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CarPro DHydrate Drying Towel - 28" x 40"

Best Seller CarPro DHydrate Drying Towel - 28" x 40"
CarPro DHydrate Drying Towel - 28" x 40" Alternative View
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Available Sizes

CarPro DHydrate Drying Towel
20" x 20"
CarPro DHydrate Drying Towel
28" x 40"

Product Information

  • Extremely absorbent drying towel!
  • Safely removes standing water with ease
  • Tagless and microfiber edged
  • Product Codes: CP-DH50, DH70
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Customer Reviews

95% of customers said that they would buy this item again
Based upon 22 ratings

Product Description

The CarPro DHydrate Drying Towel is designed to help you pull standing water off the surface with ease so your car is completely dry! Leaving water on the surface to air dry is a big no-no as water can contain different types and amounts of minerals. When you let these water droplets dry on the surface the minerals can etch into the surface, providing you with those ugly watermarks we try so hard to avoid. With DHydrate, CarPro designed a tagless, microfiber edged, absorbent towel that safely and easily glides across the surface (bare, sealed, waxed or coated) removing any standing water in sight. After drying, you will be left with a spotless, streak free, shiny and ready to admire surface. This high-quality towel is created in South Korea and greatly helps you avoid swirls and scratches when drying. If you are looking to remove water from your paint, the CarPro DHydrate Drying Towel is an excellent choice you will enjoy using for years to come!

  • Size: 20" x 22"
  • Blend: 80/20
  • Gsm: 540
  • Edge: Orange Microfiber
  • Color: Grey
  • Made in: Korea

From The Label

Product Description

DHydrate is manufactured with a special blend of polyester fibers to absorb water without creating swirls or scratches after over 100 wash cycles! Designed for wipe drying rather than pat drying DHydrate works best when layed flat on the wet surface and gently pulled by the edges across the panel. The dual sided design contains one side plush drying towel microfibre and one side woven flat microfibre for leaving glass streak free.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
Great value, takes up water like there's no tomorrow.
Very soft, leaves no marks.
Would definitely buy another.
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
I've tried numerous other microfiber towels and these are my favorite. The loops seem to be the right length so they don't catch on trim as easy as others with longer loops but they still manage to hold so much water. I have one of the large ones but it seems almost to big so I bought 3 of these smaller ones instead. Great towels!
Reviewed by on
Would they buy this item again? Yes
This thing is insane. I have a coated car so when I'm done washing it, it's FULL of water because of all the tight beads. Yes I could use the diffused water setting on my Gilmour nozzle and knock most of the water off of the panels but where would the fun in that be? This towel CHUGS the water off of the surface so quickly that it's shocking. Yes, you can do it like you see online where you place the towel over the surface and then just grab it by the ends and pull it to smoothly drag it across the surface as it completely absorbs all the water and leaves no streaks. The twisted loop feels a little weird but man is it effective at absorbing water! Oh and I absolutely love how this towel looks. It's beautiful, extremely high quality and the edges are very soft and look super nice with the orange contrasting the grey. I have the 20"x20" and it's the perfect size in my opinion, as the bigger ones are a bit too hard to control for me and you can't properly wring them out. I ended up buying a second one just because my car has so much standing water left after I wash. Highly recommend it as it cuts the drying time significantly, and I'd recommend buying two of this size if your car has a lot of standing water left at the end of a wash, though one is sufficient and you can perfect the finish with a separate smaller towel and a quick detailer or your favorite topper after you quickly get most of the water off with the Dhydrate towel.

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