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Product Review: Detail Factory Microfiber Glass Towel Video


Source: YouTube

Ok, I know you may be thinking, what’s so special about this glass towel. It has to be like all the others. Well, that’s what I thought at first until I actually tried it. I am a huge fan of the two towel method when it comes to glass cleaning. The first towel is saturated with cleaner and used to make the first few wipes, followed by the second towel to knock down any streaks. I used the Detail Factory Microfiber Glass Towel in quite the opposite way and was shocked by the result!

For this test, I cleaned the glass of my wife’s VW Tiguan, which has seen some neglect I’m sorry to say. It was however the perfect candidate to test out this new towel. I grabbed the towel, sprayed some glass cleaner, and cleaned all of the interior glass with that same towel.

It did an unbelievable job at cutting through the dirt while still producing a streak-free finish. The crazy weave on one side of the towel had a unique feel to it on the glass but man did it clean well. I’m not usually one to get over-excited about a glass towel but this one, in particular, had me a bit smitten.

Detail Factory Glass Towel Specifications

  • Unique circular knit
  • 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide Blend
  • 500 GSM
  • Made in South Korea

Video Transcription:


Hey guys, James here with Detailed Image today, we are checking out the Detail Factory’s new glass towel. Right out of the gate, very cool packaging, all their packaging is really on point, which is cool. Well these are individually sealed individually, or I shouldn’t say individually, but they’re all free clean room, free laundered. So there the minimize dust and all that kind of stuff, which is really cool. But let’s, let’s give it an open. So again, kind of like right out of the gate, it is unlike most glass towels that I’ve seen actually pulled a one, a glass towel that we use in the shop primarily. And like, look at that difference. I mean, the thickness and this, you know, the Detail Factory glass towel has this like crazy roughly kind of weave going on that is supposed to help absorb more water and kind of cut and remove as much of that grease and grime that is on glass.


So we’re going to put this thing to the test, but very cool. Just, I mean, haven’t seen a glass tower like this. The other side is more of that traditional kind of really, really short nap kind of glass cleaning type towel that we’re used to. And then obviously on this side we have that kind of like roughly effect 500 GSM towel made in South Korea. I believe, let me double-check made in South Korea. Yep. And it comes in a 16 by 16 size. So let’s go right into cleaning the glass I like the two towel method typically, but I really want to test this towel as kind of a one towel in a one towel process. So we’re going to literally spray glass cleaner on one side and kind of do our final buff off on the, on the backside and kind of keep flipping as we move along on this, on this Tiguan having cleaned the glass in a long time, to be honest, it’s kind of gross.


So I think this will be a good test to see what this towel is made of. So first let’s go grab our glass cleaner and spray and, you know, saturate that one side of the towel. You know, I probably did five or six sprays. And then we’re, we’re coming up to the glass. And we are going to start one corner and obviously wipe that glass right out of the gate. And it feels like it’s a much, much thicker towel than I probably used to on glass cleaning, but it’s nice. Alright. We, we did that. We’ve kind of done our initial pass. Now we’re flipping that clean side and we’re going down and just knocking down any streaks. It has kind of a grabby effect almost when you, when you do that secondary wipe when, when the kind of the cleaner has evaporated.


But it’s really, really nice. And we’re left with, with one towel, a crisp, clean streak-free finish, which is exactly what we want. So let’s move around the car and, and keep going again, kind of spraying initially into the one side of the towel. And I think, you know, if you’re, if your glass is really dirty and you have kind of that film on there, what I would probably recommend is to continually flip this towel so that your initial side where you’re spraying the cleaner is continually flipped. And you’re kind of, you’re getting a new side because what I’ve noticed with some if you’re using just one towel is that side that has the cleaner in, it is going to get embedded with the dirt that you’re removing. And eventually you’re kind of just going to be slashing that dirt around.


So keep flipping that as much as you can until it’s kind of spent, and then once that’s spent and it’s all dirty and gross then that’s when you want to grab a new towel, but that weave is like crazy. It’s got like a very like interesting feel to it. And I definitely do feel like it kind of cuts that, that grease or that, that film a little bit more effectively than, than like a traditional short nap towel. So very interesting technology, which is pretty cool. I mean, to kind of recap and just to summarize after we just did this dig in the weave very, very cool. Definitely cuts more effectively into that film. Like I said, I’m usually a two towel method, glass cleaning guy. But this was, I, you know, we basically did the whole car with this one towel and it worked great.


Definitely, I kept flipping often so that we’re never getting too much buildup of dirt that we’re taking off on, on just one side. I think that’s the key, if you do want to use one towel and then as soon as you kind of use all the sides that’s when you’re going to want to grab that second towel. So if you have a massive like Chevy suburban, you might obviously want to grab a couple of towels, but if you’re in the market for a glass towel this is definitely something to look at something I have not seen before. That’s really intriguing, really cool, and definitely, something to consider. Appreciate it, guys. Thanks for watching. See you in the next one.

James Melfi
Holliston, MA
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