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CarPro Release - 500 ml

CarPro Release - 500 ml
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Available Sizes

CarPro Release
500 ml
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CarPro Release
1000 ml
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CarPro Release
4 L
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Product Information

  • Reduce coating cure time!
  • Protect coating layers while they are hardening
  • Simple spray on, wipe off application
  • Product Codes: RL50, RL1L, RL4
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Customer Reviews

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Product Description

CarPro Release allows you to cut down coating drying times with an easy to use product! After applying a coating, you need to wait for the protective layer to cure. During this time you will have to avoid water contact, bugs, bird bombs and more so that the coating layer hardens and initial imperfections can be avoided. With CarPro Release, no matter if you are a busy detailer, are working outside and do not have a garage, or are simply impatient, you can greatly reduce coating cure time overall. Release is a wax-based nano-sealant and to apply you simply have to spray onto the surface and wipe away any excess with a clean microfiber towel. Release will protect the coating layer, allowing it to fully dry without the wait. You can also use it as a stand alone quick detailer, making it a very versatile product to add to your detailing collection. Save time and cure faster with the CarPro Release!

From The Label

Product Description

Short term protection for ceramic coatings post-coating/pre-delivery.

  • Protects against bugs and moisture
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Can be used as a standalone quick detailer


  1. Shake well.
  2. Spray Release over the surface.
  3. Spread evenly with a MF towel.
  4. Use a 2nd MF towel to give it a final buff.

Customer Reviews

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Just tried this out on a car I coated 5 months ago, after a detail for a customer. Applied as directed to a white Tesla Model Y. I have never seen CarPro advertise a new product so hard!!

I found that it went on smooth enough, but left greasy streaks all around, even with a clean towel. After wiping up with a second towel, the finish was as expected, as if using a quick detailer.

I have not used this on a freshly coated car yet, but will be doing so next week. If I am able to edit my review, I will certainly do so.

Nice slickness left behind, but my biggest gripe was that I was able to see streaks and "greasy"-ness after the initial application. Strange for a quick-detailer like product.

I am not impressed, not terrible unimpressed by this product this far. I've still got 90% of the bottle left. These are my initial impressions of the product after 8 years of detailing for clients. Perhaps works better with a CarPro coating? The coating on the Model Y was Gtechnic CSL.

Again, after buffing with a second towel, the panels were clear and showed now signs of smearing/greasiness. I was surprised with the initial application that this was the case. Perhaps the protectants left behind to more rapidly cure, and protect freshly applied coatings.

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