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How To: Gyeon Quartz Q2 Pure


This how-to article is written by Jeff McEachran, the national brand manager at Gyeon USA and owner of Detail Force and Denver Auto Shield in Denver Colorado.

Q2 Pure is a part of the 2018 New Product Release from Gyeon quartz at this past year’s SEMA. Q2 Pure lives in the Professional category of Gyeon coatings and is designed for use by fixed shops or mobile detailers, as well as the advanced “Do It Yourself” detailers.


Q2 Pure contains the highest concentration of SiO2 possible by volume (which can lead to a tricky wipe off). It is designed to be installed in a single thick layer, however additional layers can be applied. The gloss and water behavior of this coating are at the highest level. The packaging notes at least 18 months of durability. I would easily expect more than that with proper maintenance. Q2 Pure can also be topped with other products in the Gyeon line, like Q2 CanCoat or Q2 Booster to take it even further.

To maximize the ease of application, Gyeon is introducing a different method for applying the coating. To be honest, we get mixed reviews in terms of the ease of application. If you are used to applying pure SiO2 based coatings in a thick single layer you will feel right at home. If you are used to applying something like Q2 Mohs, that feels very light and smooth, especially during wipe off, this will feel a little foreign and uncomfortable. I can say I felt the same, as we use a ton of Q2 Mohs in our facility, until I tried this new application method that came straight from the top at Gyeon quartz. It makes a SIGNIFICANT difference in ease of removal and has pushed Q2 Pure up my list of favorite coatings. The gloss, water behavior, and chemical resilience are hard to beat out of a single layer.  So let’s go over it!

As always, you should begin your coating application with a thorough wipe down with Q2 Prep. This will help remove any leftover polishing oils or detergents from the previous detailing step. I like to go on fairly heavy with Q2 Prep to allow the product to interact with the paint and remove any unwanted contaminant. I also use several new and plush microfiber towels to allow the contaminant I am trying to remove to be absorbed into the towel and actually removed from the surface. Using several towels will also ensure that there is no cross-contamination from one panel to another.


Now the fun begins! Read closely as this will be quite different from any other application methods you’ve seen me describe before.

We are going to place a medium-sized dot of Q2 Pure at the TOP section of the suede applicator only. The dot must be placed at the TOP of the suede applicator and not at the center. We are NOT going to run a line of product across the entire suede applicator. For this, I would choose the end of the suede applicator where the Gyeon logo is present so you can remember which end you applied the product to and which end you did not. You want to keep product applied to a single end for the next section and the rest of the applicator fairly dry.



Choose an area of the paint to start with about shoulder width wide so that it can be easily controlled. Pick either a left to right motion OR up and down motion/pattern in which to apply Q2 Pure. We are NOT going to apply in a traditional cross-hatch pattern, where we would move in both the left to right and an up to down motion. We are not looking to level the coating at this stage, simply apply a good amount to the paint. Move your suede applicator and your dot of product over the paint in whichever motion you choose for ONE pass, and make sure to overlap just a bit so you don’t miss any coverage.


Now, wait approximately 20-30 seconds. If your humidity level is high I would start this next step a bit sooner.

This next step is the most important, and where the most intention should be placed. Taking your same suede applicator with your applied dot, and without adding any more product, we are going to run the applicator over the previously applied area in very tight and even circles. We are looking to perfectly level the coating here. You will produce a very even and cloudy surface, where there are no high spots or “streaks”. This is perfect leveling of the coating.


After you feel like you have left a very even surface, which should take about 10-15 seconds of working the applicator in a circular motion, you are ready for the final wipe off. I suggest using a Q2 SoftWipe for this process as the long fibers are highly absorbent. We have tried every other towel from Gyeon and the SoftWipe performs the best in this scenario. I also use a hand held light, where I can see any remaining product left on the panel.

The wipe off of Q2 Pure will feel much easier with this application method. It is worth applying Q2 Pure using the traditional cross-hatch method on another area of the car just to feel the difference in ease of removal.


Once the area is complete, you move around the vehicle in the exact same fashion. Apply another dot to the top of your applicator and follow the steps above! When complete, you will have an incredibly glossy and super thick layer of pure SiO2 protection and performance. This process will also work great for Q2 ONE.

Jeff McEachran
Jeff McEachran

25 comments on How To: Gyeon Quartz Q2 Pure

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks Jeff for a great write up. That is impressive that such little product goes that far. This helps me as I have Pure in my possession and will be coating one of my cars with it.

    • Jeff McEachran says:

      Awesome!! This procedure will help a lot. Being such a high concentration of SiO2 it can feel thick and wipe off be more of a process than something super easy like Mohs. Let me know how it goes!!

  2. Rodney Tatum says:

    Thank you for the tip!

  3. Joseph says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Would you have to change the suede out when coating one car, or are you keeping the same suede during the entire process?
    Thanks for the great write up!

    • Jeff McEachran says:

      Hey Joseph,

      Yes I would switch suede’s out a few times during install. The important part is to make sure that the only fully saturated area of the suede is the dot placed at the top. The rest of the suede needs to stay relatively dry so that during the circle step, it can level out the coating completely.

  4. rlmccarty2000 says:

    How high is the SI02 level in Pure? Thanks.

  5. jw says:

    Can this product be applied to a vinyl roof wrap?

    • Jeff McEachran says:

      It certainly can, but I would be doing a test spot to make sure it lays and absorbs evenly. I would only use Pure on a gloss wrap. If it is satin or matte I would go with Q2 Matte. CanCoat or Mohs will by far be the easiest over vinyl.

  6. Jim says:

    Thank you for the examples and tips.

  7. Tim says:

    Great tip and technique. I’ve used it and will be adopting this going forward.

  8. Dale says:

    Sounds awesome. Wouldn’t have thought of this tech at all. Will be using it for next job. Thanks Jeff.

  9. Butch says:

    Do apply it over headlights and tail lights?

    • Reece @ DI says:

      Butch – You can apply Pure and other coatings over hard coated plastics like headlights and taillights

  10. Sachin Duggal says:

    Jeff thank you so much for sharing these tips. I do have one question. I think after detailing for 3 days straight on my vehicle I may have rushed one part, namely the application of Gyeon Pure. I left the car over night in my garage for about 10-10.5 hours and then applied cure. It was a little grabby and difficult to move my microfiber cloth around. I then read the instructions here and I needed to wait 24 hours to apply cure. After that I left my car in the garage for an additional 24 hours before checking the surface again, it was now extremely smooth. Is there going to be a bonding issue in my case? I still have half a bottle and my machine polisher. Do you recommend I lightly polish and reapply? Thanks for your tips hopefully I’ll detail with a fresher mind next time!

  11. pdqgp says:

    I’m looking to order a Geyon coating to apply to my Infiniti that I’ll be re-doing this summer. I REALLY love Syncro on my wife’s vehicle and am looking to see if any of you have used Pure or perhaps can compare the two. IMO Skin is what makes Syncro the most hydrophobic coating I’ve seen to date. It’s miles ahead of Cquartz and Gliss which is what my car has on it now.

    Again, looking to see what the comparisons of 1 coat of Pure vs Syncro and it’s 2 coats of Mohs and one coat of Skin.

    Thanks in advance!

  12. Maks says:

    Can you apply Gyeon Pure on the windshield and other windows ?

    • I haven’t tried this but I have used Gyeon Q2 View. It has worked wonders for me. Still beads water like no ones business and its been about a year now. I wouldn’t recommend using any hard coating like this on non-paint or non-hard plastics, (like headlights or taillights).

  13. Mondo says:

    Can the application be performed outside under a carport,Unfortunately I don’t have a garage.

    • Yes it can, I’ve been in the process of starting my own detailing business and I’ve been doing it under tents the entire time. just watch the weather because it cant be wet within the first 48 hour window. Also watch out for the wind.

  14. Jon says:

    Jeff. Great review. Regarding Wet Coat: Can Wet coat be used as a drying aid? I e heard of some people spraying into a mf towel and drying the surface that way. Is this possible?

  15. Hi Jeff,
    I went through this entire process on one of my clients cars and he left the car out over night and the car got covered in dew within the 48 hour no wet window. Now he has scratches all over his car that weren’t there before. Would the coating be rendered useless if it were wet within the 48 hours or would there be water spots? I put the coating on thick but none of the capabilities of the coating seem to be holding up. I’ve used this product on multiple clients and they love it and there’s been no issues. Do you have any idea as to what would cause this?

    Very Respectfully,
    Dave M.

  16. Wilson T says:

    I installed gyeon pure on my car over the weekend. Do I have to discard the microfiber towels that I used during the process? I soaked them in apc and water and they seem fine. Thanks!

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