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Clean Shine Protect
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Collinite 126 Auto Cleaner Wax

Collinite 126 Auto Cleaner Wax - 16 oz
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Available Sizes

Collinite 126 Auto Cleaner Wax
16 oz

Product Information

  • Will clean and protect your paint while leaving behind an amazing gloss!
  • Easy to apply by hand or with a buffer
  • Durable protection that truly lasts
  • Excellent All In One (AIO) product that polishes and waxes in one step
  • Product Code: 126
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Product Description

Collinite 126 Auto Cleaner Wax will remove embedded contaminants from the exterior finish while enhancing gloss and leaving behind a coating of premium wax! No. 126 will remove brake dust, dirt, film, light oxidation, light discoloration, oil, water spots, grease, bugs, stains, and more from the surface. The light polishing particles will help remove light swirls and ultra fine scratches creating a clean, smooth and shinny surface. At the same time No. 126 will leave behind a protective coating that guards against future surface corrosion, harmful UV rays, road salt, brake dust, rain, snow, bugs, bird poop, and more. According to Collinite this protection will last up to a full year! This is truly an amazing wax that will stand up throughout the rigors of winter weather too. Don't forget about the incredible shine this wax produces that Collinite products are synonymous with. You'll absolutely love the shine it adds to every color paint! Apply nice and thin to the paint by hand with a foam applicator or by an orbital buffer with a black pad. Let the wax cure for 10 - 15 minutes and buff off the excess product with your favorite microfiber towel and you are done, it is just that easy! All Collinite products like No. 126 are hand poured and hand crafted in the good old USA! If you are looking for a liquid wax that will clean, shine, and protect then the Collinite 126 Auto Cleaner Wax is for you!

From The Label

Product Description

Cleans-Waxes-Protects the finish in one easy operation, leaving a hard, brilliant, gemlike finish on both new and used cars. This sparkling, almost indestructible protective coating lasts and lasts even under the most adverse conditions. Assures protection against sun, rain, salt-spray, bugs, dew, birds, etc.


  1. Shake well before using.
  2. Apply Sapphire liquid Auto Wax with a piece of turkish towel folded into a pad.
  3. Rub well to loosen all dirt, film, etc. and then allow to dry to a haze.
  4. Polish off with a clean, dry, soft cloth to produce a brilliant luster.

Super Sapphire No.SS-126 Detergent Proof, Liquid Auto Wax is, also, excellent for cleaning and waxing fiberglass boats, mobile homes, all enameled, lacquered and varnished finishes.

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