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Meguiar’s: Deep Crystal Ceramic Paint Coating M788 & More – SEMA 2019


We are excited to share with you some new products from Meguiar’s that were released at SEMA this year! First, it is exciting to see that Meguiar’s stepped into the coating game with their professional line. These new products include the M122 Surface Prep, M27 Pro Hybrid Ceramic Sealant, M799 Pro Hybrid Ceramic Bead Booster, and the M788 Deep Crystal Ceramic Paint Coating. This means you will be able to prep the paint and apply a coating. As well as top it with some nice boosters!

Next, we have various consumer level products that will provide you with some high-end finishes at a nice value. First is the Hybrid Ceramic Wax (Liquid) which takes everything we love about the Hybrid Ceramic Wax spray, but in an easy to apply wax-like application style. Instead of a spray on wipe off product, this formula is thicker and can be applied like a traditional wax/sealant. The Hybrid Ceramic Detailer is a nice booster product for in-between washes that will clean and help boost the Ceramic Wax layer underneath. Add in the Hybrid Ceramic Quick Clay System (clay and protect in one product) and you have an easy to use collection of protection products!

Meguiar’s also updated a few formulas of some popular sellers. The Ultimate Quik Detailer, Ultimate Quik Wax, ScratchX, and Quick Interior Detailer all have some new elements to them. The Ultimate Quik Detailer has a new polymer package that provides easier wipe off and a slicker finish. The Ultimate Quik Wax goes on easier and leaves behind more shine and durability than before. The ScratchX removes imperfections faster and the Quik Interior Detailer now has odor eliminating technology!

All of these updates and new products from Meguiar’s are extremely exciting and below is an awesome video from James with Markus Kleis at the Meguiar’s SEMA booth! Markus will break down all of these new items, but if you would rather read about them you can check out the sale sheets below. Click here to check out the products that are available now and stay tuned to Detailed Image as more become available down the line.














Video Transcription:


Hey guys, James here, we’re at SEMA 2019 we’re at the Meguiar’s Booth and they have a ton of new stuff to talk about. We’re with Marcus, Marcus, what’s going on? What’s, what’s the latest? Well, I mean what’s not? We, we do have a lot of stuff going on this year, so. All right. We’ve seen a pretty significant refresh here with some of the ultimate items. Yup. New sprayers, not just a different look, but it’s actually gonna function differently. Nice. Clean spray. Very exciting. We have an all new product called ultimate leather detailer. All right. It’s kind of a different format, different concept. Sure. If you were to take a lotion that you’d normally apply, like a lotion as a conditioner and mix that with a quick and easy detailer, you’ve got one product that you can just spray and wipe. It’s kind of a maintenance, a little maintenance.


Exactly. You could use this every week, every two weeks, you know, kind of whatever you want to maintain it. Sure. But at the same time, do you want to get a towel and really scrub at? It’s a great cleaner. Okay. Not super high gloss on purpose. Not exactly like that classy finish. It’ll fit. Nice, nicer, higher end leathers. Okay. Okay, so that’s cool. Next we’ve got the new ultimate quick wax. Obviously we’ve had that for awhile. Okay. Fan favorite? Yup. 50% more in the bottle. Nice. Also every single thing you would like about it, the slickness, the darkness, the gloss, all of it amped up so it can’t be totally total reboot on the ultimate quick wax and the ultimate quick detailer. This is obviously one that you’d want to use on a clean car, not something dusty. You can also use it on a car while you’re drying.


Whereas the quick detailers kind of in between washes, fingerprints, dust or droppings as a little bit of like cleaning agents. That’ll help me get fingerprints like you lubrication for all that stuff so you don’t scratch. So this would be like right before the show yet. And then this would be maybe at the show if there’s a little something. You got it. Exactly. Exactly. Okay, so that sounds all very exciting. Cool stuff. All right, we’re moving on. We’re moving on. This is probably what’s going to get most people most excited. All right. Last year I think everybody knows we launched hybrid ceramic wax. Remember that big bright blue bottle? You’ve spray that on a wet car in the wash process. Yup. People absolutely loved the performance of it, but they say, Hey, you know what, if I want to apply that a more traditional way on, you know, a clean car with a, either a hand applicator or with the da, that’s what you can do with this.


Okay. So a little bit more traditional as far as the application goes. Yes. won’t stain trim. Okay. You can go over your decals, race stripes, all kinds of stuff. It’s not gonna mess any of that up. Cool. Just super easy to use. And that is the most durable wax we’ve ever had in our retail or consumer line to date. So most durable wax, kind of a good thing. All right. And I mean, boatloads of glosses, like it’s like cool. It will blow your mind when you use that stuff. It’s really awesome. Now, obviously if you’ve now put that on your car as your base, as your base. Yup. You washed it a week or two later, you use the blue one. Yep. Keep it boosted. Okay. But in between get dust, little refresh. Yep. There you go. Awesome. So this way you’re staying in the si02 family full time.


So if you, so say you, you know you have a car you started with the ceramic lacks as your base layer, that’s your foundation layer. And you’re saying the, the one you guys released last year is kind of your maintenance, right? So that might be every one, you know, a couple of weeks, every couple of weeks. And then after every wash you could, could you use this as, as a drying aid as well? Yeah. So you can use that as a drying aid. You can also use the blue one as a drying aid. So it’s really kind of up to you to go both ways. But you can use that during the middle of the week. You get some water spots, you know, running off from do on your car or droppings, dust, any that maintain it with that. Awesome. Awesome. So cool stuff. So if you want to stay in the, in the high tech family that’s ready to go.


Yes, exactly. We’re moving on. We’re moving on now. What we’ve done here, we’ve got here is you’re taking the same hybrid ceramic detailer. Okay. Which is a very slick okay. Formula. Yup. And using it as a lubricant for a synthetic plate applicator. Sure. So the clay itself is a unique formula that is a little bit more smooth, a little bit softer, not as likely to Marr like the professional synthetic clay cancer pairs very well with that. If you want to do like a quick top up and smooth it up. Okay. So it could be, it wouldn’t necessarily be something where the car is completely hammered covered in tar and it’s not the application, but this is something where there’s light contamination. You want to smooth it out a little bit, lay down some protection at the same time. Right, exactly. That’s your, this is what maybe you’ve got an hour on your Saturday and you don’t want to spend half your Saturday doing three steps.


This is a way to just quickly clean it and protect it the same time. And I’m guessing this might be a safe way. So obviously, you know, if we’re using a super aggressive clay bar, typically we’re going to most likely have to Polish right after the fact. Right? This would be something where we are still removing contamination, but we’re hopefully not having to Polish. Right. That kind of the goal, unless you have a very sensitive paint, you shouldn’t get any marring or scratching with that. Gotcha. If you do, it’d be very light. Something like our three and one wax that we launched last year would take that right out. Gotcha. Okay. So why don’t we shift down, we’re shifting down and let’s come back to this. This is the exciting part. This is the exciting part. So for the professionals, obviously you know that stuff. That’s great.


It’s going to find a role here and there, but, but really this is where we’ve kind of cranked it up. Sorry. Sunlight, three plus one Oh three all right. Co-Developed with scangrip. Cool. Everybody knows they make the best lights. Yep. We’ve worked with them for a couple of years to kind of dial this thing in for detailers by detailers kind of thing. So if you take all the best attributes of the light itself coming out of a typical scangrip, yes. But now you take, instead of having to click through the steps of brightness or color. Yup. Fully linear step list control. So I click and hold the power button and it will go from dim to bright and I can stop at any time and get exactly the brightness I want. Okay. Then I called the color temperature button and it scans color from warm to cool and cool or warm stop wherever you want.


You’re working on a black car needing to find swirls, you’re going to use a different setting than a silver car searching for high spots on a ceramic coat. Absolutely. So that precision control is unmatched. There’s nothing like it out there that will let you find literally any defect on any color car. How cool is that? So it’s kind of a, it’s a scangrip tailored for detailers. Exactly. How cool is that? All right. We have that has a two year warranty as well, which is awesome. So that’s a very robust tool. That’s an aluminum body. All right. So you can toss it around. You don’t want to, don’t go talk. Don’t do that. Don’t do that. It’ll take a beating. If it happens like at the shop we throw our scangrips like they’re all like flying around and they look horrible. But you know what they, when they hold up, there you go.


Great. So there’s that. Okay. This is probably going to get a lot of people’s attention as well. Okay. We’re finally in the U S stepping into the true ceramic coating pool. Cause I know for the longest time you guys have been outside of the U S and we’re just like, come on guys. Yeah. What’s going on? Well we’ve now, got it, we’ve had other coatings, not true full ceramics, but what we would call a coating. Sure, sure. This is a formula that is going to be compliant across the whole U S in every state, so all the new laws about that kind of stuff and also work anywhere globally as well. But that product, what’s truly unique about it is that it is designed so that anybody who’s even not even applied to ceramic coating before will safely without stress be able to apply that and it’s probably one of the big scary points, right?


We get that a lot like, Oh like you know, I want to do a coating but I’m scared. I don’t want to mess up my paint. I don’t want to leave high spots. I don’t want to have to sand it and I’m freaking out. Exactly. This is something where you could approach it and thoughts are generally the kind of the main concern when someone’s doing their first coding or even many thereafter. Yeah. This literally eliminates the risk of a high spot, so this will allow you to self level and repair. If you miss a spot, you can very easily literally wipe that away with the formula. So that that is something that like if there is a high spot, you take more product applied over top and it will literally level it out and you’ll be able to go to no issues, completely gloss, ready to rock.


So that way you don’t have to take a Xanax before you apply your coating. Right. You know, nice and easy. Now it also comes with everything that’s shown there in this kit. So we have blended gloves, branded gloves, branded, branded, branded. Just so we’re clear. Yeah. Super cool. The applicator that the bottle is on, we’ve developed that in house. A little unique, not a typical no block. You don’t need to wrap it with anything. That white material is a proprietary material that you put the coating onto. It will not scratch. We really made a point of making sure it compared to some of the other products that are out there on a sensitive paint. Might Marr it a little bit. Yeah. That’s gonna reduce that stress factor to make it that much easier to get it right the first time. So you’re not re polishing anything.


Sure. it also does not waste product because that both doesn’t scratch and doesn’t absorb product stays on the surface. Very cool. Where should it be right now? Are you ever worried with something like that? Is would that last throughout the whole installation? So you’re not having to switch the blocks out? Nope. That block is through the whole thing. Yes. Okay, cool. Yeah, so, and we’ll have some directions about how to kind of clean it and take care of it. Sure. It’s good. Yeah, exactly. And then also that neat little trick there is the surface prep M122. Sure. All new product included with the kit, with the kit, with the kit, all of that comes in there. That is six ounces, which is enough to wipe down the whole car and that will remove any polishing oils, any compound residue, anything that would have gotten in between the paint and the coating and screwed up your bond.


Right? Yeah. So super easy to use, very safe. There’s some other products out there that are pretty aggressive necessarily. How about compatibility with paint protection film and that kind of stuff? Yep. Safe on paint protection film. Cool. Safe on paint, safe on glass. Very safe formula to use. That was really a big driving force behind that. Okay. And to kind of segue into the gallon size and you know, there are professional, exactly. OSHA complaint bottle. Okay. The other thing is you are wanting to use this product during your detailing process to wipe off your compound or your Polish. Okay. A preemptive lee do it before maybe you get to the coding. It is a great lubricant and it will help reduce any chance of marring that would occur on the paint if you have a super sensitive paint. Okay. and it also just gets it all off so that you’re looking and saying, okay, I know if I miss some Haze or some light swirls, you’ll see the true condition of the paint as you work.


So just in case there’s any filling going on. Exactly. You’re basically preemptively doing that. Yeah. Then doing your light inspection with a brand new light and making sure that you’re there. There’s no defects. detailers or anything like me. Sometimes you start to push the envelope, I’m going to work a little bit bigger area. Right. And you end up getting more paint residue. Your finished degrades a little bit, but if it’s filled in that little bit, you might miss it. Sure. You spend Polish and half the car and now you’ve got to go back. Now you didn’t save any time. Yeah. If you’re using this as you work, you’ll see it immediately. Yup. So then you can identify any issues, any paint residue, control issues right away. Save time, make more money. It makes nice. Awesome. Awesome. Well, moving on again now. Now this is, these two guys here are probably gonna be the next most exciting things for many people.


Okay. A lot of folks have been asking us for a gallon of that blue stuff because a hybrid ceramic we launched last year. Yeah. Well we didn’t want to just stick it in a gallon and call it a professional product. So we literally started from scratch. Other than the SIO two is still common. Okay. But we have built a very different machine. This is built to be applied with a da or by hand. Okay. Dry car. This is not a spray on rinse off, you know, nothing like that. After the wash process, after the decon then we go very similar to how you’d apply a liquid wax or sealant. Right. There is no wax in that. That is a true SIO2 sealant safe on vinyl and decal and super awesome on PPF. So if you’ve got, you know, a tacky feeling paint protection film and it’s, you want to add a little bit more slickness to it, kind of a fresh, it makes it easier to clean, makes it easier to dry adds gloss, you know, to those services as well.


Okay. That is our most durable professional wax or sealant we have ever had. What are we talking about? Durability, real world. We’re seeing up to six months of performance performance. Yeah. If you top it with M799 every now and then. Yep. Use that as your drying aid. Okay. Then, I mean, it’ll just go and go and go. You’re never even gonna see it slow down whatsoever. But this is a sprayable sealant at full strength. Okay. So if you don’t dilute it and you spray it out of the bottle onto the paint or onto a coated car, it’s going to be a booster to rejuvenate the coating properties. Right. Can also use this on PPF. But what is really kind of a crazy thing about this is that you can also dilute it. So this is going to sound backwards. One part water, three parts product.


Okay. Normally you hear, Oh 10 to one you know you got a ton of water loaded or product. Absolutely. We’re just cutting it down just a little bit. Yup. You will then use that as a drying qie. You’ll use that as a clay lube. Okay. And you can also use that as a boosted detailer. So similar experience to this. Same but similar experience. If you put it down to one to three, if you diluted it. And obviously more a little bit more durable than that, obviously. Yes, definitely. Right. But you can dilute it. Maximize it, get the most out of your investment and have it do a bunch of different things which detailers love to do. Right. We love to maximize and test it out and try it in different, in different ways. And that’s, yeah, I can do very, very, very versatile and durable and a surprising amount of durability, three to four months of legit.


And the thing is, if anything that we put the name hybrid ceramic or pro hybrid saran we’re calling. Sure. Our intention there is, not to say it’s a ceramic coating, it is not a coating, it’s a different type of formula, but the properties that people like about a ceramic coating, the self cleaning, the, those crazy beating everything flies off that car. It’s easier to wash, easier to drive. This is meant to match any ceramic coating in that regard in the properties and the way. Exemplary experience. Yep. How it reacts. Yep. It’s going to last months instead of years maybe. But you’re going to be able to enjoy all of those properties that are really fun and make your life easier as a detailer or a car owner. Sure. Significantly less work, significant, significantly less time to put all that stuff together. Right? So these are going to give people a way to really experienced ceramic in a much easier format.


Okay. So this might be something where say, you know, say a customer didn’t necessarily want to put a coating on their car. Well maybe they have a classic and they just wanted, they wanted to try and kind of a new age sio2 based, you know, sealants and quick detailers and stuff. This might be something where they’re going to get the properties of what a ceramic coating is all about. But in a less time consuming, maybe a little bit easier, less commitment, less commitment, right? You’re not committed to use of durability. You want to have something like, okay, I want to try what is all this water coatings all about? Boom, I can try it out. Yep. And if you’d love it and you say, Hey, yeah, I want to commit to a year of that, then boom, that’s what that coating’s all about.


So it’s an excellent way for a professional detailer to show their clients who say, ah man, you want 500, 800, 1500 2,500 bucks to coat my car? Are you crazy? All right, tell you what, let me try this for you. Upsell them, you know, for a premium protection. Let them check it out. Then when they come back next time, Hey, what’d you think about that? I loved it. Would you like something that’s more durable? Now we can step up to a true ceramic coating. I think once people try this the real world advantages. The other thing too is old school traditional waxes, some of them will hold on to some dust or pollen in the air. Yeah. Yup, sure. We’ve all experienced that. A lot of us will not do that. So a little bit more repelling, much more like a coating. Right.


So we really tried to mirror a coding as many ways that we can. Sure. You know, me personally, I can’t fit my truck in the garage. Unfortunately. It’s a sad thing. We’ll talk about it later. It sits in the driveway. Yup. Every morning it’s covered in Dew and it had the dust from the day before. By the time I make it to work, all of that do has literally taken all that dust and completely cleaned my car. Yeah. I get to work and I do how I even have to wipe it down. So it’s definitely a level of self-cleaning then. Yeah. Which is awesome. And that’s the M27 over. I have PPF in the front of my truck. Okay. I put that over. That blew my mind. Yeah. I’ll use this. If I wipe it down once or twice during the week for another reason, then I’m going to use that one to three. Awesome. Awesome. So hopefully we didn’t overwhelm you. Lot of stuff. Lot of stuff here. A lot of stuff. A lot of stuff. Thank you so much Mark. And of course it was a pleasure. Always great guys. We’re at the Meguiar’s booth at SEMA 2019 crazy stuff. Check it out.

November 7th, 2019 | SEMA

8 comments on Meguiar’s: Deep Crystal Ceramic Paint Coating M788 & More – SEMA 2019

  1. Can’t wait to try some of these out!

  2. King john says:

    How do I get Maguire’s line of products in Nigeria…especially

  3. Ron Ayotte says:

    There will be the “product snobs” who will badmouth these new Meguiar’s products… to which I say…

    Meguiar’s has been in business for since 1901… they must be doing something right!

    I am looking forward to trying some of these products.

    • John Meade says:

      I’m with ya Ron. Their conservative approach to marketing, without all the overblow claims, and their tried and true research department, along with great prices, make this a definite addition to my garage.

  4. Justin Combs says:

    I’m curious to try this out. Last year I was harping on a Meguiars video where they spent a whole week detailing it just to end up putting wax on the vehicle…. told them to get with the program and this looks like a step in the right direction. However, I do not see a permanent ceramic coating in their near future.

  5. David Lauer says:

    I have been detailing for over 30 years. I have done testing for Meguiars on some of their products before they go to market. I live in Arizona, it is considered an extreme climate condition.They work with detailers in true environmental conditions before the product ever hits the market. Just a note, notice how many videos on YouTube from newer detail product companies compare their products to Meguiars!

  6. Tomato says:

    David even a better one…notice how many companies introduce ceramic coatings promising 3-5+ years of protection yet the companies themselves haven’t even been around for that long. If MEGUIAR’S puts it out I trust them!!


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