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Chemical Guys Mat Renew Floor Mat Cleaner & Protectant Product Reviews

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Professional Detailer Reviews

Once fully cleaned you should be left with a nice natural looking finish, leaving your floor mats looking as good as new. If you prefer to have a slightly more glossy finish you may want to add another dressing to give a more glossy finish, as this product gives a more matte finish. Overall the product worked just as advertised and is worth having if you use this type of floor mats in your vehicles!

- Product Review: Chemical Guys Mat Renew Floor Mat Cleaner & Protectant by Kevin George

Customer Reviews

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This product does alright I guess. It doesn't leave a slippery surface it goes on wet and dries to a dark finish
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I've been looking for a product to use on weathertech mats after interior cleaning. Previously I've been using Megs Quick Interior detail, or 303 protectant. Neither were great, Quick detailer left them looking better than just washed, but not quite ... still dull. 303 looked much better, but I found the mats to be too slippery (even when wiping down with a dry towel). I've used this product a handful of times on my weathertech and standard rubber all weather Toyota mats. I didn't notice a dressed look on either type of mat after using this product. Its barely better than the cleaned look after I've washed them using a mild APC. This product leaves them look dull, and not nearly as nice looking as 303 does (but the slipperiness is not worth it). The search continues ...
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Would they buy this item again? Yes
Living in Chicago, my daily driver's floor mats get pretty dirty, even in the summer time..Mud, dirt, sand, rain water, etc.

I have always used Ph balanced all purpose cleaners to clean the mats, but was always looking for something specific. I decided to try the CG Mat Renew and I must say that it does what it says. It has no harmful smells, does not leave the mat slippery or shiny for that matter; just that OEM look i was looking for. I used two spays (triggers) on each mat, and that was enough to clean my month old floor mats. For the price, it is worth it.

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