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303 Graphene & More – SEMA360 Show 2020



Below are some of the new items released by 303 at this year’s SEMA360 Show 2020! These items are headlined by the Graphene Spray Coating which has been extremely popular and drawn a lot of buzz for its ease of use and protection longevity. With that said, Graphene, in general, has drawn some criticism in recent months in terms of how it can actually perform in the detailing industry. Right now there is much we do not know and overall I will compare that to sio2 and coatings when they stormed the market. Time will tell exactly how well Graphene will perform but in the meantime, we highly recommend checking out the article, Graphene: Marketing Hype or The Future? by Ask-a-Pro Author Mike Cardenas. Mike tests out some Graphene products and really digs into this new technology. Let’s just say, the results are promising!

The new 303 items announced can be found below, with a little information directly from 303!

303 Graphene Spray Coating:

Our newest innovation in exterior auto protection. Superior protection meets simplicity with 303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating! The ease of use is crazy, you can even apply in direct sunlight. You get up to 1 year of protection, water sheds quickly from your paint, and it is versatile; being effective on paint, chrome, wheels, trim, glass, vinyl wraps, and more!

303 Leather Cleaner:

Step 1 in our 2 step Leather system. 303 Leather Cleaner is an effective, but gentle cleaner that is great for use on both finished and unfinished leathers. This formula, derived from all natural components, removes tough stains with ease, is residue free, and preps the surface for our 303 Leather Conditioner.

303 Leather Conditioner:

Step 2 in our 2 step Leather system. 303 Leather Conditioner softens, and protects all your leather surfaces, finished or unfinshed. It provides 30 days UV protection, to keep your leathers from fading, and cracking. As well as, repelling liquids to protect the leather from staining or damage. Keep your leather looking like new with 303 Leather Conditioner.

303 Wheel Cleaner:

303 Wheel Cleaner is a powerful cleaner that eliminates caked-on brake dust. The heavy-duty formula is non-corrosive, acid-free, and safe for use on ALL wheels, with no overpowering odor like many other wheel cleaners. Another great thing about this product is, it also works great remove any contaminants, and to prep before correction and protection!

303 Wheel & Tire Cleaner

303 Wheel & Tire Cleaner did not compromise on effectiveness, with its versatility! Spray it onto your wheels and tires, and watch the dirt, debris, and road grime fall off your wheels & tires with the products foam onto the ground. The non-corrosive and acid free formula is safe for use on ALL wheels. A total solution for wheel & tire cleaning!

303 Salt Neutralizing Wash Boost:

A unique wash additive, to help combat damaging road salt from harsh winters. Break down salt and wash it away, while at the same time protecting your ride from any corrosion caused by this salt. Simply add it to your existing wash formula for these added benefits! If you are looking for some versatility, it can also be diluted for use as a rinseless or waterless wash.

Source: YouTube

4 comments on 303 Graphene & More – SEMA360 Show 2020

  1. Jimmy says:

    What would be the ideal microfiber GSM weight to remove the 303 Graphene Spray Coating?

  2. rlmccarty2000 says:

    After watching a few videos on YouTube about 303 Graphene I decided to buy a bottle. I looks like the real deal. A spray on coating that actually lasts 12 months has been a dream. I want to test it against IGL Premier, which was the longest lasting spray I had used. Hopefully 303 has a winner.

  3. Big pecker says:

    Good job 303 like the introduction to the graphene game @ $20 thanks for keeping the product reasonable it could last 15 years or 15 week I want it to be affordable and enjoyable. Hit homer in here turtlewax did it last year there is an easy formula for success if other detailing brands want to take notice! Make affordable well performing products and we will buy them!

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