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Product Review: CarPro Cquartz UK Edition


There are many excellent paint coating products that are currently available to consumers.  CarPro’s Cquartz products have become one of the more recognizable names in the coating industry, and Cquartz UK is an excellent choice for the consumer market.

The Cquartz UK Edition (aka CQUK) is a specially formulated version of the popular Cquartz Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection. This edition is based on the same technology as the regular Cquartz, however it has a few slight improvements for cold temperature application, and specially for the UK while it works great anywhere. CQUK has 70% SiO2 with 99.9% purity, making it the first ever nano silica coating which has such concentration! This high purity percentage ensures having the most transparent glass coating over the surface, high levels of water repellency and long lasting paint protection from dirt, road salt, ice, snow, and other environmental contamination. This coating is extremely easy to use in any temperature, from 41 to 86 degrees and no matter how cold, hot or humid the application is exactly the same.

ATD | CQuartz UK

I was originally drawn to this coating because I live in the Midwest and we see temperature swings from subzero Winters to extremely hot and humid Summers.  This variance can make it very difficult to find detailing products, especially paint coatings, that are capable of adapting to these conditions.  So far I have applied UK in temperatures ranging from the mid 40’s to the mid 80’s and was impressed with application.

ATD | CQuartz UK

Photo:  Cquartz UK was applied to the left portion of this panel and is ready to be wiped away.

Cquartz UK is fairly easy to apply after you get the hang of it, and leaves an incredible shine on a nicely polished surface.  This coating also adds a noticeable “richness” to the paint.  It seems to make black even blacker, red even redder, and so on.  If you apply UK to half of a panel, you will see this subtle difference that I am talking about if you inspect it carefully in proper lighting.

ATD | CQuartz UK

Photo: This Scion FR-S was corrected and coated with Cquartz UK.  The gloss was nothing short of intense.

Another fantastic benefit of this coating, that is sure to be well received by the consumer market, is its price.  In a market that is now flooded with various coating options, this product is priced very competitively!  I often refer to it as the absolute best “bang for your buck” coating.  It offers extremely good performance in terms of protection, durability, and appearance, and is one of the least expensive options available.  You simply can’t beat that!

If you’re seeking a great means of protection while also enhancing gloss and making routine maintenance even easier, Cquartz UK is a great option.  You can also take a look at the complete application guide for this product by clicking here.

Zach McGovern
Zach McGovern
Attention To Detailing Peoria
Peoria, IL

16 comments on Product Review: CarPro Cquartz UK Edition

  1. David says:

    Zach, What is the difference between UK and “regular” CQuartz?

    Looking forward to your application article!

    • David, CQUK is based on the same technology used in the original CQuartz, however the most notable difference that I am aware of is that CQUK formula contains 70% SiO2 with 99.9% purity. This high silica content leads to a clearer, harder, and better protecting coating overall.

  2. felix says:

    how does this hold up on soft black paint most coatings including car pro claim that it will be more scratch resistant not that i plan on doing any of the tests iv seen on youtube but in the past iv been very cautious when doing a maintinance wash i would always end up with marring and swirls i would normally use 2 bucket method grit guards with more than one wash mit to make it a bit faster and dry with a waffel weave drying towel i now own a master blaster power washer and foam cannon so i know that will also help but im a bit skeptical as to how it will hold up during my regualr washes i also have opti coat and cquk i think cquk will provide me with the best gloss and shine and opti coat will give better protection cant wait till the next article comes hopefully before i apply it to my car the kit i own only comes with one large micro suede towel there is no way that one towel will be enough to wipe off

    • Hey Felix, it is important to realize that these claims of scratch resistance are simply based on the fact that the coating will cure to a higher surface hardness than most clear coats will. This increased hardness means there will be some resistance to light scratches and marring, however it is by no means a ‘bulletproof’ material. Unfortunately soft black paint is never going to be easy to maintain, but these coatings certainly help.

      Regarding OC2.0 vs CQUK, both are great products. I personally prefer CQUK as the gloss is incredible. Both will provide amazing protection.

      Application of CQUK is definitely a bit more challenging compared to OC2.0, but you simply have to take your time and you will be fine.


  3. John says:

    I didn’t like the way CQUK darkened my red jewel tint coat 2011 Camaro….it really altered the original look which I paid extra for as an option that year. I don’t care for any LSP that alters the original look of my paint. I polished it all off, and used another coating product that did not alter the look.

    For most users altering the look is actually a plus…but it sure wasn’t on my paint.

  4. James Mendenhall says:

    Great article. Have you experienced any streaking with CQUK? I have previously used 22ple with good results, but on my first attempt at CQUK, I got some streaking that hasn’t gone away even after 5 days. I was working in an airconditioned garage, with temperatures right around 74 although somewhat higher humidity (60%) than many areas would have. I found the product was just smearing as I tried to level it, and I played with different wait times. It seemed like 5 minutes was barely enough as the product wasn’t flashing yet. Have you found it to be very temperature or humidity dependent, or are you just sticking to wiping the panel down as soon as you finish it?

    • Hey James,
      CQUK can seem somewhat tricky to apply. Streaking/smearing is the main issue people mention. In my experience this is typically due to one of the following things… 1) The suede applicator cloth and/or the larger suede towel was not being flipped/changed frequently enough. 2) The product was being applied with slow arm movement. 3) The product was allowed to sit on the surface for too long.

      It seems like #1 and #3 are the most common causes of this issue. In most scenarios, it seems like CQUK is essentially a wipe on, wipe off product that does not need to sit on the surface unless it is particularly cool (say below 55 degrees) out. The product should be applied to one small panel at a time, and larger panels should be broken up into multiple sections. I typically flip my suede applicator cloth over after 1-2 small panels/sections and therefore replace the applicator cloth after 2-4 small panels/sections.

      Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

  5. Greg C says:

    Some coatings require a 3 towel removal method. The first towel removes excess product. Second towel levels the coating. Third towel buffs coating to a gloss.
    Does CQUK require the 3 towel removal method?

    • Hey Greg. I have used 1 towel or 2 towels when removing UK… I do prefer 2 towels. First I wipe with the supplied large suede microfiber, then I go over the area again with a new towel that is around 300 gsm with medium to short nap. I don’t see why a 3rd towel couldn’t be used if you wished, but not sure it is completely necessary. Hope that helps!

  6. Chachi says:

    Hi Zach: I just had XPel Ultimate applied to my entire car. I was thinking about sealing with CQuartz Finest, but several detailers have suggested it would be a waste of money. I’m most interested in a high gloss look and the ability to better repel dirt, salt, etc. What are your thoughts on applying Finest on top of XPel, or would CQUK be a reasonable (more affordable) alternative? Would the application process change if applied on top of the film? What are the benefits?

    • Hi… I would simply use a product like CarPro Reload on top of your film. This is a spray sealant that will provide a high gloss finish while also beading water and repelling dirt better than the bare film. This can easily be applied every few months (or more frequently if you wish) after washing… just spray on, wipe off.

  7. Greg C says:

    What is the recommendation on multiple layers of CQUK?
    Will doing so added more protection for the CC?

    How much time would be needed between coats?

    • Greg – I personally do not do multiple layers of CQUK. I have heard it can be a little finicky to work with, however I don’t have any experience with layering it myself. The benefit is added thickness, however 1 coat certainly offers a great deal of protection on its own. I believe CarPro recommends 1 hr in between coats. I would check with them for more specifics.

  8. keith johnson says:

    I put a coat of cquarts by carpro. On my 2012 Kawasaki ZX1400 and got distracted and let it dry on my motorcycle way too long up to 3 hours now I can not buff it off at all what will remove this from my paint job I do not know what else to do thank you my names Keith Johnson

    • Keith – you may have quite the challenge ahead of you. You will need to start experimenting with a machine polisher and various compounds or polishes to attempt to remove the dried coating. These coatings become quite hard once they are cured, so it may take quite a bit of effort to remove the material. Take your time. best of luck.

  9. keith johnson says:

    thanks for the advice Zach, and have a good day. the advice you gave me is exactly what I’ve been doing and it’s been a real hard ,slow process but I appreciate the advice.

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