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2020 Holiday Car Detailing Gift Guide & Ideas


2020 Holiday Detailing Detailing Gift Guide & Ideas
Our holiday car detailing gift guide and ideas has arrived! We have compiled a list that includes ideas from our Ask-a-Pro detailer authors to help you get the perfect detailing gift for the detailer in your life. The list ranges from longstanding popular detailing products to the hot new ones. What are your favorite gift ideas?

Detailed Image Recommendations:

Rupes DA System

Rupes discontinued some pads/polishes this year, but released new and improved versions of each. The pads feature a lower profile and unique contoured edge. They also come in new packaging that not only looks great, but the metallic film flow material ensures excellent mechanical properties against accidental piercing and ripping, along with protection from UV rays, dust, and humidity. The polishes have the same high-quality, low dusting attributes, matching packaging, and the color-coding for ease of use that we have all come to love. If you have any Rupes fans or detailing nuts, these are a great gift idea for this holiday season.Shop Rupes D-A System Pads & Polishes

Rupes D-A System

BLO Car Dyers

These units were made by detailers for detailers. Existing blower options on the market work great, but they wanted better. Clean, filtered, warm air and a powerful motor helps each BLO unit safely and easily remove standing water from painted surfaces, cracks, crevices, and more. Throw in some awesome value pricing and the BLO units make a great gift for any detailer. Still not convinced? Check out the BLO Introduction on our Ask-a-Pro Blog!

Blo Car Dryer GT, RS, Air-S

IK TR 1 Sprayers


As detailers, we all know that a good spray bottle can be hard to find as they all seem to fail over time. With these IK units, you will have a great spray bottle for any detailing step. The HC is great for hydrocarbon-based solvents, lubricants, brake cleaners, and petroleum products, while the TR is resistant to most chemicals such as acids, alkalines and degreasers, etc. The sturdy base, heavy-duty plastic construction, translucent tank, and indicator levels make this bottle a winner this holiday season.

IK Multi HC TR 1 & TR 1 Trigger Sprayer

The Rag Company Towels

Microfiber…the often overlooked, yet most important piece to any detailing puzzle. From the Eagle Edgeless to the Gauntlet Drying Towel, the Rag Company has many high-end microfiber choices great for any detailing step! The Rag Company Now

The Rag Company

303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating

Graphene, in general, has drawn some criticism in recent months in terms of how it can actually perform in the detailing industry. Right now there is much we do not know and overall I will compare that to sio2 and coatings when they stormed the market. Time will tell exactly how well Graphene will perform but in the meantime, the buzz around this item has been outstanding.

303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating

Detail Factory

The Ultra Soft Detail Brushes were so popular that we added new handle colors, Boar’s Hair options, along with new TriGrip Brushes and Microfiber Towels. With these new items, along with the amazing build quality that Detail Factory is known for, these tools make great stocking stuffers for any detailer in your life. Shop Detail Factory Now

Detail Factory

Griot’s Polishers

Over the past year or so Griot’s has released new polishers and polisher updates that come in at a great price point for gifting a detailing tool. One really great gift idea is the Griot’s G9 Random Orbital Polisher which has been a best seller since it was released. The Griot’s G15 and G21 Long Throw Orbital Polishers are also great options especially with the recent updates that came with a new lower price! Shop Griot’s Garage Polishers Now

Griot's Garage G9 and Polishers

DI & Detailer Gear

We have great DI products that make a great gift like the popular Under Armour Detailer Shirt, DI T-Shirts, the new DI Click Pen, and more! Shop DI Accessories & Detailer Gear Now

DI & Detailer Gear

SEMA360 Detailing Products

This year has been, well different, and the SEMA Show this year was no different. With the show being virtual, we were not able to walk up to the various booths and see/test new items, but we still received some announcements of some exciting new products. Check out the SEMA360 Products which includes items like CarPro SiC & BlackOut, Meguiar’s Hybrid Paint Coating Kit, The Rag Company Ultra Black Sponge, and 303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating.


Ask-A-Pro Recommendations Detailer :

Mike Cardenas

Scangrip MatchPen R Light

  • The Interior Brushes Kit is a great assortment of quality brushes hand picked as the must-haves for any professional or detailing enthusiast.
  • The Scangrip MatchPen R is an extremely handy and versatile pen light, oh yeah its a Scangrip so its quality and performance any detailer or enthusiast can appreciate. Great for inspection or use it around the house. Awesome stocking stuffer gift idea!
  • Blow them away this Christmas with the AIR-RS from BLO. This small unit packs a punch! A great tool for safer drying in a compact size.

Greg Gellas

CarPro SkysBlu Car Perfume

  • The CarPro SkysBlu Car Perfume is a great stocking stuffer and anyone would like to have a nice refreshing scent in their car.
  • The CarPro Suede Microfiber Cloths are another great stocking stuffer. I like these to keep in the glove box for interior screen cleaning and light dusting on the fly.

Ivan Rajic

Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus

  • CarPro HydrO2 – Hydro is by far one of the most revolutionary products in a long time. It’s ridiculously easy to use and actually effective. Great to use on paint and even better for quick, easy and thorough wheel protection.
  • Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus – This is a great product because it cleans the wheel really well both in terms of dirt and iron deposits. It’s almost as good as a dedicated iron remover and foams up well to clean wheels easily with brushes, mitts, etc.
  • Leatherique Leather Care Products – Leatherique is something no one needs until they actually try it, then you want to do it regularly. It’s a really good and safe cleaner that leaves even fairly new leather looking nice, smooth and clean with no shiny or oily residue.

Zach McGovern

Griot's Garage PFM Terry Weave Towel 2 pack

  • Optimum No Rinse – This is a product I cannot live without. It makes it so easy to safely remove dirt and dust quickly.
  • CarPro Elixir – An easy to use quick detailer with some protection built in. Great to use as a drying aid.
  • Griots Garage PFM Drying Towel – easily dry your entire vehicle with just one towel. My go to towel, hands down.

Ian Martinez

Gyeon WetCoat

  • Gyeon WetCoat – Extremely easy to apply with great protection and attaches to a standard garden hose so can be used with even if you don’t have a ton of tools at your disposal.
  • The Rag Company Gauntlet Drying Towel – A good drying towel will change the way you think about washing cars with how easy it makes the process. The gauntlet is one of the best on the market.
  • Meguiar’s D120 Glass Cleaner – Works amazing and has out of this world dilution ratios to make it extremely affordable per oz.

Rodney Tatum

eagle edgeless towels

  • Rag Company Eagle Edgeless – This towel has been one of the most popular detailing towels amongst enthusiasts for a good reason. Whether using it for rinseless washes, touch ups, or as a drying aid this microfiber towel has been the gold standard of products that are gentle on your paint.
  • 3D Odor X – Another great option and unlike other deodorizers that offer a temporary mask odors, this product carries enzymes that kill bacteria. It also has a somewhat natural scent, making it a safe gift option.

Still Not Sure What to Buy?

Grab a DI Gift Certificate and let the detailer choose! This Gift Certificate is automatically emailed to you and you can print it out, or forward the email along to the recipient.

DI Gift Card

Check out our gift guide from 2019!

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