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Clean Shine Protect
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Tuf Shine Tire Clearcoat

Tuf Shine Tire Clearcoat - 6 oz
Free TUF SHINE Applicator Sponge
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Available Sizes

Tuf Shine Tire Clearcoat
6 oz
($4.17 / oz)
Tuf Shine Tire Clearcoat
16 oz
($2.81 / oz)

Product Information

  • The longest lasting tire shine we have ever tested, lasts several months at a minimum
  • 1 - 2 coats gives you a beautiful matte finish, 3+ coats gives you an incredibly glossy finish
  • Water based formula that is totally safe, no petroleum solvents, silicones or oils that can attract dust
  • Comes with applicator
  • To get the Tire Clearcoat and more check out the TUF SHINE Tire Appearance Kit
  • Withstands several pressure washing treatments and can be washed with gentle cleaners
  • Product Codes: TS301TS, TS301TC
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Customer Reviews

95% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 22 ratings

Product Description

Tired of getting days or weeks at most from your favorite tire dressing? Would you prefer it lasted a month or how about several months? If yes, then the TUF SHINE Tire Clearcoat is the answer you have been looking for! This revolutionary new technology allows you to apply a coating to your tires that will leave them shinny and glossy year round. It is so strong it will withstand several pressure washings. The water based formula is completely safe and highly effective so even your tires will thank you. It does not use any petroleum solvents, silicones or oils that can attract dust, in fact the formula is anti-static which helps repel dust and dirt. To start applying this product you must first clean the tires several times. Spray the TUF SHINE Tire Cleaner on your tires and thoroughly scrub them with the TUF SHINE Tire Brush. We highly recommend this cleaner over generic degreasers as it has the unique ability to remove road grime and old tire dressings without leaving any residue behind that negatively impacts the Tire Clearcoat. When all the old tire dressing residue and contaminants from the road are removed your scrub brush will no longer look black or brown and you can move on to applying the Tire Clearcoat (see directions below). In short you apply a thin coating with the supplied TUF SHINE Applicator Sponge. We recommend 1 - 2 coats for a dark finish but three or more coats is needed for the overly glossy appearance. The tires will look simply incredible upon completion, you won't even contemplate using another product. You will also get a lot of request from friends and family who wish their tires looked so good! So stop looking at old faded tires and love your tires again with the TUF SHINE Tire Clearcoat.

If you want all of the products listed above in one convenient kit please check out the TUF SHINE Tire Appearance Kit. This kit has the TUF SHINE Tire Cleaner, Tire Brush, Tire Clearcoat, Applicator Sponge and a rubber glove all in one box.

TUF SHINE Tire Clearcoat directions (after cleaning)
Tires must be cool and dry. Do not apply in direct sunlight or in temperatures under 50 degrees
1.) Shake contents.
2.) Apply a small amount onto the applicator sponge.
3.) Apply to whitewalls and raised letters first. Allow 5 or more minutes for the first coat to dry, which will seal the white areas.
4.) Apply a thin even coat to the rest of the tire following the circular pattern of the tire. Slight milky buildup is OK, smooth any runs. The tire shine will dry clear. If any black residue is drawn onto white areas, wipe off immediately with a clean damp towel. Allow to dry between coats. Liberal applications for 2nd and 3rd coats will further enhance tire shine.
5.) TUF SHINE Tire Clearcoat is permanent, unlike other tire shine products. Wipe any residue from wheels and/or painted surfaces before it dries. Apply additional coats for increased tire shine. 3 to 4 coats will bring out the maximum shine. Touch up scuff marks and nicks to restore the tire shine and keep that new look.
6.) Rinse the applicator sponge with water for future use.
7.) Care for the tire as you would the paint. To prolong the finish, use water and a soft brush or a gentle shampoo and water mix for heavier build ups on the tires. Avoid using strong chemical cleaners as they will dull the tire shine finish.

Professional Detailer Reviews

Not only does it provide a beautiful finish to the sidewall of all tires, whether it be a matte finish or a high gloss finish, this product also provides 100% protection from UV and ozone concerns. In the 3 years I've used the product it has NEVER cracked or blistered off. Unlike most off the "off the shelf" tire dressings, TUF SHINE Tire Clearcoat is water based and is dry to the touch in just a minute or two after application. It has no oily or gooey residue, will not sling off and will not wash off.

- Product Review: Tuf Shine Inc. by Greg Nichols

What differentiates Tuf Shine from your standard tire dressing is the fact that it's a rubber clearcoat being applied to the tire, and not a "dressing". And after a few minutes drying time, the tire is completely dry to the touch...no black residue will come off onto your hands (or clothes). It's a completely different type product. The finished product is a nice, dark look without being overly glossy, and without any worries of residue slinging onto your freshly detailed car! You should continue to see a nice finish that lasts for months...not days or weeks.

- Product Review: Tuf Shine Tire Shine Kit by Todd Cooperider


Tuf Shine Tire Cleaner Prep for Tire Clear Coat

Tuf Shine Tire Dressing

From The Label

Product Description

Guards Against Sun Damage
Withstands Repeated Pressure Washings

IMPORTANT! All new and used tires must be thoroughly cleaned with TUF SHINE Tire Cleaner first, or flaking may occur.





Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Plain and simple....as Colin Y posted previously....I have NO desire to use any other tire coat!!

I will say, please take the time to clean the tires properly and thoroughly! I have spent upwards of a half an hour per tire on some vehicles to get them completely clean. Make sure the foam is completely white on the tire. If you're not quite sure, do one more cleaning...It's not going to hurt anything. The tires must be clean for the product to adhere properly.

Two coats gives you a soft sheen and three gives you a bit more. For those looking for a more "wet" look, I'm not sure if that's possible with this product/more applications as I have never applied more than two to three coats.

I have had success with product lasting many weeks, and it still has some gloss left to it even at that point. Just wash the tires when you do the car and reapply occasionally to get that shine back!

This is a SUPERB product that isn't silicone/petroleum based. It doesn't sling over your car or turn brown. It dries clear like nail polish, protects your tires, and lasts!

HIGHLY recommended!
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Upon a DI detailer blog and video demonstration -- ordered my initial smaller size of the product. Used it from Fall of 2014 to Fall 2015 and have ordered the largest size. Very Pleased with the product and its results. Have no desire to use any other tire coat. Very Happy with DI's service and the products they review and promote.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
I bought this quite awhile back when it was on sale. I just got around to trying it a couple of months ago. I got new tires for my vehicle and thought this would be a good time to try it before I used any other tire products and made the cleaning prep harder. The first cleaning, the foam was a little brown, but the second time it stayed white which surprised me. I thought it would take several applications to get them clean. After letting the tires dry, I applied TS Clearcoat. I put about 2-3 coats on to get a smi-gloss sheen to the tires. After a week when I first washed the tires, I was pleasantly surprised how easily they cleaned up and still looked like they had when I first applied the product. Another thing I liked was that the tire brush didn't get black from the product on the tire and it didn't kill the suds in my wash bucket. The brush kind of slid along with hardly any resistance, almost like the tires had been varnished or waxed, although the water didn't bead up on the ties. I was anxious to see how it held up driving in the rain. Other products I have tried sometimes last a week or two, but if you drive in the rain, you usually need to apply more after cleaning the tires. After driving in the rain the first time, after washing the tires, they still looked like I had just applied it. After almost two months, the tires had lost a little bit of the sheen, but still looked pretty good, but I wanted to get the sheen back. I used the cleaner, thinking I would need to clean the tires and remove all the product to apply more. The foam stayed white, and it didn't seem to remove the product from the tire. I was unsure if a second application would stick, or hold up over top of the previous coating. I went ahead and tried it anyway, and they turned out just like the first time. I have been driving for about a month and they still look like when I first applied it. The surface of the tire stays almost slick like it is varnished, yet somehow it stays flexible and doesn't crack or yellow or anything. It is almost like magic! This is the first product I have felt strongly enough about to write a review about. Most of the time I end up thinking that things I try after reading good reviews aren't as good, or at least not much better than other brands I am using. I was pleasantly surprised by Tuff Shine Tire Clearcoat.

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