 2015 event. (you and your readers are
    the first to know)

    I’m glad you enjoyed the Expo and hope top meet you in 2015

    All the best,

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