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Product Review: The Last Cut Compounding Glaze


When you search for a compound or polish,  it might be a bit overwhelming with the vast amount of products available today.  Each detailer typically has their go-to combination of compounds or polishes that they use day in and day out.  With the different materials being used by vehicle manufactures, creating hard or soft clear coats, it’s common to find many different products in a detailers cabinet. Whether you are looking to achieve results in a one-step polishing process or a multi-step paint correction, it’s usually a task that requires several products.  Which leads us to The Last Cut a versatile product that gives the user full control over finishing ability based on pad choice.

We paired The Last Cut with our  Rupes Bigfoot MKII 21mm using a Rupes coarse wool pad.

The compound allows ample working time before breaking down. It also has high lubrication properties to reduce surface heat buildup reducing the likelihood of paint swelling. Once the compound does break down, it leaves minimal product making removal very easy.  The Last Cut contains no fillers or silicone, making this product body shop safe and assuring that it won’t hide imperfections revealing your true results when you’re finished.

The results on this F150 were accomplished in one step.  No polish was used in order to show how well The Last Cut finished our panel.

Dust build up is a constant battle when performing paint correction work.  I find it hard to get a compound that cuts well, but is low dusting.  Usually, you’d have to compromise for one or the other, or swap over pads frequently.  We were able to work on multiple panels before having to swap over to a new pad, while producing very little dust.

In order for any compound or polish to work as described, proper paint decontamination is required.  This process can be found in this video by James Melfi.

Overall this compound performed as promised by the manufacturer with the added benefit of low dust build up and longevity of the pad life during the detail. The Last Cut will be joining our line up of compounds and polishes from now on.

Zach & Leanne Silvernail
Zach's Dynamic Detailing
Greenville, SC
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5 comments on Product Review: The Last Cut Compounding Glaze

  1. Greg Pautler says:

    Great article! I think a lot of people are sleeping on this product. It’s very versatile, you can use it with lots of pads and works great especially in extreme weather!

  2. Zack Silvernail says:

    I was definitely one of those people who skipped over this product! But glad I gave it a chance. It smells very similar to several products I used in the marine industry. It could work very well in extreme heat or humidity

  3. Gianni Dalmasi says:

    This compound has been my go to for some time now. It’s not finicky and I barely experience any dusting at all. IMO, TLC and Griots FCC are the most versatile compounds on the market right now. The balance between their cutting & finishing ability is perfect!

  4. Michael Stultz says:

    Love the last cut! Just swap pads to change the effects of TLC. Works extremely well on chrome exhaust tips as well. Been a happy customer for about 2 years now.

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