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CanCoat EVO – The Value Proposition Of CanCoat And The Evolution


Cancoat original CanCoat EVO One EVO

If you have not had an opportunity to read my article on the original CanCoat, here is the link.  This serves as a baseline for the following content on the original CanCoat and improved version, Gyeon CanCoat EVO.  I also recommend reading Initial Impressions: Gyeon CanCoat.  I have noticed the polarization in accessing the value of Gyeon CanCoat.  A large segment of the detailing world found CanCoat ideal for their needs.  There is also a segment who do not see the value in CanCoat versus sealants or traditional coatings.

For those looking for that sharp coating look (with the help of some polishing), CanCoat delivered for me.

Audi RS5 wearing original CanCoat

My clients have always been blown away by what it does accenting the finish of properly polished paint.

But there have been some criticisms of the original product based upon the attributes of it being classified as a premium entry level product.  Many would question the value of a 6 month advertised coating, versus an 18 month or 4 year option.  The cost of this product comes into question when there are likely less expensive sealant alternatives with the CLAIM of 6 months.  I never believed the label tells the whole story about paint protection.  I often look at the reputation of the company and actual benefits in the real world of their products.  Feedback from many CanCoat users suggested a 9 month minimum 0f ultra high performance.  I am classifying high performance by hydrophobic behavior and other beneficial attributes beyond merely having trace amounts of a product existing on the paint.  Many other multiple year coatings from various companies were known to struggle after the first year even after a thorough cleaning.  Even with those (long term) coatings, until you get more experienced it will be noticeably more time-consuming to apply.

Some critics have said CanCoat did not last very long on their car.  But there was a common theme I have seen with these assessments.  The product typically is not applied to surgically clean paint and or protected for a week (from aggressive washes), like you would a ceramic coating.  If you prep the surface like a basic detail, it will act like a glorified sealant.  If you prep the car and keep CanCoat (12 hours) away from moisture, it will act close to that of a multi-year coating.

Although coatings in general have become more user friendly, there is still a lesser tendency to have high spots.  But I think the real benefit is in the ease of applying this coating, even for someone inexperienced taking less than an hour versus 2 hours or 3 plus hours.  Application fatigue from difficulty of use will increase the likelihood of mistakes, the less incidences of high spots mean increased probability to catch them, also the sooner you are finished or the less you are tempted to rush, the easier it is to catch problems.

But with improvements within all of the consumer coatings amongst various brands and the community producing better sealant technology, those arguments may hold somewhat more weight.  Improvements have been made to the original CanCoat, but coatings in general have improved with ease of application and overall performance.

Although with some early evidence there are modest signs of improvement in the formulations, the case against CanCoat may have become stronger.  I believe the most significant jump in value may be from Gyeon One to Gyeon One EVO.  Gyeon One EVO may become a future preference for an easy to use or first coating choice.

CanCoat original and EVO have been used on my clients’ cars.  CanCoat (EVO) is now advertised as a year option.  I can say both look good, though I cannot say one stands out from another in accenting the color hues.  Chemical resistance I believe has improved but may not be quite into the realm of a product like Gyeon One or Gyeon One EVO.  Maintained durability jumped from a 9 to 12 months range of hydrophobic behavior to one year.  A client has given me no feedback indicating otherwise.  The car (pictured below) was protected with the newer Gyeon CanCoat EVO.  This Dodge Charger has been protected well for 9 months so far, which immediately began with a cross country drive into an environment that is far from friendly with paint protection.

Dodge Charger wearing CanCoat EVO

Rodney Tatum
Mirror Reflections Auto Spa
Gainesville, Florida
YouTube | Facebook

4 comments on CanCoat EVO – The Value Proposition Of CanCoat And The Evolution

  1. Ron Ayotte says:

    Rodney… I use Gyeon’s Can Coat Evo as an “entry-level” coating. To try it out before offering it to clients, I applied to my wife’s Ford Edge, aka the “spousal transport unit”. It is going on year two and still sheds water like a duck! Of course, I do maintain the finish with a topper every second or third wash, using GTechniq’s C2V3 or P&S Defender.

    On client’s cars, they are getting a good 18 months’ worth of protection. Two of them have their vehicles detailed by me twice a year, so they are basically maintenance details and the same results that I have had on the “spousal transport unit” applies to those also.

  2. Ray says:

    I really love cancoat, but the sprayers clog after the first use for me, even after a rinsing them out right away. So I only get 3 uses before I have to just use it with a pipette and apply it like a traditional coating, which considerably slows down the application time. Not sure if it’s possible to buy replacement sprayer heads or if there is another alternative.

  3. Mark Nik says:

    I love Gyeons products, their consumer level products are amazing.

  4. Gyeon is amazing, great quality brand

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