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What Is The Difference Between Rupes Uno Pure, Protect & Advanced


Rupes UNO Advanced, Protect, &Pure

Rupes was established in 1947 and since then they have been pushing the detailing industry forward with their many innovations. During SEMA 2022, they added another great product to their UNO line called the UNO Advanced. With the UNO Advanced being the third product in the line, I wanted to talk about the difference between it, Rupes’ Uno Pure and Uno Protect.

Rupes UNO PURE Ultra Finishing Polish

Rupes UNO PURE Ultra Finishing Polish

The First UNO product I want to talk about is the UNO PURE Ultra Finishing Polish. Since this is an ultra finishing polish, it is great for removing very light to the lower spectrum of medium imperfections. Unlike the other UNO polishes, Pure does not have any protection. You are getting a very reliable ultra fine polish that works with rotary, random orbital, and even gear driven polishers.

Rupes UNO Protect One Step Polish & Sealant

Rupes UNO Protect One Step Polish & Sealant

Rupes UNO Protect is personally one of my favorite polishes to use recently. It’s a one-step that corrects, polishes, and protects. You can use this polish to correct medium to light imperfections while leaving a layer of protection. Rupes UNO Protect utilizes cross-linking polymers to provide your vehicle with a high gloss shine while leaving 90 days worth of protection.

Rupes UNO Advanced

Rupes UNO Advanced

The newest addition to the UNO product line is the Rupes UNO Advance, which also seems promising. This product was announced at SEMA 2022 and a lot of people were excited about it. The UNO Advance is finishing polish which would be used as the final step in a multi-step polishing process. It can also be used as a standalone polish for light correction, gloss enhancement, and protection in only 1-step. The most interesting aspect of the Rupes UNO Advance is that Rupes estimates that it will provide up to a 12-month layer of protection to the paint of your vehicle. That is a long time for a polish to provide protection. I haven’t personally tested this product out for myself but I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

For an easy breakdown of the three products, see the Rupes UNO comparison chart.

Rupes UNO Comparison Chart

Product Protection Durability Cutting Power
Rupes UNO PURE Ultra Finishing Polish

Rupes UNO PURE Ultra Finishing Polish

No None Light
Rupes UNO Protect One Step Polish and Sealant

Rupes UNO Protect One Step Polish & Sealant

Yes ~90 Days Light to Medium
Rupes UNO Advanced

Rupes UNO Advanced

Yes ~12 Months Light

Have any of you tried all of the products Rupes has to offer in their UNO line? If so what is your favorite to use and why? I would love to hear what you guys think about these items!

6 comments on What Is The Difference Between Rupes Uno Pure, Protect & Advanced

  1. Zack Bell says:

    I use all 3 of these products. Uno and there white foam are something that I have been finding a necessity with the new cars and their sticky soft paint.

    Uno Protect has been great for those gloss it up and go scenarios. I like pairing it with a Rupes yellow wool. The slickness and gloss are fantastic. However, the filling capabilities and hydrophobics are pretty short lived. A couple washes in my experience.

    Uno Advanced also has fantastic gloss and slickness. Doesn’t cut/fill as much as UNO Protect, but this would be a great upsell for a customer and a time saver as the last step in the correction process for someone not wanting a coating! I hope the durability holds up. Currently have this on a test panel sitting outside and the hatch of my own vehicle. Even if it lasts half what they say, I think this will be a winner for sure!

  2. Peter Leoni says:

    Thank you for explaining these three products very well. I can’ see using the Uno Protect or Uno Advanced if you are planning to ceramic coat, only the Uno Prue Ultra with a IPA cleaning after. Is that correct?

    • Reece @ DI says:

      Peter – Before applying a coating, I would avoid using any product that leaves behind protection unless it is specially formulated for use with a ceramic coating. Introducing any protective layer can cause issues with a coating layer adhering to the paint if not removed completely first. Hope that helps!

  3. I have used Uno One and Protect in my detailing business and both are worthy products. Neither one has much cut so don’t use it if that’s what you really need. Both products produced nice gloss. The main difference between the two I’ve noticed is that the Advanced product is extremely difficult to remove from foam pads after you’re done polishing. Almost impossible actually. I call it the pad killer. Just recently found one cleaner that might be working, but it’s not 100%.

  4. Scott Luczkow says:

    I recently found uno pure is great for polishing minor surface scratches out of gloss black wheels to prepare for coating. Leave zero haze behind, works great!

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