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Tanzanite BMW M4: Paint Correction, ClearGuard Nano Clear Bra Wrap, Modesta Coatings (Video)


Many moons ago we got our first Yas Marina Blue BMW M4 when they were first released. We installed clear bra and a ceramic paint coating, patted the M4 on the butt and sent her on the way.

A few years later the owner reached out to me to let me know he had ordered a new M4 Competition Package ride in Tanzanite Blue and that he wanted the works. After spending a bit of time going over all the new options available since his last visit, he confirmed, and we waited for his new baby to arrive.

Once it arrived, we washed and decontaminated the paint only to discover some pretty gnarly defects all over. Paint correction was added to the already long to-do list and we got busy.

A quick rundown on the process for this extensive project:

  • Pre-Treated with P21S Total Auto Wash and Sonax Multistar. Yes, using 2 different pre-treats matters when it comes to gently decontaminating!
  • Washed with Sonax Shampoo
  • Treated with Sonax Fallout Cleaner
  • Mechanical decon with claybar
  • Paint Correction. Wild selection of pads and products for different surfaces: purple foamed wool, microfiber cutting discs, orange medium cut pads, gray and white finishing pads all used between Rupes Bigfoot, Rupes pneumatic LH75P (as shown in the video), Makita Rotary units and even some stuff by hand (urgh). The variety of machines is necessary for a professional looking to get the best finish on all surfaces.
  • Another decon wash to ensure surfaces are completely free of oils and dust before wrapping with clear bra.
  • Safe removal of many parts to provide our advanced clear bra wrap with the fit and finish it demands all emblems, tail lights, door handles, trim, kidney’s etc. (Some shown, some not shown)
  • Full-body clear bra wrap with what we currently see as the best paint protection film on the market; ClearGuard Nano by Prestige Film Technologies.
  • Another (yes…..another) wash. This time to remove slip solutions from the clear bra, cracks, crevices, door jambs, etc. to ensure the Modesta BC-04 will have a pure bond to the clear bra and exposed paint surfaces like those found inside the door jambs.
  • Application of Modesta’s BC-04 paint coating to the surface of the clear bra, glossy black finishes, door jambs/stops of the doors and trunk lid. This gives the clear bra additional protection from chemical etching, a superior self-cleaning surface that is significantly easier to clean than is otherwise achievable and world class gloss and luster.
  • Wheels removed. Wheels and calipers detailed, coated with Modesta BC-06, treated with infrared program, topped with Modesta BC-08, treated with infrared program and then remounted and lugs torqued to factory spec with digital torque wrench.
  • Leather treated with Modesta’s 2-part Leather Protection System designed to provide chemical resistance and eased cleaning of the leather seats as well as abrasion resistance for all outer bolsters.

The video I am sharing required 245 video clips that consumed 17.7 gigs of hard drive space. When we shoot video for projects it comes at a large cost to our workflow but I don’t think there’s a better way to show off a window into what happens at Detailed Designs over one of these big projects. I personally shot 95% the clips and edited everything together. I am not a professional videographer…so I hope you’ll enjoy this video for what it is; 100+ hours of work crammed into a 4-minute video by a guy who makes his living restoring, enhancing, and protecting fine automobiles…not making videos. haha!

If you’re anywhere near metro-Atlanta (or in the southeast at all hah!), give us a shout if you would like to learn more about how you can get your baby buttoned up with a service similar to this!

Source: YouTube

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Jean-Claude Corcoran
Jean-Claude Corcoran
Detailed Designs Auto Spa
Atlanta, GA

9 comments on Tanzanite BMW M4: Paint Correction, ClearGuard Nano Clear Bra Wrap, Modesta Coatings (Video)

  1. Bob says:

    Awesome work on all aspects of that detail! The PPF install looks great. That video was very cool. I enjoyed the camera work.

  2. Mike D. says:

    I recently had some work done by JC and his team and was blown away by the care, fit and finish they accomplish. I drove 400 miles based on some of the reviews I read, and they made me a believer. The PPF install was so crisp and exact to a level I had not experienced before. This video gives you a small idea of how much labor goes into this level of installation. I highly recommend the PPF process and encourage you to talk to JC if you are considering it.

  3. Frank says:

    Amazing job!!..thank you for the time it took you and your team to make this article and video.!!..

  4. RonAyotte says:

    Simply stunning!

  5. Mike Bowers says:

    Maybe I missed it, but what is the interior color? And, awesome work and video. I’m turning in my 2016 Sakir Orange M4 in January 2019 and in the process of specing my 2019 M4. I’m thinking Tanzanite Blue, Silverstone interior, ZCP with silver wheels. I’ve been waffling but your video really goes along way to sell me on this build. Thanks.

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