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Detailed Image Welcomes Meguiar’s!



At Detailed Image we are lucky to have the opportunity to experience some great things in the detailing industry. On Wednesday 3/24, Jaime Araya & Chiro Diaz, Meguiar’s Professional Products Trainers flew in from CA and Dan Yaworski Meguiar’s Professional Sales Representative drove seven hours to meet us. Their goal was to help enhance our knowledge of Meguiar’s products and optimize their usage with the use of a power point presentation and some product testing. Jaime, Chiro, and Dan are all truly passionate about the detailing industry and are highly experienced in the usage of many detailing products. Below are some of the key points we took away from their visit!

I will begin with one huge topic they covered multiple times, education! Detailing starts and ends with this. If you do not know what you are doing, or about the products you are using, you can not possibly do a good job. Education relates to us here at Detailed Image as well, the more we know the better we can be as a supplier.  This allows us to better help customers select the right products for their needs and optimize their purchase. Many of the products we carry were highlighted as some of their favorites and they gave us multiple tips on what they have learned using these products over many years.

Meguiar’s works hard as an organization to supply not only high quality detailing products, but products that work great together. These complete systems (i.e. matching a pad, backing plate and polish or concentrated cleaner with pre-labeled bottle for dilution) will allow you to safely and easily achieve optimal results with each and every detail. In the future I think you will see more products from Meguiar’s that are designed to work in conjunction with each other, along with more explicit information to help designate these types of systems.

While testing out their products, they highlighted how well M100 and M101 work with their Microfiber Cutting Disc. In only a few minutes we removed fine imperfections from the test hood. Even with this product combination working so well, they still wanted to test out the new Rupes LHR 21ES Polisher to see what all the craze was about. Lets just say that they were so impressed by the corrective power this buffer possesses that they took the one we used on the spot and had us ship them a few back to their headquarters later that day! These guys have decades of experience combined and they were literally giddy about the results and how little time it took.

There were a few products we liked so much that we decided to pick them up. The Meguiar’s Foam Finishing Discs lead this pack of new products. Simply attach them to a Meguiar’s Foam Sanding Interface, then to your buffer and you will be able to remove heavy imperfections with ease. These pads were highlighted in the testing on the hood and let me tell you, I was amazed at how fast deep scratches were removed, with little effort and minimal haze left behind! Check out our Meguiar’s page for a complete listing of what exact products we are expecting to have in stock over the next few weeks! I also can’t say specifics, however there are a few brand new amazing products that Meguiar’s is about to unveil. Again, I can not say much but we are extremely excited about these new products and we can not wait to get our hands on them!

We want to thank everyone from Meguiar’s for making this visit happen and for showing us some new products and detailing tips! We had a great time and Jamie, Chiro, and Dan made us feel like we had all been friends for years. Meguiar’s is a great organization that truly knows their stuff and we are excited to see what the future holds for them. Hopefully you enjoyed reading about our experience and if you have any questions please let us know!

4 comments on Detailed Image Welcomes Meguiar’s!

  1. Just received my Mequires MF Kit thanks, a question i have is when do the pads need cleaning after polishing a panel and how is the brush is used to clean it? Do i use water or apc to clean pad?

  2. AJ says:

    What I need is a detailing guide that explains how to keep your car clean in small time segments.

    Like a little bit every so often? Daily, Weekly, Monthly?

    Need right away before my wife runs the car thru a car wash!

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