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Premium Microfiber: One of the Most Overlooked Detailing Tools


Microfiber products are an often overlooked and under-appreciated part of the detailing process.  I would go so far as to say they are one of the most important items you will purchase to care for your vehicle or your customer’s vehicles, and definitely something you should consider investing in to maximize your detailing results.

Why is Premium Microfiber Important?

Take a minute to think about how many times you touch the vehicle with a microfiber mitt or towel during the detailing process.  Washing, drying, polish removal, wax/sealant/coating removal, wheel cleaning, metal polishing, glass cleaning… essentially every part of the detailing process involves some type of microfiber product.

We spend hour after hour obsessing over flawless paint, but what if your towels were the root of your issues?  Many people understand that microfiber towels are the proper choice for car care, but are all microfiber towels created equally?

Detailing tools and products can get fairly pricey, and when you start to add it all up, it can be tempting to try to cut some corners here and there in order to save money.  That 30 pack of towels for $10 in the automotive section of your local convenience store looks pretty good compared to the towels online selling for $5 a piece, and after all, the cheap ones do say microfiber on the label so they must be the same, right?  If you own some higher end towels, you already know that you simply get what you pay for with microfiber.

This blog is all about teaching, and believe me, we did not all magically start out at a professional level.  We have all been beginners, we have all made mistakes, and while I cannot speak for all of the other authors, I can at least say I personally used to use completely awful microfiber towels (or old bath towels!).  The following photo is a picture that can still be found on my (old) business facebook page if you go far enough back in time…

ATD | Premium Microfiber

It took me longer than it should have to realize that my towels may have been the source of more frustration than anything else, but once I forked over the money to try some of the nicer towels, I was finally able to see what I had been missing.  Soon after, I started buying towels in bulk.  We would order hundreds of premium towels at a time to drastically reduce the cost, and rather than throwing away towels that were dirty or were showing their age, they were saved and recycled as interior towels, engine bay towels, wheel cleaning towels, etc. until they were truly ready to be thrown away.  Another benefit of higher quality towels is they truly last longer when cared for properly.  Some of my towels are several years old and you would never know it by how they look and feel.

ATD | Premium Microfiber

Your arsenal of detailing supplies is not complete until you have all of the basic tools and products to perform your job, and high-quality microfiber is an absolute must-have in my opinion.

My Favorite Microfiber Products for Every Task

ATD | PFM Drying Towel

Do you have a towel (or towels) you could not live without?  Make sure to leave a comment below letting us now what your favorite towels are and how you use them.

Zach McGovern
Zach McGovern
Attention To Detailing Peoria
Peoria, IL

4 comments on Premium Microfiber: One of the Most Overlooked Detailing Tools

  1. Ray Scott says:

    I use most of the towels mentioned above and never any from an auto supply store. I did find some better quality MF towels at my wholesale grocery market. and buy them in bulk. They are more expensive than auto store towels but I only use them for the interior, around door and trunk sills, wheels and engine bay. For the exterior I only use premium MF towels.

    • Thanks for the comments, Ray! As I read back through my list of towels I notice I had not listed any for interior use… that is probably because I just recycle my soiled exterior towels because, like you mentioned, the interior surfaces such as leather and vinyl are not nearly as delicate as exterior paint, and therefore don’t need the same quality of towel.

  2. Glenn says:

    I can’t bring myself to use my nice towels with the new coatings just to ruin them. So now I’m back to costco for cheap towels:(

    • Hi Glenn – For what it is worth, I can confidently say that I have never ruined a microfiber towel by using it to wipe away coating residue. Simply toss the towel immediately into a bucket of water with a splash of all purpose cleaner and allow it to soak until you wash it.

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