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Product Review: Sonax Perfect Finish


Sonax Profiline Perfect Finish is truly the perfect finishing polish! This outstanding polish was designed to finish down your paint, removing haze and leaving behind an ultra smooth finish at the microscopic level. You can use this product after more aggressive polishing to help remove any surface haze, light imperfections, etc. You can even use Perfect Finish as a great one step polish! It will provide enough correction to remove light to medium imperfections, a level of finish that puts it in elite company, and doing all of this in an amazing amount of time. Perfect Finish can achieve a high level of correction in as little as an hour and a half! Simply apply with a buffer and a finishing pad (ie Lake Country Black Finishing Pad) if you are using it as a finishing polish, or a polishing pad (ie Lake Country White Polishing Pad) if you are using it as a one step polish. One of the primary advantages of this product is how it finishes down so well even on those soft and finicky paints, that can be challenging to work on. Perfect Finish is an absolute must have product for these soft finishes so you can get perfection in a very short amount of time.

Perfect Finish has a thicker consistency and it has the tendency to saturate pads more frequently than other polishes. For the best results be sure to change your pads frequently, 3 to 4 pads per car is a good rule of thumb for absolute maximum results. If you are looking for a great finishing, or one step polish that will leave your paint crystal clear, the SONAX Profiline Perfect Finish is for you!

OK, I know what your thinking “Just what I need another polish!”  If your like me you probably have a TON of them, and chances are you have your “go to” products. You tend to get an idea of what you will need for correction and reach for that. A good way to know for sure is by doing a test spot, Chad discusses that here in his article on What is a “Test Spot” and why is it important? With that said Sonax Perfect Finish has become one of my main “go to” products.

What makes Sonax Perfect Finish such a stand out compared to other polishes. The cut, finish, and ease of use just to name a few. On softer paints you can get correction that previously you would need to have performed at least a two step correction process. The key here is correction and finish. PF will finish down really well, as well as a dedicated finishing polish.

Another major benefit of PF is the way it removes from the surface. With very light wiping using a Great White MF the product simply wipes off the surface. No struggling, or fighting the polish. M105 is an amazing product, however it does have some limitations. It tends to dust quite a bit, and at times removal from the surface can be near impossible, to the point where another polish is needed to remove M105 from the surface. This is where Perfect Finish comes in! Simply add a drop of PF to your 3 pea sized drops of M105, dust is reduced and removal from the surface becomes much easier. By doing this you are not reducing the cut of the 105, but you are simply making it easier to use.

Speaking of dust, let’s discuss that. If you are like me you hate polishing dust. It gets everywhere, it stinks to clean up and is just messy. Whenever I hear “NO Dust” I get skeptical. While I will not say there is no dust, I will say PF has such little dust it’s a pleasure to work with. I could compare it to the amount of dust you get from wiping off Blackfire Wet Diamond.

The gloss level of paint is amazing when using PF. Here is a recent BRZ that was super reflective. Not many products finish, correct, and have the ease of use like PF.


Is it worth having another polish in your arsenal? This time it is! PF is such a good polish that I sent a couple of samples to some fellow detailer’s throughout the nation and now each one of them has purchased PF and is using it daily.

As always thanks for reading! 🙂

Gregory Gellas
Signature Detailing NJ
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
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14 comments on Product Review: Sonax Perfect Finish

  1. Zach says:

    Hey Greg, thanks for the review… I have tried several polishes over the years and I continue to keep M205 and PF2500 on my shelf, but to be honest, I am looking to try something new.

    If you had to compare PF to PF2500 and M205 in terms of cut, how would it compare? Just trying to get an idea of where it would fit in my arsenal of products. Thanks!

  2. Greg Gellas says:

    I dont have PF2500, I can say that it cuts more than M205. Its finish is insane. Its ideal for a step polishing.

    Thanks Greg

  3. Chris Larson says:

    Greg write up Greg!Sonax Perfect Finish is one of those polishes you should have in your arsenal.

  4. Paul Westerville says:

    Greg how does PF compare to Merzerna sf 4500?

  5. Mark Rothschild says:

    Super article Greg. Very enlightening. I was first introduced to Sonax three years ago while seeing my girlfriend in Munich. At the time we used a combination polish/wax of some kind, and it did a great job on a very neglected paint surface. When finished, that ten year old BMW looked showroom new. Sonax makes fine products. I am eager to learn about other Sonax offerings in the future.

  6. Tony says:

    Hi Greg and thanks for the awesome review.
    I have been using this product for a little and and love it.
    I would like to ask if you believe this polish contains fillers, as I’ve heard you have have to be very careful if you are applying coatings. (opticoat, etc)
    Personally I don’t use many coatings so not much of an issue, just interested to hear your thoughts

  7. Bruce says:

    Hi Greg, just read your review of Sonax pf 4/6 & how its easy to wipe off. I take it the 4/6 is higher then the 3/6 Sonax compound/polish. How does the 5/4 compound/polish finish out? I was just looking for a non megs 105 polish that works great & finishes out nice. Bruce

  8. Dave says:

    I recently purchased this product, all I can say is unbelievable. Yes, I have bottles and bottles of polishes, and after reading an article about PF, why not add another bottle of polish to my trophy case right??
    Well, after using this stuff I unloaded my trophy case of ‘best polishes I ever tried’ and this stands alone.
    They key is changing the speed of the buffer. Use a rotary first at 800 rpms for about 30 seconds, up the speed to 1500 and keep buffing till the polish is just a haze. Now on black cars you will still have a little hazing, holograms, etc. So out comes the dual action. Hit the paint with PF and a microfiber pad and black paint will look like nail polish. Took me 3 hours to polish a CLK430 mercedes, including waxing. Detail image doesnt sell the quart size bottle, so go to Amazon for it. With the quart bottle you can probably polish 30 cars, this stuff goes along way. Much cheaper purchasing the quart.

  9. Richard Manrique says:

    Dear Greg – just purchased SPF and eager to try on 2015 Jet Black Nissan SUV. As a DIY’er I don’t have your experience paring polishes and finishes across different cars. What would you suggest? I have 8mm ChemGuys Torz 10FX DA. I was going to start with LC white CCS pad (also have pink and orange) Would black pads have enough stiffness to use with the polish, or is it just a waste of time. Would LC orange pads be too aggressive for black paint? Also, do you merely reduce pressure at end of passes to generate max gloss, or would you suggest switching to a softer finishing pad (LC black or blue).
    Also have Rupes yellow and green pads, and ChemGuys Hex-Logic black, white, and orange pads.
    Thanks for your help.

  10. Willy Tee says:

    I have a brand new Genesis G80 Sport in Polar White. It came from the dealer full of paint contamination. I clay barred for two hours, put on a glaze and paint sealant but I’m just not thrilled with the depth of color or shine.
    I have a random orbital polisher and want to know if it is okay to strip off what I’ve done and use Sonax Perfect Finish and then a wax or sealant. Help, please. Willy Tee.

  11. Allard, Jean-Luc says:

    I am just starting detailing and I am planning to use Sonax PF. Does 250ml is enough for one SUV?

  12. Justin says:

    I’m still fairly new to detailing and I’m about to work on a new black GM truck in a few days and will be doing a 1 step polish to prep for ceramic coating. Overall the paint looks good. The 2 polish I have is Sonax Perfect Finish and 3D One.
    Looking for advise/opinion from some of the pro’s that has used Sonax Perfect Finish and 3D One and which one the 2 polish might be better to use on a new GM black paint?

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