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Exclusive 1 on 1 Interview with David Ghodoussi (Dr. G) from Optimum Polymer Technologies


Back in early November 2010, I attended the SEMA Auto Show with several of the DI Authors. For a recap of my visit check out my previously written article. Throughout the week and on the plane ride, Todd Cooperider and I were saying how neat it would be to conduct an interview with an industry leader for some new exclusive content on the blog. After having the opportunity to spend some time speaking with David Ghodoussi, owner of Optimum Polymer Technologies, I asked if this is something he would be interested in. He immediately agreed and we were both excited about getting things going. David is a great guy and makes working with him extremely easy. Not to mention that Optimum products were some of my first when I started offering detailing services. Saying I have used and tested several products is an understatement, but at the end of the day the price, quality, and ease of use is what kept me with Optimum. There is not a single detail that I do that doesn’t use an Optimum product somewhere along the way. There is also more to a great product than just how it works. I like supporting companies that are surrounded by good people who are there to help others as needed. After Vegas, David and I kept in contact through phone calls and emails on a regular basis to get this project moving forward. I sent David several questions to answer for the DI followers and this is what was said. Enjoy.

Please tell us a bit about the history of Optimum Polymer Technologies.

Before I got involved with Optimum Polymer, I was working as an R&D chemist in the manufacturing of automotive paint. As you know, in the 1990s, there was a shift in the automotive paint systems from single stage to base coat/clear coat. However, there was no supply of correction or protection products that were designed for these newer paint systems. We started Optimum Polymer to fill this gap.

Optimum products are the cutting edge in technology. Because of our relationship with auto manufacturers and the suppliers to the automotive industry, we stay abreast of the latest technologies and utilize them once they become available.

How long has Optimum been in business?

We started the company back in July of 2001. We started manufacturing and offering products in March of 2002.

Is Optimum sold outside the United States?

Currently we have distribution in twenty countries including Australia, Canada, several EU countries such as France, Germany, and UK, as well as several Asian countries such as Philippines, Taiwan and Singapore.

For people trying Optimum products for the first time, what’s the best advice you can give them?

Optimum products should provide better results in less time while using less product. For instance you get 128 washes from one gallon of Optimum No Rinse and 80 applications out of one bottle of Opti-Seal. This combination is also unsurpassed in terms of protection and shine as well as ease of use. Also, every product we offer comes with a 100% money back guarantee no questions asked.

Have you always been passionate about cars?

I would say I am very passionate about automotive paint since I know first hand how much research goes into formulating it. It is also one of the major components in automotive design and manufacture from the stand point of aesthetics, protection, and costs.

In my many years of experience using Optimum products, each and every one of them is extremely easy to use catering to first time detailers as well as high end professionals, what is your philosophy behind this?

Our goal is to make products that are high performance, easy to use, and environmentally friendly. Each Optimum product is designed to be very versatile and to perform every time. That is why we only offer one product in each category.

What led you to starting Optimum line of products?

As I mentioned earlier, in the 1990s, there was a shift in the automotive paint systems. However, there was no new development for correction and protection of these new paint systems. That is why we decided to create Optimum Polymer and fill this gap. We also wanted to make products that are easy to use as well as being safe for the consumer and the environment.

 With the kinds of products that you offer, I would imagine that you get a lot of technical questions and customer correspondence. Can you tell us a bit about the emphasis on customer service your company places?

Our customers are our most important asset and we value their opinions highly. Our goal is to make every effort to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We respond to our customers’ questions, requests, and complaints with a sense of urgency.

I’m sure that your products are used to preserve and restore some pretty high-profile vehicles around the world. Are there any cars or museums in particular that you’re exceptionally proud to say that they use Optimum?

A couple of years ago, two WWII bombers, a B25 and a B17, were restored to a mirror shine using Optimum Metal Polish. I was invited to visit the museum at the end of the project and could not believe the reflection of these two beauties. I was very proud that Optimum was part of restoring these historical planes. You can view a few shots of these planes on the Optimum Forum.

How do you go about testing products before release to the public?

Each product goes through several stages of development and testing in our labs and then several stages of external testing before its release. Additionally, we test products for stability and shelf life over time. That is why it may take anywhere from one to three years before a product is fully tested and released.

If you had to choose your favorite Optimum product, which would it be and why?

I would have to say Optimum No Rinse for a number of reasons. Rinseless washing is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way of cleaning today’s automotive finishes and No Rinse by far is the most effective rinseless wash in the marketplace. It protects automotive paint from marring better than a conventional wash while reducing water usage tremendously as well as protecting the storm drains and the environment from contamination while making the process of cleaning and shining automotive paint faster and easier.

As we head into the cold season, No Rinse is the only way to keep cars clean in most parts of the world. To make the process even easier and more efficient, we have just released the new Opti-Mitt which is specifically designed to work with No Rinse.

Do you currently have any new products in development that you can share with us?

We have the new Opti-Mitt as I mentioned above. We also have a new formulation of Optimum Metal Polish that works faster and creates a better finish than the original formula which was used on the two Bombers.

What is your professional background and how did that help you develop your current company?

I worked as an R&D chemist for over 12 years mainly focused in developing polymers and automotive paint formulations. Because of my relationships with automotive manufacturers and suppliers to the automotive industry, we are aware of the new developments in this arena during their developmental stages and therefore we can design our products to meet the needs of today’s cars as well as those of tomorrow.

If you could own any three vehicles, which would they be?

I would say Lamborghini. You can pick any three models.

 For the car owners that choose to maintain their own vehicle(s) what information would you give them?

I believe consumers can use any product line to create a show room shine. However, Optimum will make the process easier, faster, and more cost effective.  Also, every product we offer carries a full money back guarantee no questions asked, therefore there is no risk in trying the Optimum line.

Where do you see Optimum in the next 5 years?

Our goal is to continue our yearly growth of 25-30% which would more than double our sales within the next 5 years. We also expect to double our presence Internationally to at least 40 countries abroad including some emerging automotive markets such as India and China.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about your company and/or products?

Please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or on our friendly forum and let us know how we can be of any assistance.

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Now take some time, check out the full line of Optimum Products and stock up on some of the easiest to use products on the market today. If you have any questions about the interview or any questions on any of the products, please reply here. Thanks for taking time to read, I look forward to your replies.

DJ Mayo Reflections Detailing
DJ Mayo
DJ Mayo Studios
Gainesville, VA

14 comments on Exclusive 1 on 1 Interview with David Ghodoussi (Dr. G) from Optimum Polymer Technologies

  1. David says:

    When will this new Opti-Mitt be available for purchase from DI?

  2. Great interview DJ! Dr. G is a fantastic guy, and I too enjoy using his products because of their ease of use combined with great results.

  3. Thanks for sharing this DJ. 🙂

    I also had the pleasure in meeting with David Ghodoussi at SEMA and he is definitely a great guy! I can’t think of many CEO’s who will take the time out of their busy day to handle questions related to their products, but Dr. G responded promptly to all my emails with very detailed answers.

    I’d also have to agree with DJ in that I every detail I perform has a Optimum products somewhere in my line up. Power Clean, ONR, Opti Metal polish, Opti-Seal, and Opti-Coat are among my favorite.


  4. Marc Harris says:

    Thanks a lot to Dr G for taking the time to help provide information on his company and products, and thanks to DJ for taking the time to make this article.

    Greg, I love that article you had on getting more out of ONR!

  5. 9S says:

    Thk you DJ Mayo for this topic.

  6. DJ Mayo says:

    Thank you for the feedback guys. It is really great to get direct feedback from somebody in David’s position to take time and provide us with some insight. He’s a great guy to work with with an excellent company.

    • Brian.E says:

      That was a great interview! I love Optimum products and would be lost without ONR. I can’t wait till the mitt comes out I’ll be ordering one for sure.

  7. DJ Mayo says:


    Thank you. Todd and I have been using the mitt for over a month now and you will for sure enjoy it. It works great with the Optimum Car Wash as well.

  8. joe says:

    “Do you currently have any new products in development that you can share with us?
    We also have a new formulation of Optimum Metal Polish that works faster and creates a better finish than the original formula which was used on the two Bombers.”

    Dr. G seems lie a very nice and smart person but…….I wonder why he mentioned this? I told him I didn’t like the OPT metal polish (old formula). The product we were using greatly out performed the OPT metal polish.

    I thought it important to make that clear since he brought it up.

  9. joe says:

    No way to edit…. Dr. G seems LIKE a very nice person…..

    He did offer to send me the new formula and I will gladly give it a go on a third bomber we may be doing in the fall. I love Opti-coat!!

  10. Vincent says:

    So I opened up my OPTIMUM POLI-SEAL:https://www.detailedimage.com/Optimum-OPT-M36/Poli-Seal-P292/32-oz-S1/ this past weekend to work on my wife’s Camry.
    Hadn’t opened it up in over a year to work on our cars due to other life stuff…
    I had bought it back in 2009 from you all.

    Don’t recall what condition or consistency it was in when new but it was runny & oily looking.
    Is that right? Or was it pasty when new?

    We had stored it in our non-climate controlled garage & so it was exposed to extreme temp changes I am sure.

    So should I toss it or is it still good?


  11. DJ Mayo says:

    Vincent, shake it up for a minute or so and give it a shot.

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