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Optimum Opti-Seal - 8 oz

Optimum Opti-Seal - 8 oz
Optimum Opti-Seal on a DI Great White Towel Optimum Opti-Seal being sprayed on a Z06 Chevy Corvette Optimum Opti-Seal and Poli-Seal Optimum Opti-Seal & Free Yellow Foam Applicator - 8 oz manufacturer label
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Optimum Opti-Seal
8 oz

Product Information

  • The ultimate in ease of use when it comes to protecting your vehicle with a sealant
  • Simply mist Opti-Seal onto your paint and walk away, no wiping is necessary when applied properly
  • Perfect for professional detailers or enthusiasts who are looking for maximum results in less time
  • Includes a free Optimum yellow foam applicator
  • Product Code: OPT-20239
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Customer Reviews

98% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 56 ratings

Product Description

This is an absolutely amazing and revolutionary product that makes protecting and shining your paint unbelievably easy. Opti-Seal is an ultra concentrated spray on sealant that dries clear and requires no removal of excess product. Yes you read that correct NO removal is needed at all. Simply spray on a very fine mist, spread it nice and thin with the free foam applicator supplied to you with very light pressure. The polymers will instantly start to cross link and form an extremely tight bond with your clear coat. After that you just have to walk away because you are all done, no additional buffing or removal is necessary. The Opti-Seal will dry clear and leave a brilliant shine on any color paint. This state of the art sealant provides long term protection, so don't mistake it for a product that just provides a quick shine. It can protect the paint for months with no additional protection needed. If desired you can layer a wax over it but it's not necessary. Whether you use it alone or with your favorite wax the Opti-Seal will protect against UV rays, road grime, dirt, brake dust, industrial fall out and more. Best of all is this product provides tremendous value as you many only need about .25 ounces per coat! We also highly recommend it on the glass, wheels, headlights, etc. Try the Opti-Seal today and get one of the most effective and easiest to use detailing products ever created.

Professional Detailer Reviews

Opti-Seal is a true paint sealant with no cleaning properties. It provides a crystal clear polymer barrier between the finish and the harsh elements, and best of all it easily goes on in minutes. Opti-Seal is hyper-concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way! Just one ounce will seal and protect 4 to 5 cars. It comes with an 8 oz. bottle and a foam applicator pad. Once completed, you will be left with a beautiful finish that will provide months of protection.

Every great now and then a breakthrough detailing product comes along that sets the new standard with its performance, ease of use, value, or its versatility. For Optimum Opti-Seal spray sealant, it hit the mark in every single category!
Optimum Opti-Seal Spray Sealant Product Review


Optimum How To: ONR & Opti Seal

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Optimum Power Clean, Dry and Seal in one step

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From The Label

Product Description

Opti-Seal is another high performance and easy to use product from Optimum that offers high gloss and durability though a simple application. Simply wipe on and walk away. There is no residue to remove. It can be used on all painted surfaces, plastic trims, and wheels. It is highly concentrated so use sparingly.


Applications: Apply to clean and dry surfaces at temperatures between 55F and 90F. Lightly mist a clean and dry sponge applicator with Opti-Seal or spray directly on the car surface. Work Opti-Seal into the paint by wiping in a circular motion or back & forth till it is evenly spread. Opti-Seal leaves no residue to remove or buff off. If you notice streaking, you are using too much. After application, wash the pad with soap and water and allow it to dry completely before reusing.

Customer Reviews

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Would they buy this item again? Yes
Love Optiseal. The bottle I just received states it is an updated formulation with ceramic . Amazing gloss I got from it. Very slick also. A great product made even better. Optimum makes great stuff can't go wrong. Best place to get Optimum from is DI. For sure. Best service.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Great product, super easy to apply!
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
I tend to over-think a lot of things, and application of this stuff was one of them.

I had the most difficult time learning how to lay this down. To the point of spraying it on the paint, and wiping it off with a microfiber towel. I also used it a lot as a drying aide, but could never lay it down right using the applicator.

As a result. I never cared for the look or performance it left behind. When I purchase a paint protection product, I expect crazy water beading, and I wasn't getting it out of Opti-Seal.

Very recently I decided to do a deep dive into what this product can offer, and have now learned how to properly apply it with the foam applicator. While I'm still not getting the desired water behavior, I am getting great water repellency, incredible gloss - unexpected gloss actually. I had no idea something that looks like straight water could impart such beauty onto the paint.

So, be advised that sometimes there is a learning curve. I try not to lay blame on products until I've exhausted all possibilities of user error. Opti-Seal is a strong, dependable sealant with many uses. Also works great as a base for Optimum Car Wax, which is another favorite of mine. I also offer Gloss Coat to my clients, and Opti-Seal allows for quicker pick up than having to wait a day for curing.

Yes, I will absolutely buy this again.


1. I got those pretty water beads when I apply Opti-Seal after polishing with Hyper Polish.

2. I applied to a brand new lawn mower, and it kept it cleaner than if I hadn't put Opti-Seal on it.

3. Works great on windshield glass, works a lot like RainX.

4. A must for protecting a curing Gloss Coat (after a 60 minute set up time).

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